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the Christians of France, it is not without regret, that we have made use of the term Protestants." If prudence, if a scrupulous adherence to the letter of our Institution, has compelled us to limit the distribution of the Sacred Text to the Reformed part of our population, far be from us all sectarian feeling, all idea of exclusion. There is but one true Reformation, and that is equally applicable to all men and to all periods-it is a return to the pure source of the Divine Word.

We have already learned, with the highest satisfaction, that a disposition for the reading of the Sacred Volume is increasing among our Catholic Brethren. Who among us does not breathe forth his desires and supplications for the approach of that day, when the Christians of France shall no longer inquire concerning Paul who planted, or Apollos who watered, but shall look to God alone who giveth the increase.


The Central Society, at Amsterdam, has presented its Eighth Report to your Committee. Its funds, whether supplied by its Subscribers, or by the steady, and, upon the whole, increasing contributions of nearly Sixty Auxiliary Societies, are in a flourishing state; exhibiting a balance in favour of its income of upward of 80,000 guilders, or 60001. It appears that 5896 Bibles and 4339 New Testaments have issued, during the last year, from the Depository.

Among its Auxiliaries, the "Merchant Seamen's Society" has been distinguished by its activity. The following passage is taken from its Report:

The dreadful hurricanes, which have raged during the past year, have made a deep impression on the hearts of the seafaring people. Many striking proofs of the salutary effect produced among them, by the diligent and faithful use of the Bible, have been recorded.

The dissemination of the Scriptures in Flanders, though small in comparison to the extent of the field over which they have been scattered, has been by no means inconsiderable. The Catholic Versions of the New Testament, of De Sacy and Maurentof, in French and Flemish, have obtained a wide circulation.

The cordiality, with which your Committee and that of the Netherlands' Society have hitherto prosecuted their common object, was much promoted,

during the last year, by the visit paid to this country by Thomas Cator, Esq. the active Secretary of the Hague Bible Society. This Gentleman was deputed by the Netherlands' Bible Society, for the purpose, chiefly, of collecting information; and of concerting with your Society, respecting the most efficient methods of prosecuting the common cause of distributing the Scriptures in the East Indies, particularly through the instrumentality of the East-India Bible Society at Batavia, in the Dutch Settlement of Sumatra, in the Peninsula of Malacca, and in the Moluccas.

Some notices on this subject will appear in the Survey.


The numerous Bible Societies in the different Cantons labour, with emulative zeal, to ascertain and to supply the want of the Scriptures among the natives of their more populous or thinly inhabited districts, whether speaking the French, German, or Italian Languages. The Anniversaries of these peaceful and prosperous Institutions have been solemnized in the true spirit of concord.

The Basle Society has continued, with judgment and activity, an extensive distribution of the Scriptures, in French, German, and Italian. It has also undertaken, on account of the London Society for promoting Christianity among the Jews, the printing of the Hebrew Bible according to Van der Hoogt's edition, with the Hebrew Translation of the New Testament.

The progress of distributing the Scriptures among the Roman Catholics, is described in the following terms, by the Treasurer of this Society:

We often feared lest our efforts in this quarter should be entirely stopped; but new doors are continually opening, whilst old ones close. A Letter was laid before our Committee, from a Schoolmaster who instructs the children of four very poor villages, and their parents, a desire for a number of expressing, at the instance of his scholars Van Ess's New Testaments. He informs us that his Parish Minister, who has eighteen villages to supply, is friendly to the distribution of the Scriptures.

The Schufhausen Society is in a prosperous state.

The Aargovian has both increased its exertions and extended its influence.

That at Zurich continues to prosecute its labours with success; and has circulated, during the ten years which

have elapsed since its formation, nearly 6000 Bibles and Testaments. The venerable Antistes Hess still takes an active part in its concerns, with a zeal unsubdued by age and increasing infirmities. To the following passage of a Letter, addressed by that distinguished Minister to the aged President of the Bern Society, your Committee attach that weight, which his sentiments must ever derive from his piety, his experience, the exalted station which he occupies in the Church to which he belongs, and the eminent services which he has rendered to the cause of your Institution:

How much have we seen, that we are happy to have outlived! And how much have we experienced, which it has afforded us joy to witness!-for instance, this blessed promulgation of the Word of God. What glorious things do we anticipate by the eye of faith, as about to develope themselves, when we are no longer on earth. For my pa rt, I consider myself happy in being able to devote the remnant of my days to that study which has been my favourite employment for sixty years past. As I entered the list of authors with "The Life of Jesus ;" so now I leave it, with the same inexhaustible theme of meditation and reflection, of faith and hope.

Another example of corresponding vigour, under the pressure of infirmities, is afforded by the aged Treasurer of the St. Gall Society, M. Steinmann; who, at the same time, is the most active labourer in the cause of that Institution:

during the eight years of its existence, this Society has circulated upward of 21,000 copies of the Scriptures, both among the Protestants and Roman Catholics in its immediate sphere. The small Society established in the Toggenburg district has been very active: Toggenburg was the birth place of Zuinglius; and the following extract from a Letter, addressed by that eminent Reformer to the Magistrates and Clergy of his native district, was read with considerable effect, at the first Anniversary of the Society, held on the 3d October, 1822 :

It is God's will that we should attend to His Word alone, and live in conformity thereunto. Maintain it, therefore, in its purity: and see, in the first place, that it be presented faithfully, and without human additions; and, secondly, attend unto it, by doing what it commands.

The Bible Society of the Grisons, at Coire, enjoyed recently the opportunity of supplying, with the entire Bible, the

Protestant Italian Congregations in the mountains. This was furnished them by the completion of your edition of Diodati's Version of the Bible, at Bâsle, consisting of 5000 copies; of which 500 copies were immediately forwarded to the Grisons.

The Bern Society completed, in the past year, the New Testament of Piscator's Version, and has far advanced toward finishing the Old.

The Lausanne Society has, during the year, disposed of 5000 copies of its quarto edition of the Bible.

At Neufchatel, Parochial Committees have been instituted for the purpose of ascertaining and of supplying the dif ferent parishes in the vicinity.

By the Geneva Society the distribution of Bibles and Testaments, during the last year, has been greater than in any preceding: it has increased the total amount of its issues, since its formation, to nearly 5000 copies. Among the poor, the zeal for contributing to its funds is represented as being so great, that it has occasionally required restraint; and the income of the Auxiliary Committee for the labouring classes was doubled in the last year. The Society has extended its aid to various Societies in France, and to the Waldenses in Piedmont. The latter have been an object of solicitude also to your Committee, who have transmitted to the Geneva Society for their use a supply of Italian Bibles.


Satisfactory details have been received from the Bible Societies established in different parts of Germany.

By the Wuertemberg Society, 5528 Bibles and 2620 Testaments had been distributed, in the year. The total amount of its issues, for domestic purposes only, has been 63,994. Still a great field remains for active exertions: every year, however, tends to confirm the hope, that the evidence of the beneficial result of the Society's labours will draw from a generous and grateful people the funds necessary for the prosecution of its important work.

The Bible Society of the Grand Duchy of Baden has adopted active measures to ascertain the want of the Scriptures. Returns of the estimated deficiency, from thirty-three districts, make it exceed 10,000 copies, a number still supposed to fall far short of the real amount.

This Society has distributed, since its establishment in 1820, nearly 6000 Bibles and 731 New Testaments.

The Hesse Darmstadt Society has issued nearly 3000 Bibles and Testaments; yet the demand is great from every quarter. At Giessen, in five years, 3950 Bibles and 1215 Testaments were distributed. The Society at Worms has increased the number of its Members.

From the Secretary of the Hanau Society a Report has been received, describing the want of the Scriptures in that vicinity; and expressive of the determination of himself and his coadjutors to continue their labours, with a cheerful confidence that the Divine Blessing will rest on their further efforts.

Similar representations, attended by corresponding resolutions, have been transmitted by the Hesse Cassel Society. The Frankfort Society has distributed, in its seventh year, nearly 9000 Bibles and Testaments. Catholic pilgrims, and travelling journeymen and tradesmen of all communions, are spoken of as earnest in their desire of possessing the Scriptures.

YourCommittee have supplied the Protestant Consistory at Munich with 1000 Bibles and 1000 Testaments, from the presses of Stuttgardt; and have offered to that body, in the event of a Bible Society being established for the Protestants in the Kingdom of Bavaria, the sum of 5001.

One instance of generous and persevering zeal merits particular commendation. A magistrate of the city of Bayreuth, M. Leers, and the Rev. Dean Pflaum, have printed by subscription two cheap editions of Luther's German Testament, each consisting of 6600 copies, of which 600 were distributed gratis to the poor. Your Committee have seconded the benevolent efforts of these individuals, by a grant of 1000 New Testaments; and an offer to assist them in the publication of a third edition of the New Testament, on condition of its being free from note or comment. The grant, together with this offer, was acknowledged in the following terms :Your cheering communication afforded the highest gratification both to Counsellor Leers and myself. What pure delight and heavenly blessings are thus dispensed to our poor brethren in our town and neigh bourhood! Still, however, the remainder of the Principality, embracing a Protestant population of 150,000 souls, is in great want of the Scriptures: we shall, therefore,

print immediately a third edition of 7000 Testaments, relying on the kind assurance which you hold out to us in the name of your Committee.

The Saxon Society has distributed, in the year, 3641 Bibles and 423 Testaments. The second edition of the Wendish Bible is nearly half printed. Some idea of the extent to which the demand for this work prevails, and of the eagerness with which its publication is expected among the people for whose use it is destined, may be supplied by the affecting representations which your Committee have received from several Wendish Clergymen. They say

The reverential attachment of our people to their pastor-their high regard and love for the unadulterated Word of God, and for the public services of His house-the general exultation evinced at the very prospect of a new edition of the Bible in their own language-the anxiety, bordering on impatience, which was manifested when the fulfilment of their hope was delayed— and, lastly, the emotions of joy and unfeigned gratitude toward God and their spiritual benefactors, with which many of them received the long-expected boon, afford decisive evidence that the gifts have not been unworthily bestowed. The demand for copies is so great, that, in many places, we have been obliged to send half the applicants away unsupplied.

The Herrnhut Branch of the Saxon Society has circulated, during the year, with the aid of your Committee, 10,375 New Testaments, of Gosner's and Van Ess's Versions, and 1710 Bibles in German and Bohemian, together with a number of copies of the New Testament of Luther's Version. Notwithstanding its past efforts, this Institution describes the demand upon its means as continuing unabated, and labours with unremitting industry to supply it.

The Leipzig Society has increased its distribution of the Scriptures to a considerable extent, among the residents in that city, and also among the numerous strangers who resort to its fairs.

The Weimar Committee have distributed upward of 1000 Bibles in four, out of eighteen, Dioceses, comprised within their sphere. The wants of the remaining fourteen which have not been supplied may be appreciated, when it is mentioned, that in their Schools alone no less than 2000 Bibles are required for the use of the indigent children.

The Society of Eisenach has extended its relief to neighbouring districts. In a single village, which had suffered from

fire, there were 500 school destitute of the Scriptures.


Sensible of the indispensable necessity of a general knowledge of the Scriptures, the Head of the Protestant Clergy of the Duchy of Nassau, the Rev. Dr. Mueller, has issued an animating address to the Deans, School Inspectors, and Parish Ministers, calling upon them severally to examine into the wants of the Scriptures in their respective districts. He says

If there be any labour which may be emphatically called sowing seed for eternity, it is certainly this. The Lord will accompany it with His abundant blessing; and the most pleasing fruits will appear, to the heartfelt joy of every faithful Minister, and of every Teacher of the young.

The Brunswick Society has circulated, from June 1821 to June 1822, 424 Bi

bles and Testaments.

The issues of the Hanoverian Society, from the period of its establishment, amount to 16,784 copies. Your Committee have received earnest solicitations from one of its Auxiliaries established at Celle, whose Directors declare, that the more they distribute the Scriptures, the more they perceive the want of them. Among the Auxiliaries of the Hanoverian Society, that at Osnaburg continues to occupy a prominent station since the period of its establishment it has distributed 6332 Bibles and 627 Testaments; and the amount of its receipts, during the same time, has been 6643 dollars, about 10007. One of its active Directors thus writes:


The old and the young contribute with alacrity. Parents often bring their children a distance of several miles to obtain Bibles. The peasantry evince a warmer interest than ever in the cause. Legacies are bequeathed, and handsome donations pre


The Goettingen Auxiliary continues its efforts with success; while those of the East-Frisia Auxiliary have been promoted by a supply of Dutch and German Bibles, granted by your Committee. The Detmold Auxiliary has circulated, within the Principality, 1580 copies of the Scriptures: of these, 66 Hebrew or Hebrew-German New Testaments were disposed of to Jews.

The Bremen Society continues to enjoy the support of all classes. Hospitals and prisons partake, in an especial manner, of its beneficial labours.

By the Seventh Report of the Hambro-Allona Cociety, it appears that this Oct. 1823.

Institution has circulated, since its establishment, 18,839 Bibles and 1908 Testaments; and has commenced a new edition of Luther's Version, consisting of 20,000 copies.

The Society at Luebeck is gradually reviving from the depression which it sustained, in consequence of the death of its President and other adverse circumstances.

That of the neighbouring principality of Eutin continues to prosper, and finds its means adequate to the supply of the wants within its district.

By the Rostock Society, during five years, 3000 Bibles and Testaments have been distributed.

The Mecklenburg-Strelitz Society proceeds with its inquiries into the wants of the Scriptures within its sphere; and its means have fallen short of the demand actually discovered.


An Official Letter from the Central Prussian Society ascribes to the direct influence of the Bible Society that growing spirit of harmony, which is observable among all classes of Christians in Prussia; and Dr. Pinkerton confirms the general tenor of this opinion, by the following statement, contained in a Letter dated Berlin, Feb. 3, 1823:

The cause of the Prussian Bible Society, and of every other Christian and Humane Institution, continues to prosper in Berlin; and genuine Christianity is now making very encouraging progress in every part of the Prussian Dominions, but especially in this city. Here, within the last ten years, God has raised up a number of able Preachers and Professors, who are unanimous in the defence of His cause, and the pleasure of the Lord prospers in their hands. Every pious and benevolent undertaking finds a protector in the Crown Prince.

The Central Society has completed the New Testament in the Lower Wendish dialect: the printing of the whole Bible is now well advanced.

The Canstein Institution, at Halle, has co-operated, most beneficially, with the Societies engaged in the propagation of the Scriptures. From its presses has issued lately a beautiful edition of the Hebrew Bible, after Simon, which was out of print.

The Thuringian Society, at Erfurt, has distributed in seven years, 6805 Bibles, and 880 New Testaments.

The Berg Society, at Elberfeld, issues, annually, from 1000 to 2000 Bibles, from


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The issues of the Scriptures by the Cologne Society have been very great. Among Soldiers, more especially, a strong desire has been manifested for the possession of the sacred treasure; and the Regimental Chaplains contribute their utmost efforts to gratify it. The following statement from the last Report will be read with satisfaction:

This Society has never reviewed its labours with more gratification than at the close of the present year. The increased demand for the Sacred Scriptures gives us reason to conclude, that a growing desire is felt for that divine light and consolation which flows from the Word of God.

The Treasurer of the Neuwied Society writes

The introduction of the New Testament into several Catholic Parishes is a subject of real exultation.

The experience of the Society instituted at Minden, for the purpose of distributing the Scriptures in the Weser country, accords with the general observation made by other Bible Societies, that their exertions tend materially to increase the demand for the Scriptures.

The Silesian Society, at Breslau, has supplied the prisons of several fortresses with the Scriptures. The Commanding Officers assured the Committee of the satisfaction which they felt, at being enabled to co-operate in promoting the benevolent design of the Institution, and of their intention to see that the prisoners made a proper use of the Scriptures granted to them.

The Buchwald Society endeavours to meet a greatly-increasing demand for the Scriptures. This Institution ascribes its success chiefly to its strict adherence to the rules laid down by your Society for the direction of its Auxiliaries; and has found itself enabled, by the use of suggestions contained in Mr. Dudley's Treatise, to extend its benefactions to remote districts, which might otherwise have escaped its notice.

A greater interest was evinced at the last Annual Meeting of the Buntzlau Society than was ever before witnessed.

All classes of persons have come forward in support of the Freystadt and

Sprottau Society. Schoolmasters are particularly commended for their zeal :

No sooner (says the First Report) were they invited to take a part in the sacred work, than they cheerfully lent a helping hand. After they had represented to their youthful circles the divine power and blessing attending the Scriptures, they had the gratification to see the children, both of the rich and the poor, come forward with contributions, amounting to 100 dollars (about 167.) and with assurances that these should be annually repeated.

It is stated, in the report of the Posen Society

At the close of its fifth year, our Society looks back with pleasure on the seed which has been sown, and which now produces excellent fruit. The active assistance which our Committee have received has enabled them to supply every demand for the Scriptures, during the past year; though the entire want is not yet satisfied. The more the Sacred Oracles are read, the greater the demand becomes.

The Dantzig Society is in a prosperous state. The total amount of its issues, since its formation, is 6245 copies of Bibles and Testaments.

At Koenisberg great progress has been made in printing large editions of the Bible and Testament in Polish and Lithuanian.

The Memel Society has engaged for 1200 copies of the edition of the Testament in the latter language.

The investigations of the Societies established in Pomerania, at Stralsund, Greifswald, and Barth, lead to a common result-that the want of the Scriptures far exceeds their previous expectations. They have adopted the plan of sale at reduced prices, in preference to that of gratuitous distribution; and discover great readiness among the poor to sacrifice personal comfort to the delight of possessing the Scriptures. On a general review of the official correspondence of these Societies, your Committee are induced to entertain sanguine expectations respecting the spiritual benefits which may result to Pomerania and Ruegen, from their collective efforts.


The proceedings of the Bible Societies established in the Danish Dominions, as exhibited by the Seventh Report of the Central Society, will be surveyed with heartfelt satisfaction.

The total number of Bibles and Testaments issued by the Danish Society, since its formation, amounts to 44,169

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