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peased, and provision made for our pardon and justisication. The Holy Spirit is procured to enlighten our minds, and to set us at liberty from the dominion of sin. We have comfortable access to God, and communion with him in his ordinances. The'view of death is transformed; the Christian is taught to consider it as an ascending to his Father and his God. And, sinally, to the Lamb that was flain, we are indebted for the glorious hope of the redemption of our bodies from the power of the grave, and of their being transformed into the resemblance of Christ's glorious body. For, if we believe that Jesus died, and rose again, we may alfo believe, that those who fleep in Jesus, God will bring with him. Is he not then worthy to receive power, and glory, and blessing? Does he not deserve our highest esteem, and most elevated praises, not only on account of his perfonal dignity and excellence, but alfo on account of his astonishing love, and the rich and precious benesits he has purchased? Instances of regard are spurs to the gratesul. Let, then, our fouls, and all that is within us, bless and magnify his holy name. Let us, while on earth, anticipate the fong and the converfation os angels, and ascribe glory and praise to Him that sitteth on the throne, and to the Lamb, for ever and ever.

Lajily, I am to lead your thoughts to fome practical improvement of this subject.

This perfon, whom the angels and the faints in heaven delight to honour, is considered as possessing no form or comeliness by the world, and is too often treated' with disrespect by those who rank themselves among his servants. But, consider what an unworthy and ungratesul part you act. If you discerned real worth in any of your sellow-creatures, you could not withhold your esteem; and you would justly blame ourselves, if you did not secretly value a man of a enevolent and virtuous character; and yet you dc

spise spise that insinitely excellent and glorious perfon, the Son of the living God, who is fo transcendently worthy in himself, and fo endearing in the riches of his grace •and mercy. How inexcufable is this guilt! How ungratesul and- disingenuous the behaviour! And how just, as well as dreadsul, will be the punishment! You 'expose yourselves to the most threatening danger. The consideration of your own ingratitude, and unworthy behaviour to Christ, may perhaps, indeed, 'make little or no impression on your minds : But, think serioufly, ye despisers of the gospel, what the end of such things must be; for, how can you escape, if you neglect fo divine a Saviour ?" If he," fays the apostle, ** that despised Moses's law, died without mercy under "two witnesses : Of how much forer punishment, sup** pose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trod** den under foot the Son of God, and counted the ** blood of the covenant an unholy thing?" If your h> sidelity should make you disregard your suture prospects ; yet, consider that it will not alter the purposes and decrees of God: for, as sure as there is a God who ruleth over all, and as sure as this book is his facred word, the time is coming, when he will reckon, in the sierceness of his wrath, with all the despisers of his Son. And what will the sinner do when He rises up? When He judges, what will he answer him? When He proceeds to execute his sentence, how will he escape, or resist, or endure it?

Be persuaded, therefore, I beseech you, as you love your own fouls, and would escape everlasting misery, to lay those things serioufly to heart, and earnestly beg of God, that he would effectually dispose you, by his grace, to honour and love the Redeemer, and cheersully submit to his government.

With regard to you, -who are the friends and followers of Christ, and who are foon to commemorate his worthiness and love, be caresul, ; 1. To

1. To cherish in- your minds the most honourable and becoming sentiments concerning him. Think of him, as the eternal Son of God, who, when you were lost and perishing, undertook and accomplished your redemption, as God manisested in the flesh, the compassionate and powersul Mediator, who came in*• to the world, on the generous design of saving you from your sins. View him as the great Prophet of the Church, as the Light of this lower world, who came from the bosom of his Father, to give us the clearest discoveries of his will, and the most gracious offers of his insinite mercy. Think of Him, as the great High-priest of our prosession, as sufsering, bleeding, and dying on the cross, that he might make atonement for our sins, and obtain for us eternal redemption. Think of Him, in virtue of his meritorious obedience, as our perpetual and prevailing Intercessor at the throne of grace. And, in a word, consider the dignity of his person, and the excellence of his character, his early compassion, the generous design on which he came, and the wondersul friendship he discovered. Let such thoughts as these occupy your attention, that, while you are musing, the sire may burn, and you may remember his death with suitable affection.

2. Be concerned to get your love to Christ raised and inflamed: and, methinks, such an object, as he has now been represented, should engage your esteem, and raise your affection to the highest pitch. Detach' your minds, then, from those empty shadows, from this vain and deceitsul world, which deserves not the thousandth part of that love you bestow on it; and give your love wholly to Christ, who is so insinitely worthy to receive it. Consider, not only the amiableness of his character as Mediator, but the greatness of his love. "He loved us," says the apostle, " and "washed us from our sins in his own blood." And is this a sufsicient motive to recommend him to our

warmest warmest and most zealous regard? Let us, then, humble ourselves this day, under a sense of the coldness of our love to Christ; and let us earnestly pray for the quickening influences of the Spirit, to blow up our little spark into a brighter flame.SERMON XVI.

To conclude: Let us, my dear Fellow-Christians, commemorate the Lamb that was flain, with high admiration of his wondersul condescension and love; —with a sincere and lively faith in his death, as the great atonement, with which God is persectly well pleased;—with broken and contrite hearts for our sins;—and, sinally, with the warmest sentiments of love and gratitude, for all the inestimable and important blessings which he has procured. Let us, then, surround his table with joysul hearts, and there admire, and celebrate his love. Let our fouls magnify the Lord, and our spirits rejoice in God our Saviour. And, since he loved us, and gave himself for us, let us love him with our whole hearts, and refolve to live to his praise.. And, for this purpose, may the blessed Spirit breathe on us all, that, under his operations, we may anticipate the joy, as well as the work, of Heaven, in ascribing falvation, and glory, and honour, and praise, to Him that sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, for ever and ever. Amen.

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Beware of the lewen of the Pharisees, -which is hypti crify.

AS we have the near prospect os making a vers solemn approach to God in the sacrament of the Supper, it is of the last importance for us to know what manner of spirit we are of; whether we act from a good or a bad principle, and whether the ends we propose to ourselves be right or wrong. Many, it is to be seared, who attend our religious assemblies, and even sit down at the table of the Lord, are of a character altogether disserent from that which they assume; they have a name to live, and yet are dead; they profcls to honour God, while in work* they deny him; nay, they disguise themselves aster a thousand ways; and, sometimes, even the prospect of death does not remove the covering which conceal* their character from the view of their sellow-creatures. But, though such persons may easily deceive men, who can only judge by the external appearance,

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