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of Hampton in the County of Devon; and for making a newBranch of Road to communicate therewith. Pa%e 813 c- A_n Act for amending, widening and keeping in Repair the Roads leading from the Town of Northampton to Chain Bridge near the Town of Market Harborough, and from the Direction I^ost in Kingsthorpe to Welford Bridge, all in the County of ^Northampton. Ibid. a- An Act for more effectually amending and repairing the Road from Cirencester in the County of Gloucester, to the Town Bridge in Crickladc in the County of Wilts. 814 :si- An Act for erecting and maintaining a Chain Pier and other 'Works connected therewith, at the Town of Brighthelmslon, in the County of Sussex. Ibid. riii An Act for raising Money on the Credit of the County Rates, for the Purpose of rebuilding and repairing certain Bridges in the County of Westmorland. Ibid. crfr- An Act to rectify Mistakes in an Act of this Session of Parliament, for making the Road from Brighton to Shorcham Bridge in the County of Sussex. Ibid. Ct. An Act for repairing, widening and maintaining several Roads in the Counties of Dorset and Devon, leading to and through the Town of Axminster. Ibid. cri. An Act to repeal the Acts now in force relating to Bread to be sold in. the City of London and the Liberties thereof, and within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, and Ten Miles of the Royal Exchange; and to provide other Regulations for the Making and Sale of Bread, and preventing the Adulteration of Meal, Flour and Bread, within the Limits aforesaid. Ibid. cvii. An Act for regulating the Office of Treasurer, and altering and amending the Acts now in force for assessing, collecting and levying of County Rates, so far as the same relate to the County of Middlesex. 830 cvui. An Act for more effectually repairing the Road leading from the City of Cork to the Town of Skibberecn in the County of Cork, and a Branch therefrom communicating with the Town of Kinsale in the said County. 839 cix. An Act for removing the Waterworks at London Bridge. Ibid. ex. An Act for making certain Roads in the Counties of Lanark, Stirling and Dumbarton. 850 cxi. An Act for further continuing, altering and amending several Acts for the better Regulation of Lastage and Ballastage in the River Thames; and for enabling the Corporation of Trinity House of Deptford Strand to reduce, alter, modify, relinquish or abolish Dues payable to the said Corporation, and for other Purposes connected therewith. Ibid. cxii. An Act for more effectually amending certain Roads in the several Parishes of Lambeth, Newington, Saint George Southmirk, Bermondsey, and Christ Church, in the County of Surrey, and for watching, lighting and otherwise improving the said Roads. Ibid. cxiii. An Act for the better Regulation of the Fund called The Orphans' Fund. Ibid. cxiv. An Act to confirm an Agreement entered into between the Trustees of the Subscribers to the.Gaelic Chapel and the Cale

a 3 donian

donian Asylum, and to indemnify the Asylum against certain Covenants in an Indenture of Appointment and Bargain and Sale entered into by the said Asylum in favour of the said Trustees, and to vest in the Caledonian Asylum the Fee Simple of the Messuage and Chapel described in the above Indenture.

Page 853




1. AN Act for inclosing Lands in the Manor of Cokaynes and

Kelars, otherwise Rebandyshide, in the Parishes of Elmstead and Alresford in the County of Essex, being a Member or Part of the Manor of Wivenhoe in the said County. Page 854

2. An Act for carrying into Execution a Contract entered into by Christopher Fenwick Esquire, for the Sale of certain settled Copyhold Hereditaments in the Township of Earsdon, within the Manor of Tynemouth, in the County of Northumberland, to the Most Noble Hugh Duke of Northumberland, and for applying the Money thence arising in the Purchase of other Estates, to be settled in lieu thereof. Ibid.

3. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parishes of Brabourne, Smeeth, Bircholt and Sellinge, in the County of Kent. Ibid.

4. An Act for inclosing Lands within the Manor of Seaton in the Parish of Camerton in the County of Cumberland, and in the Parish, Township or Hamlet of Flimbv, in the said County. Ibid.

5. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Manor and Parish of Bobbin on, in the several Counties of Stafford and Salop. 855

6. An Act for inclosing, and exonerating from Tithes, Lands in the Parish of Clifton Reynes in the County of Buckingham. Ibid.

7. An Act for mclosing Lands within the Parishes or Chapelries of Ellingham and Ibsley in the County of Southampton. Ibid.

8. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Sturton, otherwise Sturton in the Clay, otherwise Sturton in the Steeple, and in the Parish or Chapelry of Littleborough, otherwise Littlebrough, in the County of Nottingham, and Tor exonerating the same, and also the old inclosed Lands and Grounds within the said Parishes respectively, from the Payment of Tithes. Ibid.

9. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Wingfield in the County of Wilts. Ibid.

10. An Act for confirming certain Articles of Agreement between George Drake Esquire and others, and Samuel Parker, and to authorize the granting of Leases of Mines in the County of Cornwall. Ibid.

11. An Act for vesting Part of the settled Estates of Walter Ker Esquire, and Jane his Wife, in the County of Northumberland (contracted to be sold to the Most Noble the Duke and Earl of

21 NorthumNorthumberland), upon Trust to complete the Sale thereof, and to apply the Purchase Money in Discharge of a Mortgage affecting the same Estates. Page 856

12. An Act for vesting the Lands and Barony of Dryden, and certain other entailed Estates of Sir Charles Macdonald Lockhart Baronet, in Trustees, to be sold; and for laying out the Trices thereof in the Purchase of other Lands and Estates more conveniently situated, to be entailed in a similar Manner. Ibid.

13. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Township of South Da.lton, in the Parish of South Dalton, in the East Riding of the County of York. Ibid.

It. An Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Towersey in the County of Buckingham. Ibid.

15. An Act for empowering the Judges of the Court of Session in Scotland to sell such Part of the Entailed Estate of Ord in the County of Ross in Scotland, now belonging to Thomas Mackenzie Esquire, of Ord, as shall be sufficient for Payment of the Debts and Burdens affecting the same. Ibid.

16. An Act to enable the Lord Bishop of Limerick and hie Successors to demise the Office Houses, Gardens and Demesne, situate at Conigar in the County of Limerick, belonging' to the Lord Bishop of Limerick. 857

17. An Act to authorize the Sale and Conveyance of Ground for the Enlargement of the Public Library and Lecture Rooms in the University of Cambridge, and for the Erection of an Astronomical Observatory in or near the said University, and of a Museum for the Preservation of the Pictures, Books and other Articles bequeathed to the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the said University by Richard Viscount Fitxmilliam, deceased.


18. An Act for enabling the Trustee under the Will of the late William Tuffhell Esquire, to reduce the Fines for the Copyholds held of the Manor of Barnersbury, devised by his Will, as an Encouragement to the Tenants to build thereon; to grant Building and Repairing Leases of the devised Estates; and for other Purposes. Ibid.

19. An Act to enable the Master or Guardian of the Charity called Plumptre Hospital in the Town of Nottingham, to sell Part of the Estate belonging to the said Charity, and to apply the Money arising therefrom in Manner therein mentioned; and to raise Money by Mortgage of the Residue of the said Charity Estate ; and to grant Building or Repairing Leases thereof. Ibid.

20. An Act for effecting an Exchange of Lands between the Right Honourable Richard William Penn Earl Haute, and the Master and Fellows of Catherine Hall, in the University of Cambridge.


21. An Act for restraining the Bishop of Saint David's and his Successors from granting Leases of the Tithes of Llangammarch in the County of Brecknock, Llangevelach, in the County of Glamorgan, Llangadoch in the County of Carmarthen, and Glascomb in the County of Radnor, beyond the Term therein mentioned; and for annexing the Tithes of the Consolidated Living of Llanarlh and Uanina to the Possessions of the said See, allowing One third of the annual Profits thereof to the
Vicar. Page 857

*22. An Act for carrying into Effect a Partition of Real Estates
devised by the Will of John Bacon Esquire, and other Pur-
poses relating to such Estates. 858

•23. An Act for modifying and extending the Purposes specified
in a Deed of Destination, executed by Andrew Fletcher and
John Mackenzie Esquires; and for building and establishing
an Hospital for Destitute Children in the City of Edinburgh.


24. An Act for empowering Trustees to sell and convey Part of
the Freehold and Copyhold Estates in the County of York, de-
vised by the Will of Beilby Thompson Esquire, deceased, and
Part of the Freehold Estates in the same County, devised by the
Will of Richard Thompson Esquire, deceased; and for laying
out the Money arising from such' Sales respectively, under the
Direction of the High Court of Chancery, in the Purchase of
other Estates to be settled to the same Uses. Ibid.

25. An Act for vesting Part of the devised Estates of Thomas
Barrett Esquire, deceased, in the Counties of Kent and Surrey,
in Trustees, to be sold; and for laving out the clear Money
arising therefrom (under the Direction of the Court of Chan-
cery) in the Purchase of other Estates, to be settled to the same
Uses. Ibid.

26. An Act to alter and amend an Act of the Forty first Year of
the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Third, for the
Establishment of Schools for the Education of poor Children in
the County Palatine of Durham. Ibid.

27. An Act to enable the Ministers of the Parish of Saint Cuth-
bert's, Edinburgh, in the County of Mid Lothian, to feu their
Glebe Lands lying in the said Parish. Ibid.

28. An Act for inclosing a certain Common or Tract of Waste
Land called Burlish Common, in the Manor and Chapelry of
Lower Mitton, in the Parish of Kidderminster, in the County of
Worcester. Ibid.

29. An Act for dividing and inclosing the common, waste and un-
inclosed Lands within the Manor and Township of Dringhouses
in the County of the City of York; and for extinguishing the
Rights of Stray and Average over certain Lands called Half
Year Lands, situate within the Townships of Dringhouses, Mid-
dlethorpe and Clementhorpe, in the said County ofthe City, and
within such Parts of the Suburbs of the City of York, as are
comprised in the Division of the same City called Micklegate
Ward. - 859

30. An Act for dividing, allotting and inclosing Lands in the
Parish of Dinton in the County of Wilts. Ibid.

31. An Act for settling upon the President, Fellows and Scholars
of Trinity College, in the University of Oxford, and upon the
Rector of the Parish of Dumbleton in the County of Gloucester,
certain perpetual Rent Charges issuing out of the Estate of the
Right Honourable John Sommers Earl Sommers in Dumbleton,
and for vesting certain Lands there in the said Rector, and for
vesting certain Tithes and Lands belonging to the said College


ami Rector respectively in the Mortgagees of the said Earh
subject to Equity of Redemption. P°ge 859

32. An Act for vesting certain settled Estates of Edward Berkeley
Napier an Infant, and others, in Trustees, to be sold, and for
applying the Produce in the Discharge of Incumbrances upon
certain devised Estates of the said Edward Berkeley Napier,
and others ; and for vesting Part of the said devised Estates in
Mary Napier Widow, during her Life, in lieu of her Life Estate
in the said settled Premises. Ibid.

33. An Act for vesting certain Parts of the settled Estates of the
Right Honourable Thomas William Viscount Anson, in the
County of Norfolk, in Trustees, in Trust, to carry into execu-
tion Contracts already entered into for Sale of Parts of the same
Estates, and to sell the other Parts thereof under the Directions
of the Court of Chancery, and to apply the Money arising from
the said Sales in the Manner therein mentioned. Ibid.

34. An Act to authorize the Sale of certain Copyhold Messuages
and Hereditaments of Charles Firchild, his Wife and Children,
in the Manor of Meer and Forton, in the County of Stafford, in
Performance of a Contract for the Sale thereof; and for laying
out the Purchase Money on other Estates to be settled to the
like Uses, and for other Purposes. Ibid.

35. An Act for vesting certain settled Estates of the Right Honour-
able Robert Cotton St. John Baron Clinton and Saye, in Trustees,
to be sold, for paying off Incumbrances, and for purchasing
other Estates with the Residue of the Purchase Monies, to be
settled to the same Uses. 860

36. An Act for assisting the Sale, under the Direction of die
High Court of Chancery, of Part of the Estates of the Most
Moble George Duke of Marlborough, deceased, devised by his

wai. ^ s yibid.



37. AN Act for inclosing Lands in the Parish of Duxford Saint

John, and Duxford Saint Peter, in the County of Cam-

38. An Act to enable the Rector and Patron of the Rectory and
Parish Church of Ashton-under-Lyne in the County Palatine
«f Lancaster for the time being, to grant Leases of the Glebe
Lands belonging to the said Rectory.

39. An Act to enable Kitty Jenkyn Packe Reading, Wife of
Charles William Packe of Lowesby Hall in the County of Leices-
ter Esquire, to use and bear the Arms of Reading, in compliance
with the Provisions of the Will of Jenkyn Reading Esquire,

An Act for naturalizing Charles Frederick Wild.
An Act for naturalizing Theresa Arneman.
+2. An Act for naturalizing Philip Novelli.

4rS. An

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