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and of a found constitution, you will not desire hint as a Sovereign Physician. In a word, the foul, in thirsting for Christ, looks on itself as a poor, needy, fatherless, friendless creature, and stays itself on sovereign grace and mercy.

2. This thirsting supposes alfo a knowledge and conviction in the foul, that, while every created object is insufficient to supply its wants, there is sufficient sulness in Christ for its falvation and happiness. It supposes that the foul sinds nothing in the enjoyments of time that can be a portion to-it; nothing irt the pleasures of sin that can fatisfy it; and nothing in its own righteousness that it can build upon as a foundation for acceptance with God and eternal lise; but that which it fought aster in other objects in vain, is to be found in Christ ; a persect righteousness to cover all its deformities; a sulness of grace to supply its wants; every thing, in a word, that can make it happy in time, and through eternity : for it hath pleas* ed the Father, that in him should all sulness dwell. And, sinally, as he is an all-sufficient and suitable, so alfo he is a most willing Saviour ; who, as he came into the world to seek and fave them that were lost, and cheersully underwent the lowest abasement and most painsul sufferings, that he might purchase their redemption, fo, he still stands with outstretched arms, ready to embrace the returning sinner; and expressly declares, that him that cometh unto Him, he will in nowise cast out.

3. This thirsting implies a strong and ardent desire in the foul aster Christ, and the blessings of his purchase, that it may get an interest in him, conformity to him in holiness, and communion with him. While many are faying, Who will shew us any good, any worldly, temporal, sensual good? the language of the thirsting foul is, I intreat thy favour with my whole heart. Lord, lift on me the light of thy countenance. Let me but have Christ for my portion, and I have enough; I need no more. Without him, indeed, the whole creation is nothing] to me; but,

even even in the want of all things, I should think him every thing. This is indeed to thirst for Cnrist,' and the blessings he has purchased. Here is a foul that follows hard aster him, and exclaims, "O, when . ** wilt thou come unto me?" Such were the devout breathings of Dalkl, when compelled to reside at a distance from the sanctuary of God. "As the hart," says he, "panteth aster the water brooks, so panteth "my soul aster thee, O God; my soul thirsteth for God, the living God. When shall I come and ap"pear before God {a) ?"—" My soul thirsteth for "thee, my flesh lorrgeth for thee in a dry and thirsty ** land, where no water is, to see thy power and "thy glory, so as 1 have seen thee in the sanetua"ry (*)."

This, then, is the qualisication of all those whom Christ will make welcome. Commune with your own hearts. Do you sind any such thirst within you? Call in the aid and assistance of God's Spirit, and say, " Search me, O Lord, and try me f and if, upon impartial search, you can say that it is so with you, then, O thirsty soul, I, in the name of God, invite thee to come to the waters. And this brings me,

II. To shew you what you are invited to come to, to buy, and to eat;—waters, wine, and milk.

By these, we are to understand, in general, the promised blessings of the new covenant, which Christ, having purchased by his death, is invested with sull power and authority to bestow upon all thirsty souls. I am unwilling to pursue the metaphors too sar, but shall endeavour to keep them in view while describing those spiritual blessings. And indeed there is a peculiar beauty and sitness in them to represent to us the abundant sulness, the rich variety of the benesits of Christ's purchase, and their persect suitableness to all that we can want or desire, to make us happy.

I. As

(<*) KaL ilii. I, a. (i) Psal. Ixiii.

1. As water is refreshing to the thirsty, so they, whom Christ will make welcome, being called thirsty, it was extremely proper to express by water their entertainment on their coming to him. There is then in Christ Jesus that which will satisfy your most enlarged and ardent desires. Are ye thirsty for the pardon and forgiveness of sin, your fouls being, as it were, parched with the terrors of the law? Here then are the cooling waters of mercy; a sull, a free, and sinal pardon. The blood of Christ cleanseth from all sin, and he is exalted a Prince and a Saviour, to give repentance and remission of sin to Israel. Are ye thirsty for communion and sellowship with God, that you may be brought nigh to him, and see his power and glory? When he hides his sace, are ye in a dry and thirsty land, wherein no water is? Through Christ ye shall have access to your heavenly Father, by that new and living way, which he hath consecrated through the vail os his flesh, >. e. by saith in his death and susserings.

And as the blessings of the new covenant are iefreshing, so also they are healing waters. They are like the waters of the pool of Bethesda, into which, whoever slept when the angel descended and troubled it, was cured of his peculiar disease. Here, then, O believer, is a sovereign remedy for all the spiritual maladies under which thou labourest. Y/hat are these maladies? Hardness of heart, wandering of mind, deadness of afsection, prevailing lusts and weakness of saith? In these waters of the sanctuary there is a cure for them all.

But again, in Christ Jesus, the waters of lise are living and lise-giving waters; and whosoever will, let him come and drink of them freely. Thou that art dead in trespasses and sins, upon coming to these waters, thou flialt have a new lise, a spiritual lise begun in thee; thou shalt be made a new creature, created again in Christ Jesus unto good works. And thou who art complaining that the things that remain in thee, are ready to diej that thy spiritual lise is weak

J1 and

and languishing; and the remainders of corruption Teady to extinguish upon thy coming to these waters; thou shalt revive as the corn, and grow as the vine, and shoot forth thy roots as Lebanon; thou shalt renew thy strength; thou shalt walk and not be weary; and run, and not saint, in the ways of holiness.

Finally, in Christ Jesus there are never-sailing springs of refreshing, healing, and living waters. The delights of this world are justly compared to a deceitsul brook, which the heat of Summer dries up, and which disappoints the expectation of the weary traveller, when he stands most in need. But, what lays Christ himself of these waters of grace ?" Who"soever drinketh of the water that I shall give him, "shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give ** him, shall be in him a well of water springing up "into eternal lise (a)."

2. The blessings of the new covenant• are represented also by milk. Milk, you know, is very nourishing, especially to insants; their ordinary food; and God, when he would express the plenty of the land of Canaan, says it is a land that flows with milk and honey. Now, we read in scripture of babes in Christ, who, being unskilsul in the word of righteousness, are to be nourished with milk, and not with strong meat. You, then, who are young converts to Christ, here is food suitable to you; the plain, the fundamental truths of Christianity, the exceeding great and precious promises of the word of God, which, as they araof absolute necessity to your edisication and comfort, so they are adapted to the meanest capacity. Again, milk is of great use t* restore to health weak and decayed persons. Are there not some among you whose spiritual lise is seeble and languid f Here, then, is that which will restore you to strength and vigour. Christ will persect his strength in your weakness, and make his grace sufficient for you; so that-out of weakness you shall be made strong, and


(4) John iv. 14.

be enabled to do all things through Christ which strengthened! you.

3. And lastly, The blessings of Christ's purchase are expressed also by wine, and as you have it in the xxvth chapter of this prophecy, and 6th verse, by wine upon the lees, well resined. Now, in the new covenant, there is' that which, like wine used in moderation, revives the spirits, and is sit for those that are of an heavy heart. You, therefore, who are mourning, and bowed down under the convictions of sin, and frequent prevailing of indwelling corruption, here is the wine of consolation: Christ says to you, "Be of good cheer, thy sins are forgiven thee; I "will shew thee the joy of roy salvation." And what a refreshing cordial is this! It puts more gladness in the heart, than the wicked can have when their corn and wine are increased. But again, here also is wine to make thee cheersul and vigorous in thy spiritual work and warsare, and to make thee go on in this way rejoicing: For hearken, O Christian, to these reviving promises of the new-covenant, " I will never "leave thee, nor forsake thee. When thou goest: "through the sire and waters of affliction, I will be "with thee; I will guide thee by my counsel while "here, and asterwards receive thee to glory; and "when received into this glory, thou shalt drink new "wine with Christ in his Father's kingdom."

Thus, I have briefly laid before you the spiritual and saving blessings, of which we are invited to partake.

III. I now proceed, in the third place, To ihew jouhow we are to partake of those blellings; and this you see is expressed by the words, " Come, buy and eat.'*

1. You are to come. Faith is frequently expressed in Scripture by actions of the body, and by none more frequently than by this, of coming to Christ; and it serves to express the progress and motion of the foul towards him, and the glorious purchase of his blood.

F 1 , You

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