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Therefore, with all my indigence, I will adhere to Him. If He had not sought for me, I should still have remained in darkness. When I consider this, my eyes fill with tears. My Dear Saviour! I have no other joy but in Thee alone.

This winter I have been very weak in body, and often had spitting of blood; but I have been very happy.

My body is exceedingly decayed by sickness; but I rejoice greatly in the prospect of that blessed moment, when our Saviour will call me. Although I should have been willing to tarry a little longer with my Sisters, yet I leave all to our Saviour. My greatest desire is to be with Him. I love Him; and shall love Him without ceasing.

I now feel myself too weak to proceed; but, with my eyes overflowing with tears, I once more salute all the Sisters that are with you.

In July; Matthew Stach and his fellow-labourers set out for Fisher's Bay, accompanied by four Greenland Families, consisting in all of thirty-two persons; and pitched their tents at Akonemiok, the spot where Lichtenfels now stands.

Of this new undertaking, and of Matthew Stach's last labours in Greenland, the Memoir thus speaks :

In beginning this Mission, our late Brother encountered a number of difficulties, inseparable from such undertakings. July 21st, 1761, the Chapel, sent over from Europe, was erected; and he soon had the joy to baptize the first family of converts from among the Heathens of this place, consisting of father, mother, son, and daughter. After the death of Br. Boehnish, then First Missionary at New Hernnhut, he undertook the care of that Settlement for some time, and then returned to Lichtenfels.

Having long had a desire of visiting the southern part of Greenland, the inhabitants of which, by trading with our people, had conceived a desire of hearing the Gospel preached in their own country, he made a voyage thither in 1765, accompanied by some Greenland helpers. Not knowing what dangers he might be

liable to in the course of this undertaking, he took a most affectionate leave of the two Congregations. However, the Lord was at his right hand, and brought him safe home again; and, to complete his joy, he heard afterwards, that a Settlement of the Brethren was established in the south, called Lichtenau, and that the seed which he had sown sprung up and bare fruit.

Beside the many and various occupations with which he was continually engaged, he spent his few leisure hours in compiling a Greenland Grammar and Dictionary, by which the study of this difficult language is rendered more easy to beginners.

In 1771, he returned to Europe; where he laid the whole state of the Greenland Mission before the Brethren appointed by the Synod to have the direction of the Missions, in so clear and circumstantial a manner, managed through too great zeal, that confessing whatever he thought misall present were greatly affected, and could not but revere this venerable disciple of Jesus.


Having intimated his wish to close his days in one of the Brethren's Settlements in North America, the aged Missionary arrived there in August 1772. Of his last days the Memoir gives the following account :—

Being unaccustomed and unwilling to spend his time in a state of inactivity, he offered his services to keep a School for Boys; and, being used to much exercise, chose to undertake hard labour in gardening, &c. to preserve his health, as much as his advanced age would permit. The prosperity of Christ's kingdom, and the propagation of the Gospel, were the subject of his daily and most fervent prayers. Nothing gave him more joy, than to hear accounts of the different Missions; and the whole Congregation at Salem, where he then resided, joined in celebrating the Jubilee of the Greenland Mission in 1783.

His mental faculties, which had been remarkably strong, began about this time to fail; and he was so hurt by a fall that he had in 1785, that

from that time he was mostly con fined to his bed. His pains and confinement he bore with exemplary patience; and the loss of his memory proved a mercy, in as far as he could never be persuaded otherwise, than that the above accident had happened but the other day. He spent his time in communion with his Saviour, and never complained; but, Dec. 14, 1787, grew so weak, that he required constant attendance day and night: he spoke with cheerfulness of that happy moment when he

should be released from all pain and trouble, and see his Saviour face to face; and his last words were, "O Lord Jesus, come quickly!" During his illness, he used to give out seve ral hymns that had been his particular favourites, desiring those present to sing them for him, and joined now and then with great fervour. On the 21st of Dec. 1787, towards evening, he departed into the joy of his Lord, in the 77th year of his age, and now rests from all his labour with the Lord for ever.

Proceedings and Entelligence.

United Kingdom.


First Anniversary of the Darlington.
THIS was held on the 10th of July; the
Rev. R. Atkinson in the Chair. Up.
wards of 1000 persons were present.

Movers and Seconders.

Rev. James Hough, Rev. John Tyson, Rev. B. T. Haslewood, Rev. J. H. Brown, Rev. David Piper, Rev. James Carr, and F. P. Robinson, Esq. Collection, 117. 68. 6d.

The Rev. Henry Berkin, of the Forest-of-Dean, and the Rev. George Hodson, of Gloucester, spent the greater part of the month of July, at the request of the Committee, in visiting the Associations, and otherwise promoting the interests of the Society, in the County of Cornwall. They were assisted in part of the Journey by the Rev. W. H. Black, Curate of Mawgan. Churches were opened to them with readiness, even by such as had not been apprised of their design; and considerable expense was saved by the kindness of friends in lending horses and vehicles. They preached 43 Sermons and held 6 Meetings.

The Collections amounted to 2127. 88. 9d. Many of the Sermons were preached in Country Churches, and nearly half of them on week-days. Of the amount just mentioned, the sum of 1027. 138. 6d. was collected in parishes where Associations have not yet been formed, the particulars of which will be found in the List at the end of the present Number. The remaining sum of 1097. 158. 3d. was contributed at the

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Rev. John Bower-President. John Westlake, Esq.-Treasurer, Rev. T. Pearce-Secretary.

First Anniversary of the Liskeard. This was held on Tuesday Evening, July the 15th; Rev.T.Furneaux in the Chair. Movers and Seconders. Rev. H. Berkin, and W. Westlake, Esq.-Rev. G. Hodson, and Captain Ede-John Glencross, Esq. and Mr. Daniel-and Rev. G. Hodson, and Rev. H. Berkia.

Collection, 57. 12s. O§d.

Anniversary of the Helston.

Mr. Berkin having preached, on Sunday the 20th of July, at St. Kevern, Mawgan, and Helston, the Annual Meeting of the Helston Association took place, the next day, in the Town Hall; H. M. Grylls, Esq., the Mayor, in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders. Rev. G. Hodson, and J. Borlase, Esq.-Rev. H. Berkin, and Rev. Hugh Rogers, Rev. W. Parkhurst, and Pearce Rogers, Esq.-and Colonel Sandys, and Rev. W. H. Black.


The same Evening, Mr. Berkin preached at Feock, and Mr. Hodson at Sithney.

Collections, about 301.

Second Anniversary of the Penryn. This was held on Tuesday Evening, the 22d, in the Town Hall; Thomas Hartley, Esq. in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders.

John Stona, Esq. and Rev. H. Berkin-Lieut. Bell, R. N. and Rev. G. Hodson-Rev. James Carne, and Mr. Harris-Rev. T. Arthur, and Rev. Edwin Daniel and Rev. H. Berkin, and Rev. G.


Collection, 37. 78. 6d. The Contributions of the year had been nearly 80%. Lieut. Lambrick, the Secretary, has much exerted himself.

First Anniversary of the Camborne. Mr. Berkin preached at Camborne, on Wednesday, the 23d. On the 24th, at noon, the Meeting was held, in the School Room; E.W.W.Pendarves, Esq. in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders.

Rev. Hugh Rogers, and Rev. H. Berkin-Rev. Hender Molesworth, and Rev. G. Hodson-St. Aubyn Molesworth, Esq. and Mr. Vincent-and Rev. H. Berkin, and Rev. G. Hodson. Collection, 41, 88. 9d.

Formation of the Redruth Association. Mr. Hodson preached at Redruth, on Wednesday, the 23d; and on the 24th, in the Evening, a Meeting was held in the School Room, E. W. W. Fendarves, Esq. in the Chair, when an Association The Rev. G. Hodson was formed. stated the objects and proceedings of the Society.

Movers and Seconders.

Rey. Hender Molesworth, and Rev. H. Berkin-
Rev. Hugh Rogers, and St. Aubyn Molesworth,
Esq.-Rev. James Carne, and Mr. Stephen Davey-
Rev. John Peter, and Rev. G. Hodson-and Rev.
Hugh Rogers, and Rev. H. Berkin.

Rev. H. Molesworth, Rector, President.
Mr. W. Michell, Treasurer.
Mr. John Hichens, Secretary.
Collections, 97. 48.

Formation of Redruth Ladies' Associ


On the Morning of the 25th, at a Meeting held for the purpose, a Ladies' Association was formed at Redruth, when Twenty-four Ladies gave in their Names as Collectors.

Miss Harper, Treasurer. Miss Marshall, Secretary. The objects of the Society were espoused with great zeal at Redruth. The Deputation received most friendly attention from all ranks.

Anniversary of the Falmouth.

On Sunday the 20th of July, Sermons were preached, by Mr. Hodson, at Falmouth, morning and evening, and at Perran.

The Annual Meeting was held on Friday Evening, the 26th, in the Great Room at the Hotel; Thomas Hartley, Esq. in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders.

Joseph Hocken, Esq., and Rev. H. Berkin-W. Carne, Esq., and Rev. G. Hodson-Rev. Lovel Bluett, and Rev. W. H. Black-Rev. James Carne, and Rev. Hender Molesworth-and Rev. H. Berkin, and Rev, G. Hodson, Collections, 24l. 38. 6d. Anniversary of the Penzance.

On Sunday, the 27th of July, Mr. Berkin preached at Penzance, Germoe, and Breage; and Mr. Hodson at Madron, Penzance, and Paul.'

On Monday Evening, the Annual Meeting was held in the Town Hall; John Jones Pearce, Esq., the Mayor, in the Chair. Eleven Clergymen were present.

Movers and Seconders.

H. Boase, Esq., and Rev. W. O. Gurney-Captain Giddy, and Rev. H. Berkin-Rev. Hender Molesworth, and Rev, H. Barham-Rev. J. H. Townsend, and Rev. H. Coulson-and Dr. Barham, and Rev. G. Hodson.

Collections, 351. 4s. 10d.

While Mr. Berkin and Mr. Hodson were thus confirming and extending the interests of the Society in Cornwall, the Rev. Thomas Bartlett, of Kingston in Kent, and the Rev. J. D. Wawn, of Stanton in Derbyshire, undertook the same friendly office in several of the neighbouring counties.

Fourth Anniversary of the Yeovil,

Sermons were preached, on Sunday the 13th of July at Milborne-Port, Sherborne, and Yeovil, by the Rev. T. Bartlett; at Norton, Martock, and Barwick, by the Rev. J. D. Wawn; and at Yeovil, by the Rev. J.W. Middleton.

On Monday, the 14th, the Annual Meeting of the Yeovil Association was held, in the Large Room at the Mermaid; the Rev. R. Phelips, Vicar, in the Chair. About Twenty-five Clergymen were present.

Movers and Seconders. Rev. Nathaniel Bridges, and Rev. T. BartlettRev. H. Newman, and Rev. John Parsons-Rev. John Jarratt, and Rev. J. D. Wawn-Rev. M. West, and Rev. J. W. Middleton-and Rev. N. Smith, and Rev. T. Bartlett. Collections, about 60%,

Second Anniversary of the Taunton. This was held on Tuesday, the 15th of July; C. P. Anderdon, Esq., in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders.

Webb Stone, Esq., and Rev. J. D. Wawn-John Badcock, Esq. and Rev. Robert Jarratt-Rev. T.

riott, and John Simcoe, Esq.-Rev. J. D. Wawn, and Rev. James Mules-Rev. M. Vicars, and Colonel Young-and Rev. W. Cowlard, and Rev. T. Bartlett.

On Sunday, the 27th, Sermons were preached-by the Rev. T. Bartlett, at Trinity Church, Broad Clist, and All

T. Biddulph, and Rev. G. Beadon-Rev. J. Jarman, hallows; by the Rev. John Marriott, at Broad Clist and Allhallows; and by the Rev. J. D. Wawn, at St. Peter's and at St. George's, Tiverton.

and Rev. H. Badcock-Rev. James Mules, and Rev. T. Bartlett-and Rev. T. T. Biddulph, and Rev. J. D. Wawn.

Collection, 97. Os. 7d.

Fourth Anniversary of the Wellington. On Wednesday, July the 16th, the Meeting was held in the School Room; the Rev. Robert Jarratt, Vicar, in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders. Rev. T. T. Biddulph, and Rev. T. Bartlett-Edwin Kempson, Esq., and Rev. G. Bellett-Rev. John Jarratt, and Rev. J. D. Wawn-R. Bellett, Esq., and Rev. James Mules-Rev. Robert Jarratt, Jun., and Rev. R. Richey-and T. Were, Esq., and Rev. T. Bartlett.

Mr. Wawn preached at the Church in the evening. Collections, 87, 128, 6d. Seventh Anniversary of the Devon and Exeter, with Anniversaries of its Branches.

Previous to the Annual Meeting of the County Association, the Anniversaries of several of the Branches took place. At the Ninth Anniversary of the Plymouth-Dock and Stonehouse (that Association, with one at Hatherleigh, having been formed before the County Association), held on Friday Evening, July 18th, in the new Town Hall, the Rev. T. M. Hitchins was in the Chair: on Sunday, the 20th, the Rev. T. Bart lett preached at St. John's Chapel and at Stonehouse, and the Rev, J. D. Wawn at Tamerton and at St. John's: on

Monday Evening, the 21st, a Meeting

of the Ladies who are Collectors was held in the Vestry of St. John's: the Collections amounted to 587, a feeling of interest in the objects of the Society is rapidly extending in this vicinity. On Tuesday, the 22, at the Third Anniversary of the Dartmouth Branch, Major Richardson was in the Chair: Mr. Bartlett preached in the evening: Collections, upward of 71. On Wednes day, the 23d, at the Fourth Anniver. sary of the Torquay Branch, the Rev. Aaron Neck in the Chair, about 97. was contributed.

The Annual Meeting of the County

Association was held at Exeter on Thursday, July the 24th; John Ken. naway, Esq. in the Chair.

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Collections, upward of 801,

The following Meetings of Branch Associations were held after that for the County. The Fifth of the Teignmouth, on the 25th; John Sweetland, Esq. in the Chair: Collection 91.-the Second of the Dawlish, on the 26th; the Hon. G. Lysaght in the Chair: Collection 11/-the Twelfth of the Hatherleigh, on the 29th; the Rev. Cradock Glascott, Vicar, in the Chair: Collection 107.

Besides the friends who assisted the

Deputation at the Meeting of the County Association, the following took part at one or more of the Meetings of the Branches:

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Rev. J. Carne, Rev. F. G. Crossman, J. Edgecome, Esq., Mr. W. Fortescue, Rev. J. M. Glubb, Captain Godfrey, R.N., Rev. B. Golding, Rev. J. I. Holmes, T. Jones, Esq., W. R. Jordan, Esq. sen. and jun., Dr. Lucas, Rev, H. I. Lyte, Rev. W.

Manley, Captain May, R.N., Rev. Mr. Nantes, Captain Nash, Rev. R. Potenger, Rev. Joseph Richards, W.D.Sole, Esq., Captain Thicknesse, R.N.,

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Rev. John Turner, and J. H. Veale, Esq.

The Deputation were much gratified with the number of Ladies who offered themselves as Collectors at the Meetings of the different Branch Associations. Second Anniversary of the Bridgewater.

The Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday, the 30th of July; the Rev. Henry Parsons in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders.

Rev. T. T. Biddulph, and Rev. J. D. Wawn-Rev. Robert Jarratt, and Rev. A. Stephenson-Rev. John Marriott, and Rev. G. Beadon and Rev. C. W.

Henning, and Mr. C. S. Dudley.

Meeting at Dorchester.

On Friday, August the 1st, the Rev. J. D. Wawn met the Collectors and Dorchester; W. Morton Pitt, Esq., Contributors in the County Hall at M. P., in the Chair. On that evening, he preached at Cerne; and, on Sunday, the 3d of August, at St. Peter's and Holy Trinity in Dorchester, and at Bradford: the Collections were above


Fourth Anniversary of the Weymouth,

On Sunday, August the 3d, the Rev. Joseph Addison preached for the Society at Weymouth. The Meeting was 2 X



held on Tuesday, the 5th, in the Free
School; the Rev. Dr. Dupré in the
Chair: it was more numerously attend-
ed than any former Meeting. The Col-
lections were between 40%, and 50%.
Movers and Seconders.

E. Herring, Esq., and the Assistant Secretary→
Rev. Joseph Addison, and Captain Seeley-Rev.
J. D. Wawn, and Rev. C. S. Hawtrey S. W.
Warner, Esq., and Rev. O. Piers-Rev. R. Phelips,
and Geo. Atkinson, Esq.-and Sir W. Parker, and
Mr. Padwick.

The late Mr. Johnson having visited many of the Associations in this quarter when he came over from Africa, the account of his death was received with deep feeling at the different Meetings, as he had greatly endeared himself to the Members of the Society.

Sixth Anniversary of the Guernsey.

The Annual Sermons were preached on Sunday, August the 10th, at St. James's Church, by the Assistant Secretary and the Rev. R. Phelips, and at St. Peter du Bois, in French, by the Assistant Secretary.

The Meeting was held on Monday, the 11th, at Rosette's Rooms; Sir James Saumarez, Bart. G.C.B. in the Chair. It was very numerously and respectably attended. The Collections were above 70%.

Movers and Seconders.
Rev. W. Chepmell, and the Assistant Secretary-
Rev. T. Brock, and Frederick Price, Esq.-Rev. R.
Phelips, and Rev. W. Terrot-and Rev. T. Grat,

and the Assistant Secretary.

Second Anniversary of the Edmonton.
The Annual Meeting was held in the
New School Room, on Tuesday Even-
ing, the 19th of August; the Rev.
Dawson Warren, Vicar, in the Chair.

Movers and Seconders.

The Assistant Secretary, and C. Cutbush, Esq.-
Rev. Francis Ellaby, and Mr. Joseph Beddy (Mis-
sionary Student)-Rev. Martin Boswell, and Mr.
Ralph Wylde (Missionary Student) and John

Gann, Esq., and the Assistant Secretary. Third Anniversary of the Staines. The Rev. J.W. Cunningham preached two Sermons at Staines, on Sunday July the 27th. The Annual Meeting was held on Monday, at the Bush Inn; Colonel Wood, M.P., the President, in

the Chair.

Movers and Seconders.
The Assistant Secretary, and Sir John Gibbons,

Bart.-Rev. Robert Govett, and Mr. Francis Hall,

from New Zealand-Rev. Wm. Russell, and Rev. James Hearn-Rev. J. W. Cunningham, and Rev.

W. E. Coldwell, and W. Haydon, Esq., and C.

Oswin, Esq.

The Collections, including Subscriptions paid in, were above 50%.

First Anniversary of the Harrow. The Meeting was held on Friday Evening, the 1st of August, in the

School Room; the Rev. J. W. Cunningham, Vicar, in the Chair; and was addressed by the Chairman, and the Rev. Messrs. Coldwell, Bickersteth, Batten, Dealtry, Close, and Munro. This Parochial Association contributes about 1301. per annum to the funds.

First Anniversary of the Kent. This Meeting was held on Thursday, the 14th of August, at the Star Inn, Maidstone; the Town Hall being ocThe Right cupied by the Assizes. Hon. Lord Barham was in the Chair. The Rev. Henry Venn attended on the part of the Society, at the request of the Parent Committee; the Assistant Secretary being absent at the Channel Islands.

Movers and Seconders.

Lord Viscount Torrington, and Rev. Henry Venn
-John Pemberton Plumptre, Esq., and Rev. W, T.
Staines-Rev. T. Bartlett, and Rev. S. Rickards-
James Wildman, Esq. M. P., and Rev. Edwin
Sandys and Lord Viscount Torrington, and W.
Jenney, Esq.

Collection, 157. 08. 6d. The total received at the Meeting was 861. 18s. A considerable number of Clergymen were present. A spirit of piety and Christian love peculiarly pervaded the Addresses on this occasion.

Address of the Rev. Peter Roe, to the
Ladies' Association of the Hibernian

A Meeting of the Ladies' Assothe Hiciation, connected with bernian Auxiliary, was held, on the 1st of August, at the Society's Rooms in Sackville Street, Dublin. The Countess of Westmeath presided. Forty-five Ladies, with some Young Persons, were present. The Rev. Peter Roe, and Mr. Dalton, Assistant Secretary of the Auxiliary, attended the Meeting.

The object of the Meeting was to cherish and extend the zeal of these Christian Females of Ireland, in behalf of the Society's objects. An Address by Mr. Roe was well calculated, under the blessing of God, to answer this end. After reading, with great solemnity, a selection of suitable prayers from the Liturgy, Mr. Roe addressed the Meeting to the following effect :

Their great object was to promote the salvation of the Heathen: and, while they were awakening interest in this cause by urging Christian Principles and Motives, they would everywhere confer a benefit on unfortunate

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