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T. 244.

1224.* T. 205.

Cease all your mourning,

The Lord will be returning
ARE you form'd a creature new, Him ye shall see
Cleans'd by Jesus' precious blood ?

In majesty.
Can you Christ in spirit view,
Reconcil'd by him to God?

2 Now ready stand, Rise, to meet the Bridegroom go,

Yea, always ready stand,
Mingle with the virgin-row;

The Bridegroom is at hand:
Have you oil, you need not fear, Sleep not nor slumber,
Tho' this moment he appear.

Let nothing you encumber,

But ready stand; 2 Rise, go forth to meet the Lamb, He is at hand.

Slumber not 'midst worldly care;
Let your lamps be all on flame,
For his coming now prepare:

Then whene'er you hear the cry,
“Lo, theBridegroom draweth nigh,”

PREPARE your lamps, stand ready,

Your vessels fill with oil; You will not confounded be,

Be clean in soul and body, But can meet him cheerfully.

Let nought your garments soil: 3 Let us walk the narrow way, Hark, 'tis the midnight cry,

Watchful, cheerful, free from toil, The Bridegroom draweth nigh;
Trim our lamps from day to day, Arise, go forth to meet him

Adding still recruits of oil: With songs of praise and joy.
Doubly doth the Spirit rest
On his happy, peaceful breast,
Who himself to praying gives,

1227.* T. 79. Who a life of watching lives. LORD, for thy coming us prepare, 1225.* T. 588.

May we to meet thee without fear,

At all times ready be:
YE virgins, be

In faith and love preserve us sound: Girt with alacrity;

O let us day and night be found At midnight cometh He:

Waiting with joy to welcome thee.

T. 159.

3 Deliver'd from this mortal clay,

From sorrow, sin, and pain, MOUNT Zion, where the Lamb of We shall with Christ in lasting day Who for our sins aton'd [God,

True holiness obtain: And bought us by his precious blood, Lord Jesus, hear our fervent prayer,

For ever is enthron'd; Where his redeem'd & chosen bride By faith in thee to end our race,

Us needy sinners all prepare,
Thro' endless ages shall reside;

And to behold thy face.
Is here thro' faith in Jesus' name
Our joy and final aim.


T. 14. 2 Jerusalem, the church above,

JERUSALEM, my happy home,

Name ever dear to me,
Now triumphs over death;
And when we, perfected in love,

When shall my labours have an end, Shall once resign our breath,

In joy, and peace, and thee? We shall with all the saints in 2 When shall these eyes thy heavenlight

built walls In cheerful songs of praise unite, And pearly gates behold ? And with his chosen evermore Thy,bulwarks, with salvation strong His saving name adore.

And streets of shining gold ?

3 There happier bowers than Eden's | So, a soul that's born of God, bloom,

Pants to view his glorious face; Nor sin nor sorrow know: [scenes Upward tends to his abode, Bless'd seats, through rude & stormy To rest in his embrace. I onward press to you.

3 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn, 4 Why should I shrink from pain

Press onward to the prize; and woe, And feel at death dismay?

Soon your Saviour will return

Triumphant in the skies:
I've Canaan's goodly land in view,
And realms of endless day.

Yet a season, and we know,

Happy entrance will be giv'n; 5 Apostles, martyrs, prophets there all our sorrows left below, Around my Saviour stand:

And earth exchang'd for heaven. And soon my friends in Christ below, Will join the glorious band.

1232.* T. 585. 6 Jerusalem, my happy home,

My soul still pants for thee; JESUS' life of grief and sorrows,
Then shall my labours have an end, All his sufferings, death, & pain,
When I thy joys shall see. Prove in life our consolation,
T. 97.

And in death our joy remain;
Hallelujah, :ll:

[gain. HOW greatly doth my soul rejoice,

Christ's our life, hence death is That, by my faithful Shepherd's choice,

2 On his precious death and merit My name is certainly enroll'd

All our hopes are safely built; Among the sheep of his blest fold: We rejoice in his salvation, May I by nothing e'er be drawn

Freed from sin's condemning guilt; aside,


Sing his triumphs, :Il: But be a happy member of his

'Twas for us his blood was spilt. 2 My faith victorious now doth 3 Jesus yieldeth up his spirit, Above all earthly vanities, [rise Lo, he bows his head and dies; And hath Jerusalem full in view, From his death we life inherit,

That holy city, fair and new; Hence our happiness takes rise; Thro' faith in Christ I am God's We now glory ::

child and heir, [share. Only in his sacrifice. And shall the glories of his kingdom 4 Jesus' body once interred,

3 Then all old thingswill pass away, Sanctifies his brethren's rest, And a new scene itself display; And the place which keeps their We wait for thee, Immanuel,

bodies, Come soon, thy majesty reveal; Since earth lodg'd that heavenly Our voices then in higher strains

guest, shall raise

Now is hallow'd;:I: A joyful Hallelujah to thy praise. We lie down in hope most blest. 1231. T. 591.

5 Our Redeemer rose victorious, RISE, my soul, & stretch

thy wings, Lasting bliss awaits us yonder,

O what joy doth this afford;
Thy better portion trace;
Rise from transitory things,

Rais'd to glory, like our Lord : Towards heaven, thy native place:

Blessed Saviour, : ll: Sun, and moon, and stars decay,

Ever be by us ador'd. Time shall soon this earth remove; 6 Conquering Lord, to heaven asRise, my soul, and haste away

cended To seats prepar'd above.

To prepare for us a place, 2 Rivers to the ocean run,

Pleading thine own blood and merit; Nor stay in all their course;

Here our faith rests on thy grace, Fire ascending seeks the sun;

There in glory :ll: Both speed them to their source: We shall see thee face to face.

7 Jesus, at thy blest appearing, 11 Now let all say, Amen, Freed from weakness, grief, and The Lord be praised, (ever blessed pain,

In heaven and earth his name for We, restored to thy likeness,

By all that breathe. Then shall join the happy train: Make us ready, :I!:

1234.* T. 71. Lord, thy glory to obtain.

WHAT shall I feel, when I
T. 58.

The glorious choirs espy

In bliss unceasing: HAPPY I am, yet o'er my happi Already in my heart ness

[ing face;

Rays from bright Salem dart, Can ne'er rejoice but with a blush With hopes most pleasing. For it is mere mercy,

2 I hear the enraptur'd song Remains a wonder

Rais'd by the blessed throng of Christ's long-suffering, when

Of the redeemed:
thereon I ponder,
Now and always.

Seated upon the throne,

The Lamb once slain alone 2 In the glorious presence

Is worthy deemed.
Of God my Saviour,
Tho' with abasement, this great 3 Rejoice, my soul, thou soon,
truth I'll ever

When here thy race is run,
Own to his praise:--

Shalt have the favour 3 That his incarnation,

To go and join the blest,

And there at home to rest
His bitter passion, [vation
And meritorious death procur'd sal-

With Christ thy Saviour.
And life for me.

4 Then shall our woe and grief 4 In his great atonement

Find a most sure relief
I 'll trust unshaken, [taken, In joys unbounded;
Until I once to see him shall be Triumphant songs shall be
Whom here I love,

To the blest Trinity

For ever sounded. 5 Grant to me, Lord Jesus, Thy special favour,

[and ever,

5 How blest when we can say, Depending on thy grace both now

All else is fled away,
To look to thee,

And love prevaileth: 6 In that ever lovely,

No longer faith and hope Heart-piercing figure,

We need to bear us up, As for us bearing justice in its rigour

Love never faileth. Upon the cross. 6 See, how the victors go 7 What ecstatic pleasure

In raiment white as snow, Shall I then savour, [for ever, With glory crowned: When face to face beholding thee He grants to them thro' grace So as thou art.

Around his throne a place, 8 On what joys celestial

On whom death frowned. Shall I be feasting, [bour resting, 7 The Bridegroom now appears, When, in thy presence from all la

He wipes off all our tears,
I sabbath keep.

And ends all sadness; 9 Oh, what songs of praises To him I had resign'd Will then in heaven

Myself, and now am join'd Resound, when all the ransom'd În perfect gladness. souls thanksgiving

8 O Lord, grant my request, To Jesus bring.

To be in heaven at rest, 10 Lamb once slain for sinners, When 'tis thy pleasure:

Receive our praises; (and classes, Then to eternity Honour and glory from all choirs I ne'er shall parted be To thee are due.

From thee, my treasure.


9 At thy thro'-pierced feet To feed by faith upon his death and I'll humbly take my seat,

merit, There's heaven's enjoyment: And, purified in heart, become with To give thee thanks and praise,

him one spirit; For all thy love and grace,

To love him, tho' we see him not; Be my employment.

O happy lot. 10 While here, I live by faith, 5 O happy lot, Relying on thy death,

To dwell with Christ our Saviour, For thou 'rt my Saviour ;

There to behold his countenance for There I shall sweetly rest,

ever; Reclining on thy breast,

In songs of joy
In peace for ever.

His holy name to praise;

To thank him for our blessed con1235. T. 136.

summation, MY Lord and God,

And view his wounds, those pledges Who hast for me atoned,

of complete salvation, And in death's agony for me hast

All pain and sorrow then forgot; I weep for joy, [groaned;

O happy lot. And raise my feeble song ;

T. 30. For both in life and death this meditation

O YE heavenly souls, full joys posProves unto me a sweet and strength


[ing, ening consolation :

At the fountain-head of every blessMy pardon's sealed with thy blood, From your bright legions (gions, My Lord, my God.

Waft your praises to these lowly re2 The time will come,

2 Songs of victory to the Lamb once When endless consolation


[ed, Will be theirlot, who wait forChrist's With immortal glory now surroundsalvation:

O'erwhelm my senses, “I am redeem'd,"

And my heaven already here comSaith a believing heart;

mences. "Ey'n here the Lord, whose mercy 3 Hear I not the golden harps renever endeth,

sounding? (rounding? Wipes oft my tears away, and all See I not the crowds the throne surmy steps attendeth ;

Adore, adore him, The time to be with him at home They exclaim, and prostrate fall beAt last will come.”

fore him. 3 Come soon, O come,

4 O that I could join their adoration, Ye hours, wherein for ever With hosts of saints I too shall have Lie with them in awful, deep pros

His feet embracing, (tration, the favour

Bath'd in tears, yet hymns of gladTo see my Lord:

ness raising. With joy for him I wait: Who knows but I this day may leave 5 0 Jerusalem, from God descendthe body,


[ing: Call'd forth to meet the Bridegroom; To thy pinnacles my flight I'm bend

may he find me ready: Begone for ever, I long to be with him at home; World & sin ;-and welcome Christ Come soon, O come.

my Saviour. 4 O happy lot,

6 But what gentle voice my flight To live in blessed union

prevented ?

(tented, With Christ, and with his church in Whispering to my spirit, Rest conclose communion :

Thy days are number'd, To look to him,

And thy sighs and prayers 'fore God Prompted by love and need;


T. 83.

7 Am I longer here, 'midst tribula- Sing in the great congregation, tion,

[tion, Thou, O Lamb, hast brought us nigh As a pilgrim to maintain my sta to God May I unmoved

By thy blood. :Il: Lean upon the arm of my Beloved.

1239.* 8 May the tears and sweat of Olivet's

T. 45. mountain, [fountain, MY lot of grace—will be always May the scene of Calvary's purple Beyond description blessed; The dying Saviour,

Yea, the bliss I shall enjoy Hover 'fore my eyes of faith for ever. Cannot be expressed. 9 May this deaden nature's incli- 2 Him I shall see, --whose love to nation, [temptation,

me Awe me from the world and sin's My heart hath captivated; And sanctify me,

(thee. From his presence I no more Till each word and deed may glorify Shall be separated. 10 May I grow in spirit daily poorer, Make my calling and election surer;


T. 208. Thy word instruct me,

WHAT hast thou, Lord Jesus, And thy guardian Spirit still con- To redeem and bless us, duct me.

For us undergone: 1237.*

Here we know but partly,

But there will be shortly JESUS' sufferings were for me,

More of this depth known, That my hence departing spirit

When above--we shall remove, Full of joy and peace might be, And shall live with thee for ever, And eternal life inherit:

Our beloved Saviour.
I'm from judgment freed, by faith
In his meritorious death.

2 I am lost in wonder,

When I duly ponder, 2 When I leave this world in

Jesus, on thy grace; peace,

That I shall in glory
I shall have the grace and favour

Evermore adore thee;
To behold him face to face
Whom I love, ev'n God my Sa-

And that, face to face,

I shall see-eternally viour :

Thee, the God of my salvation; Then I shall for evermore

O what consolation. Him in endless joy adore. 3 When I shall permitted be,

1241.* To enjoy in fullest measure,

WHEN Jesus had to his disciples What his sufferings gain'd for me,


[heaven, And possess salvation's treasure,

His blessing, and ascended up to With wbat rapture shall I sing

With deep sorrow filled, Hallelujah to my King.

They upwards gazed, [traced

Then to Jerusalem their steps re1238.* T. 119.

With inward joy.
O WHAT joy, :Il:

2 When he in like manner
O what joy awaiteth me;
I rejoice in expectation,

Shall be returning, That I in my flesh shall see

His church on earth will change her Him, the God of my salvation,

grief and mourning And behold the Lord in endless bliss,

To songs of praise. As he is. :/:

3 This bright prospect fills us 2 Yea, Amen, ::

With joy unbounded, Pardon'd sinners, here rejoice That we the Lord, who for our sins In this hope and consolation,

was wounded, Till we shall with sweeter voice

Shall once behold.

T. 58.

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