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1.178. T. 590.

1180. T. 166.

ANGELS astonish'd view their God, THEE, Lord, the angelic armies

As Son of Man to sinners giv'n; praise, Those first-born sons of light,

With awe they saw his streaming

blood, But cannot look on Jesus' face


Were struck, and silence was in And bear the dazzling sight:

Now they, with all the saints in light, Ranks upon ranks, they fall before His all-abasing name,

Worship the Lamb enthron'd

above, In silent ecstacy adore The glories of the Lamb.

And praise the length, the breadth, the height,


And depth of God's stupendous 1179.* T. 141.

1181. T. 141. WHILE the pilgrim travels

HOLY, holy, holy, On this earthly ground,

Sings the angelic choir ; Watchful guardian-angels

Might we, sinners, truly Compass him around;

Glow with heavenly fire, Like Elisha's servant,

Praising, all together, He in faith espies

Deeply bow'd in dust, Hosts with fiery horses,

God, Jehovah,-Father, Flaming chariots rise.

Son, and Holy Ghost.


T. 151.

1183.* T. 146. FARE WELL, henceforth for ever, THE grace, enjoy'd by faith All empty, worldly joys;

In Jesus' incarnation, Farewell, for Christ my Saviour His wounds, and bitter death,

Alone my thoughts employs: That purchas'd our salvation, In heaven 's my conversation, Engageth our whole heart,

Where the redeem'd possess Prompts us to sing his praise, In him complete salvation,

Until we hence depart The gift of God's free grace.

To see him face to face. 2 Counsel me, dearest Jesus, 2 If Jesus should appear According to thy heart;

Now at this very moment, Heal thou all my diseases,

What think ye, should ye fear ? And every harm avert:

No, we with deep abasement, Be thou my consolation

Yet joyful, would adore While here on earth I live,

The Lamb who shed his blood, And at my expiration

And own him evermore Me to thyself receive.

Our Saviour, Lord, and God. 3 May in my heart's recesses 3 Ah, might the time soon come, Thy name and cross always

When he, our soul's Beloved, Shine forth, with all their graces,

Will fetch his children home; To yield me joy and peace:

Our inmost soul is moved, Stand 'fore me in that figure,

To think we shall behold Wherein thou bar'st for us

Him, whom by faith we know Justice in all its rigour,

Chief Shepherd of his fold, Expiring on the cross.

In whom we're one, and grow.


4 Hear thou our hearts' desire,

1186.* T. 119. Most gracious Lord and Saviour, Let us in peace expire,

HAD we nought, :: And rise to meet thy favour; Nought beyond this life to hope, And when thou shalt assign Here receiving our full measure, His doom to every one,

Did no further prospect ope, Thy righteousness divine

Laid we up no heavenly treasure, Shall be our boast alone.

Wretched were our state in life and


Vain our faith. :: 1184.* T. 74.

2 Here on earth, :Il: THE Lord my Portion is,

Here on earth in tears we sow; I know no other bliss,

He who here goes forth & weepeth, Here nor eternally,

earing precious seed below, But that which flows to me

Brings his sheaves with him and From Jesus' blood and death,


[o'er, Whereon I trust by faith.

There in joy, his sighs and sorrows

Evermore. :/:
2 Thou know'st, O God, that I
Were I just now to die,
No Saviour have beside,

1187.* T.
But Christ who for me died;
He is my faithful Friend,

THANK God, towards eternity Whose mercies never end.

Arother step is taken,

My heart with longing turns to thee; 3 I shall, when time is o'er,

Tho' not by thee forsaken, Behold for evermore

I long and pant for my release, My Saviour, Lord, and God,

When I shall hence depart in peace, Who bought me with his blood ; To be with thee for ever. And view the wounds which he Receiv'd for guilty me.

2 I tell the hours, and days, and

years, 4 The time to him is known;

And think them tedious ages, Meanwhile be this alone

Until the wish'd-for time appears My care, that thro' his grace

Which all my grief assuages; I so may run my race,

Meanwhile with haste I forward That I in faith may die,

press, And live eternally.

Till I arrive, with thankfulness,

At my desired haven. 1185.* T. 149. 3 “Come," saith thy bride, who longs

for thee, YE, who Jesus' patients are,

And of all else is weary ; Let your hearts be tending “Come," is her cry incessantly, Thither, where you wish to share “Come soon, and do not tarty :"

Bliss that's never-ending: Jesus, my Lord, my Bridegroom, O may we- constantly,

come Wean'd from things terrestrial, And fetch my longing spirit home; Look for joys celestial.

It is to thee betrothed. 2 Fixing all our thoughts above, 4 I am assur'd, nor life, nor death Where each true believer

Me from thy love can sever, Will, for his redeeming love, While I abide in thee by faith, Praise the Lord for ever,

And taste thy love and favour; IIere, by faith-in his death,

What tho' the time seem long to me, We find consolation

A foretaste of eternity And complete salvation.

I have in thy communion.

1188.* T. 244. 4 Lord, may I live to thee by faith,

To thee O may I die; HOW soon, exalted Jesus,

For thine I am in life and death, Thou wilt to us reveal

Thine, thine eternally..
Thy countenance most glorious,
That none as yet can tell:

1191. T. 97.
Meanwhile thy followers here
By frequent visits cheer ;

ALTHO' a pardon'd sinner's mind As to thy first disciples

To be with Christ is most inclin'd, When ris'n thou didst draw near.

Yet, long as he remaineth here,

Be it a day, a month, or year, 2 Till then, thou wilt call over If but his heart be daily cheer'd by Out of thy family

grace, Now one, and then another, He runs with patience his appointed To be at rest with thee:

race. Ogrant us needful grace, That we may run our race

2 We in this world no city have, Relying on thy mercy,

Where we to fix our dwelling Till we shall see thy face.

crave; For as a traveller on the road

Oft rests, but hath no fix'd abode, 1189. T. 11.

Life's comforts thus we welcome, LORD, my times are in thy hand,

not pursue, Be they then at thy command;

But keep our heavenly mansion still

in view. Let me live to thee alone, Then the sting of death is gone.


T. 166. 2 Whither should I, sinner, flee, Lord, for shelter, but to thee? LORD, whither can I, sinner, flee, Thou hast gone before, in grace,

When I go hence, but to thy

breast ? To prepare a resting-place.

For I have sought no other home, 3 Bearing my sin heavy load,

For I have found no other rest: All thy steps were mark'd with When earthly cares engross the blood,

mind, From the garden to the cross, And turn my thoughts aside from Suffering to retrieve our loss.

thee, 4 By thy bitter agony,

Then the successive days & nights By thy life pour'd out for me, Seem long and wearisome to me, O let me, a sinner, find

2 My God, and can a needy child, In my God a Friend most kind.

That loves thee in humility,

From thy dear presence be exil'd, 1190.* T. 14.

Or ever separated be?

O no, for in thy wounded hands, WHETHER the period of this life

By faith my name engrav'd I see; Be long or short, we know

Firm and secure thy promise stands, 'Tis in itself of no great weight,

That where thou art thy friends We're pilgrims here below.

shall be. 2 Thrice happy they who in this time

1193. T. 96. In Jesus Christ believe,

IN age and feebleness extreme,
And as a living sacrifice
To him their bodies give.

Who shall a helpless worm redeem ?

Jesus, my only hope thou art, 3 He is, as long as life shall last, Strength of my failing flesh and The source of all their bliss,

heart; And when they from this world de- 0 could I catch a smile from thee,

They see him as he is. (part, And drop into eternity,

1194.* T. 168. No, my soul he cannot leave,

This, this is my consolation; MAKE my calling and election, And my body in the grave

Jesus, every day more sure; Rests in hope and expectation, eep me under thy direction, That this mortal flesh shall see

Till I, thro' thy god-like power, Incorruptibility.
Unto endless glory raised,
In thy mansions shall be placed :

4 Closely by love's sacred bands When in thee I end my race,

I am join'd to him already, Weeping shall for ever cease.

And my faith's outstretched hands

To embrace my Lord are ready;

Death itself shall never part 1195.* T. 37.

Mine and my Redeemer's heart. MY happy lot is here

5 Flesh I bear, and therefore must The Lamb to follow;

Unto dust be once reduced; Be this my only care

This I own, but from the dust Each step to hallow,

I shall be to life produced, And thus await the time

And, convey'd to endless bliss,
When Christ my Saviour

Live where my Redeemer is.
Will call me hence, with him
To live for ever.

6 In my body, when restor'd

From the grave in which it slum1196.* T. 124,


I shall see my God, my Lord, THEE we love and long to see, With his saints in glory number'd; Yea, dear Saviour,

In my flesh eternally We desire to be with thee;

My Redeemer I shall see. But the favour

7 To have thee, tho' still unseen,

These mine eyes most certainly

Shall behold & know my Saviour, Ever near us Doth revive and cheer us.

I, no stranger, no, ev'n I,

Him to see shall have the favour: 1197. T. 590.

Grieving, pining, in that day

Ever shall be done away. OUR conversation is in heaven, 8 What here sickens, sighs, & groans, Whence also we expect

There o'er death shall prove vicThe Lord our Saviour, Christ, to

torious; come,

Earthly here are sown my bones, And gather his elect: Then shall he our vile body change, what is natural sown here, (rious:

Heavenly they shall rise, and gloAnd fashion it like his,

Shall as spiritual rise there.
A glorious body, form’d for realms
Of everlasting bliss.

9 Let us raise our minds above

This world's lusts, vain, transitory, 1198.* T. 83.

Cleave to him ev'n here in love,

Whom we hope to see in glory; CHRIST, my rock, my sure defence, May our minds tend constantly

Jesus, my Redeemer, liveth; Where we ever wish to be.
O what pleasing hopes from thence

My believing heart deriveth:
Else death's long and gloomy night

1199.* T. 22. Would my guilty soul affright. MY life I now to God resign, 2 Christ is risen from the dead,

At his decree I'll not repine; [all, "Thou shalt rise too,” saith my Sa- My hairs the Lord hath number'd Of what should I be afraid? (viour; Not one witlout his will can fall.

I with him shall live for ever: 2 Lord, what is man! a clod of Can the HEAD forsake his limb,

earth, and not draw me unto him? A needy mortal from his birth;

Brought nothing with him when he | 2 When I shall yield my dying came,

breath, And naked leaves this worldly frame. Support me by thy bitter death; 3 Teach us to number so our days, Thy bonds have gain d my liberty.

Thy mercy is my only plea; That we apply to wisdom's ways, Knowing how swift our moments fly, 3 By all thy pains for me endur'd, That all, both young &old, must die. Thou hast eternal life procur'd; 4 Eril and few, as Jacob says,

Thy shame, reproach, and thorny

crown, Alas, I count my pilgrim-days; A stranger here on earth I roam,

Gain'd for me glory and renown. Till God shall call his servant home. 4 Thy stripes have me, a sinner, 3 How should I live in constant My pardon with thy blood is seal'd;

heal'd; dread, Harass'd by guilt, of death afraid,

Thy agony, thy dying breath,

Redeem'd me from eternal death. Did I not know, God gave his Son, Who did for all my sins atone. 5 Unto my heart, when speech I 6 'Tis he, my Saviour, Jesus Christ, The utterance of thy Spirit grant:

want, Who for my sins was sacrific'd, And rose triumphant from the When death in darkness seals my

O that my soul to heaven may rise, grave,


eyes. That he my soul from death might 7 To him I yield my life & breath,, My soul I to thy care resign: (mine,

6 Thy bitter death shall sweeten His love will guide my soul thro' Thou, since thou gav'st thy life for death,

Wilt keep me to eternity. [me, And bring me to the blissful place, Where I shall see him face to face. 17 How glad am I, that I have 8 My flesh meanwhile doth rest in what thou to ransom



me hast hope,

How glad am I, that I believe,
Till in his likeness I wake up;
Out of his hands no dust shall fall,

Thou, when I die, wilt me receive. But rise immortal at his call. 8 Thanks be to thee, who hast en

dur'd 9 This gives me comfort and relief, My curse, and life for me procur'd: In all my greatest pain and grief;

Nor doth the grave to me appear He'll wipe away my every tear,

A terror, since thou restedst there. When he in glory shall appear. 10 Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly pray, Shall mine and angels' tongues em

9 What songs of everlasting joy Me with thy righteousness array:

How shall I to eternity (ploy; In garments of salvation drest,

Exalt thy love and mercy free. I'm sure of endless joy and rest. 11 Amen, thou sovereign God of

1201.* T. 132. love, U grant that, when we hence re- JESUS, by thy almighty power move,

My soul from death deliver, Our souls, redeemed with thy blood, In that important, awful hour, May find in thee their sure abode. When soul and body sever;

To thee, my ever-faithful friend, 1200.* T. 22.

My spirit I will then commend;

I trust thou wilt receive it. LORD Jesus, fountain of my life, Sole comfort in this world of strife, 12 Tho' guilt would fill my soul with I come both weary and oppress'd, Despair, & consternation, (dread, And pray, Lord, take my soul to I know I need not be afraid, rest,

Since Christ is my salvation :

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