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that is 21 years ago that this was published on the West Coast in the People's World. Then I think it is interesting to skip up here to a later one, 1964, in The Worker. It says, “Police Brutality to Be Detroit Election Issue.” Then again in 1965, in The Worker, “Negro Lad Is Latest Victim in Detroit of Trigger-Happy Cop.” So, for 21 years, by this little record that we have developed, we have had this agitation against the police department to inflame the people against the police. I think this is part of the background of things that are happening in the country today. We have enough of these folders for all the members of the committee and the press, if they are interested. Mr. McNAMARA. Mr. Chairman, I would like to request that the Mayor Yorty report, “The Big Lie,” which he has just described, be accepted for the hearing j as Yorty Exhibit No. 2. Mr. AsHBROOK. Do you have copies? Mayor Yorty. Yes, sir. (Document marked “Yorty Exhibit No. 2” follows:)

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YORTY EXHIBIT No. 2 ent": 12


No. 263 July 21, 1964

Oakland cops cry nut

'Red' scare used to bury

horges of brutality
August 21, 1965



Negro Lad Is Victim in Detra Trigger-Happy


Friday, January 5, 1951 LA cops end year with more brutality

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January 4, 1947
charged in
brutality care


YORTY EXHIBIT No. 2-Continued

Attacks by self-seeking individuals and groups are a fact.

Citizen apathy is a fact.

Citizens "not wanting to get involved" is a fact.

Unrealistic paroles of convicted criminals are a fact. (Of the 13 police officers killed in the line of duty in Los Angeles, 8 were murdered by convicts on active parole.)

Overly technical Supreme Court decisions reversing convictions of even confessed criminals are a fact.

And, there is another fact that law enforcement agencies must accept

The police of our nation have long been a prime target of the Communist Party.

When Lenin set forth the principles of the Communist revolution, dwelling primarily on the need to destroy law enforcement throughout the world, he recognized that governments can only be overthrown if respect for law enforcement is first impaired.

Writing in "State and Revolution" in 1917 (copyright 1932– International Publishers, New York) Lenin stated:

"To destroy officialdom immediately, everywhere, completely ... to reduce all officialdom to naught... is the direct and urgent task of the revolutionary proletariat."

Following this doctrine, the Communist Party has continued to deal with mass emotional appeal. Capitalizing on the resistance of some people to any discipline, the Communist press has seized upon the propogandaloaded phrase... POLICE BRUTALITY, and has led many unsus



197 police officers were murdered by criminals in the United States between 1960 and 1964.

57 police officers were murdered by criminals in 1964.

The number of policemen murdered annually in the line of duty has DOUBLED since 1960.

18,000 police officers were attacked while enforcing the law in 1964, or ONE OUT OF EVERY 10 POLICEMEN IN THE NATION.

7,738 policemen were physically injured in these attacks, or ONE OUT OF EVERY 24. IN LOS ANGELES

pecting dupes into helping to carry out the Party's poisonous program.

Ignoring Budapest, Warsaw, Prague, and other places where Communist police have murdered and imprisoned countless innocent victims, the Communist press in this country attempts to twist every arrest into an act of American "police brutality." The deceptive and constantly repeated cry is the same in every non-Communist country-the "Big Lie" technique they have used so effectively throughout their history. ACCORDING TO U.S. NEWS (SEPTEMBER 6, 1965):

In Berkeley in 1964, student demonstrators at the University of California staged disorders in defiance of university authorities and police. A student “Police Brutality Committee" began grinding out propaganda before the first arrest. Students were primed to start chanting "Police Brutality" as soon as officers arrived on the scene.

"Students were instructed to go to the university hospital and report injuries. One police official reported: “When the physician on duty asked several what they were doing there, they replied that they didn't know,they were there because they were told to report to the hospital.""

"At other hospitals, attendants treated 'victims' for hoarseness and headaches and sent them home - while five highway patrolmen were undergoing treatment for actual injuries received at the hands of the rioters. One patrolman was hospitalized for a week."

13 officers have been murdered in the line of duty in the past 13 years, 4 OF THEM IN THE LAST 24/2 YEARS.

In 1964, 592 officers were attacked in Los Angeles, or ONE OUT OF EVERY 9.

Since 1952, attacks on Los Angeles police officers have INCREASED 284%, with almost similar increases indicated in all other large cities.

The foregoing are facts obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of Justice, and the Los Angeles Police Department

There are other facts which the police officers must accept in the course of protecting the public.

Verbal abuse of the police is a fact.

Yorty Exhibit No. 2–Continued

The communist press in the United States is constantly seizing upon the arrests of any member of a minority group as material for headline attacks on the police. After the initial stories, they follow up with emotional appeals, “committees for justice” for whoever the arrestee may be. They then arrange community protest meetings, etc.

It is important to note that a search of back issues of communist papers in this country failed to turn up a single report of police officers being killed in the line of duty,

The obvious question arises: Is every charge of "police brutality" inspired by the communists? The answer is "no," but the communist distort, magnify and seize upon every such charge, valid or not, in order to carry on their propaganda war against our protectors. Of course, every police department in the country receives some valid complaints of police misconduct made by sincere citizens. The Los Angeles Police Department itself metes out harsh discipline to officers found guilty of any misconduct. So does the County Sheriff's Department. Seven deputy sheriffs were recently discharged for alleged mistreatment of some prisoners who. were charged with injuring a fellow deputy.

The true facts are ignored by the communists and malcontents. Their concern is with utilizing charges to cause a maximum corrosive effect on both public opinion and the law enforcement agencies. The important thing to them is that through


An official of the International Association of Police Chiefs, Charles E. Moore, told the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee that the demonstrations at Berkeley were a classic example of techniques used by Communists to destroy the public confidence in the police—when they destroy the symbol of authority and of the laws, you bring about anarchy."

As long ago as May, 1941, the Daily Peoples World carried a story attacking the Los Angeles Police Department for "brutality" and "picket line crashing' during some strikes. The story reported that a "delegation" called on then Mayor Fletcher Bowron to protest these alleged actions by police.

The delegation included a number of persons identified in House Un-American Activities Committee hearings as Communists, and / or members of numerous organizations cited by that and other investigating committees as Communist or Communist-front organizations.

a constant barrage of attacks and repetition of claims, the public's confidence in their police may be impaired, and the officers' morale damaged. These are the ends toward which they work, and in which they are too often unintentionally aided by individuals and groups whose motives are honest, but whose facts are wrong

The effect on the police officer, the citizen's first line of defense against criminal elements, has been demoralizing.

Captain William Beall of the Berkeley Police said: "A policeman dreads the moment when someone will yell 'brutality.' That charge robs him of his dignity. It takes away everything he is trying to do what he believes in."

In Washington, D.C. on August 26, 1965, Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield decried the "loose charge of police brutality" and stated, "The police are not privileged to take sides or discriminate as among laws. Their job is to uphold the laws and, on the whole, they do an excellent job."

Statements like the foregoing made by one of the nation's leading lawmakers; expressions of confidence from those who implement those laws; and a sprinkling of posters and bumper stickers announcing "Suport Your Local Police” are not enough to overcome deleterious effects of the waves of anti-police propaganda which have been flooding the country in recent years.

The destructive nature of this

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YoRtY EXHIBIT No. 2-Continued

hardened criminals; child kill-
ers, rapists, narcotic peddlers,
seem to go out of their way to
take note of the slightest hint of
even technical mistakes by the

Officials everywhere are con-
cerned that the quality of law
enforcement will decline in the
face of these continued attacks
on the person, character and ef-
fectiveness of police officers.
Deputy Commissioner Joseph G.
Martin of New York City said:
"The eager, dedicated young po-
liceman starts out at a trot. Then
this kind of thing slows him down
to a walk. Finally you find him
dragging his feet – he doesn't
know where he stands, so he does

propaganda must be understood by the public; understood and recognized for what it is; and what it is intended to accomplish. The list of results is impressive. For example:

Police departments everywhere are finding is almost impossible to recruit men for what appears to be a thankless job. Resignations are becoming more frequent, and fewer experienced men are continuing on the job after reaching minimum retirement requirements.

Police "brutality" is being blamed for almost every riot and violent demonstration. This was particularly true of Los Angeles in 1965, where an attempt by State Highway Patrol officers to arrest a man for alleged drunken driving touched off a riot. Although the man whose arrest caused the riot pleaded guilty to the drunk-driving charge, the communist press here and abroad used the riot to hammer away at asserted "police brutality." The Communist line called for pinning the blame for the riot on the police instead of the lawless elements who attacked policemen, firemen, and their fellow citizens while burning and stealing their property.

Police personnel whose efforts are needed to enforce the laws are being forced to spend countless hours reporting, investigating or answering charges of "misconduct"- most of them baseless. Many of the complaints boil down to a "hard stare" from an officer, or "the officer's tone of voice."

Courts, sitting in judgment on even the most brutal and

This may be a little exaggerated-but the danger that it can become literally factual is increasing. To a policeman, EVERY arrest presents a danger either to his person or his character. The physical danger he accepts as part of the job, but he should not be subjected to thoughtless ridicule and public indifference toward his efforts to do his job.

And, although a concentrated attempt is being made to make the people believe otherwise, the Los Angeles Police Department has the machinery to see that the police officer does his job properly. Complaints are exhaustively investigated, by the department itself, sometimes by the District Attorney or the F.B.I. Verified cases, including "discourteous language" and "hard stares," as well as those alleging 'excessive force," are dealt with according to the severity of the incident.

To all well administered police departments, self-examination, self-disciplining and self-correction are a never-ending pursuit. In order to enforce the law, they know that their own record must be kept clean, and although they use every method to keep it so, blemishes occur. The real ones they cut away; the imagined and manufactured ones are a problem for all citizens. We must help in the search for truth and the exposure of falsity.

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