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4 Jesus, thou art my King,

6 The Holy Ghost he sends To me thy succour bring;

Our stubborn souls to move, Christ, the mighty One, art thou, To make his enemies his friends, Help for all on thee is laid ;

And conquer them by love.
This thy promise claim I now,
Send me down the promis'd aid.

7 The love of sin departs,

The life of grace takes place, 5 Triumph and reign in me, Soon as his voice invites our hearts And spread thy victory;

To rise and seek his face. Sin, and death, and hell control,

8 The world and Satan rage, Pride, and self, and every foe;

But he their power controls;
All subdue, thro' all my soul
Conquering and to conquer go.

His wisdom, love, and truth engage

Protection for our souls.
T. 97.

9 Tho' press’d, we need not yield, THOU reign'st above on heaven's But shall prevail at length; throne,

For Jesus is our sun and shield, The Father's equal, God the Son; Our righteousness and strength. The Holy Ghost to us displays

10 Assur'd that Christ our King Thy majesty and boundless grace, And in the Scriptures clearly doth We on the field of battle sing,

Will put our foes to flight, explain, [deemedst man.

And triumph while we fight. That thou, Lord, madest and re2 With awe & reverence 'fore thee,


T. 595. And at thy name we bow the

JESUS, my Lord, my God, knee,

The God supreme thou art, As all, in earth and heaven, join The Lord of hosts, whose precious

To extol thy majesty divine, Is sprinkled on my heart. [blood And thee, to God the Father's glory, call


2 Jehovah is thy name; The great Jehovah, mighty Lord of And thro' thy blood applied,

Convinc'd and certified I am, 238. T. 595. There is no God beside. PREPARE a thankful song

3 Soon as the Spirit shows To the Redeemer's name;

That precious blood of thine, His praises should employ each The happy, pardon'd sinner knows tongue,

It is the blood divine. And every heart inflame.

4 Yea, only he who feels, 2 He laid his glory by,

My Saviour for me died, And dreadful pains endur'd, Is certain, that the Godhead dwells That rebels, such as you and I, In Jesus crucified. From wrath might be secur'd.

240. 3 Upon the cross he died,

T. 14. Our debt of sin to pay ;

ALL glory to the Saviour's name, The blood and water from his side Let angels prostrate fall; Wash guilt and sin away.

Bring forth the royal diadem,

And crown him Lord of all. 4 And now he pleading stands

For us, before the throne; 2 Ye saints in glory, who with joy And answers all the law demands,

Have left this earthly ball, With what himself hath done, Your most triumphant songs employ,

Extol the Lord of all, 5 He sees us willing slaves To sin and Satan's power;

3 Children of God, who walk by But with an outstretch'd arm he Ye ransom'd from the fall, [faithi saves,

Show forth your dear Redeemer In his appointed hour.

Confess him Lord of all. [deat

T. 68.

T. 96.

4 Let every tribe and every tongue 6 A patient, a victorious mind,

That hear the Saviour's call, That, life and all things cast behind, Unite in one harmonious song, Springs forth obedient to thy call; And hail him Lord of all.

A heart that no desire can move,

But still to adore, believe, and love, 241. T. 595.

Give me, my Lord, my Life, my All. HOSANNA to the Son

243.* Of David, and of God, [down,

JESUS, who with thee Who brought the news of pardon

Can compared be? And seal'd it with his blood.

Source of rest and consolation, 2 To Christ, the anointed King, Life, and light, and full salvation. Be endless blessings giv'n;

Son of God, with thee Let the whole earth his glory sing

None compar'd can be. Who made our peace with heaven. 2 Life, thou diedst for me,

From all misery 242.*

And distress me to deliver, JESUS, thou source of calm repose, And from death to save for ever: Thy like, nor man, nor angel knows,

I am by thy blood,

Reconcil'd to God.
Fairest among ten thousand fair;
E'en those, whom death's sad fetters 3 Highest King and Priest,

Prophet, Lord, and Christ, Whom thickest darkness compass'a Thy dear sceptre is embraced round,

By me at thy feet abased : Find light and life, if thou appear. I choose Mary's seat

At thy holy feet. 2 Effulgence of the light divine, Ere rolling planets knew to shine,

4 Nigh to thee draw me,

Give me faith on thee Ere time its ceaseless course began :

To depend, and daily bolder

[come, Thou, when the appointed time was Cast all misery on thy shoulder, Didst not abhor the virgin's womb,

Which I feel in me: But, God with God, wast man

Draw me nigh to thee. with man.

5 Grant me steadiness,

Lord, to run my race, [der, 3 The world, sin, death oppose in Following thee with love most ten

So that Satan may not hinder Thou by thy dying death bast slain;

Me by craft or force:
My great deliverer and my God:

Further thou my course.
Against thee vain is Satan's rage,
In vain doth hell its powers engage,

6 By thy Spirit's light Nought can withstand thy con

Me instruct aright, quering blood.

That I watch and pray with fervour

Trusting thee, my soul's preserver: 4 Lord over all, sent to fulfil

Love unfeign'd, O Lord,
Thy gracious Father's sovereign will, Unto me afford.
To thy dread sceptre will I bow;

7 Give me courage good, With duteous reverence at thy feet,

That my wealth and blood Like humble Mary, lo, I sit;

I for thee could spend, my Saviour, Speak, Lord, thy servant heareth Hating world and sin for ever; now.

Since for me, my God, 5 Renew thine image, Lord, in me; Thou didst shed thy blood. Lowly and gentle may I be; (dear: 8 When I hence depart,

No charms but these to thee are Strengthen thou my heart, No anger may'st thou ever find, And into thy realms convey me, No pride in my unruffled mind, In thy righteousness array me, But faith and heaven-born peace That at thy right hand be there.

Joyful I may stand.

vain ;


T. 341. 245. T. 581.
O DAY-SPRING from on high, CHRIST, whose glory fills the skies,
In mercy hear my cry:

Christ, the true, the only light, See the travail of thy soul,

Sun of righteousness, arise,
Saviour, and be satisfied:

Triumph o'er the shades of night: Rule in me without control; Day-spring from on high, be near; May I ever thine abide.

Day-star, in my heart appear. 2 Jesus, who art the Tree

2 Dark and cheerless is the morn, Of immortality,

Unaccompanied by thee; Feed this tender branch of thine;

Joyless is the day's return, By thy influence I shall thrive:

Till thy mercy's beams I see: Thou, the true, the heavenly Vine,

Till they inward light impart,
Grafted into thee I live.

Glad my eyes, an

warm my heart.

3 Visit, then, this soul of mine, 3 Of life the Fountain thou;

Pierce the gloom of sin and grief; I know, I feel it now: Faint and dead no more I droop;

Fill me, Radiancy divine,

Scatter all my unbelief: Thou reviv'st me, thy supplies, More and more thyself display, Every moment springing up,

Shining to the perfect day.
Unto life eternal rise.
4 Thou the good Shepherd art; 246. T. 249.
From thee I'll never part:

WE bow before thy throne,
Thou, my Keeper and my Guide,
Watch me still with tender care,

Jesus, : 11: and thee alone

Our God and Saviour own, Gently lead me by thy side, While pilgrims here on earth we are, Kindly in thy bosom bear.

We to thy courts will oft repair, 5 Thou art my daily Bread,

To offer prayer and praise:
O Christ, thou art my Head;

O God of grace,
Countless benefits on me

Thy saving name we bless.
As thy body's member flow:

2 Again we raise the strain, Nourish'd I and fed by thee,

Worthy : 11: the Lamb once slain, Up to thee in all things grow. For evermore to reign: [more,

Thee, Christ, God bless'd for ever6 Prophet, to me reveal

Our lips confess, our hearts adore: Thy Father's perfect will:

Honour and majesty
Never mortal spake like thee;

Be given to thee
Lord, may I by thee be taught,

Now and eternally.
May I listen eagerly
To thy words with comfort

T. 22.

COME, worship at Immanuel's feet ; 7 High-priest, on thee I call,

Behold in him what wonders meet : Thy bloud aton'd for all :

Words are too feeble to express Thou dost still in heaven above

His worth, his glory, or his grace. As the Lamb once slain appear; There remember me in love, 2 He is the Head; each member Plead for me a sinner there.


And owns the vital power he gives; 8 Jesus, thou art my King,

The saints below, and saints above, Praises to thee I sing:

Join'd by his Spirit and his love. Kept by thy almighty hand, Saviour, who shall pluck me 3 He is the Vine; his heavenly root thence?

Supplies each branch with lite and Faith supports, by faith I stand, O may a lasting union join

[fruit : Strong in thy omnipotence. My soul to Christ, the living Vine.


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4 He is the Rock; how firm he proves; May we in every station, The Rock of ages never moves: Enjoy thy great salvation, But the sweet streams that from And walk as in thy sight.

him flow,
Attend us all the desert through. 2 Lord, let us be increasing
5 He is the Sun of righteousness,

In love and knowledge too;
Diffusing light, and joy, and peace: And with delight unceasing
What healing in his beams appears, Thy bright example view:
To chase our clouds and dry our tears. Thus may we daily savour
6 Yet faintly to us mortals here

Thy matchless grace and favour,
His glory, grace, and worth appear:

And all thy purpose do.
His beauties we shall clearly trace,
When we behold him face to face.

3 O shed abroad, Lord Jesus,

Thy love in us, we pray;
T. 125.

And let its influence gracious THOU Maker of each creature, Our thoughts and actions sway:

The Father's arm and might, Thus in the path proceeding,
Thou rulest o'er all nature,

To life eternal leading,
In thine own name and right. We shall thy word obey.


T. 203.


T. 58. COME, Holy Ghost, come, Lord our GOD, Holy Ghost, in mercy us preGod,


[swerve; And shed thy heavenly gifts abroad That we from Jesus' doctrine never On us, and unto every heart Guide us, till, to finish our race perTrue faith and fervent love impart: mitted, O Lord, who by thy heavenly light, To Jesus' presence we shall be adHast call'd thy church from sinful mitted: Have mercy, Lord.

night, Out of all nations, tribes, and places;

2 O grant us thy divine, thy saving To thee we render thanks & praises: That we may understand Christ's

light, Hallelujah. :/:

mind aright; 2 Thou Light divine, most gracious That we may in Jesus abide for ever, Revive us by thy holy word, [Lord, who gain'd a place in heaven for And teach thy flock in truth to call

each believer: On God, the Father of us all :

Have mercy, Lord. From all strange doctrines us pre

3 Thou Source of love, God Holy serve, No other master may we serve,

Ghost, inspire

[fire: But Christ, who is our only Saviour; Our lifeless souls with love's celestial In him we will confide for ever: May we, as Christ's members, be

Hallelujah. :ll: join'd together

In unity, and truly love each other: 3 O Holy Ghost, kind Comforter,

Have mercy, Lord. Help us with watchfulness & prayer, 'Midst various trials thee to obey, 4 O thou our highest comfort in all And never from the truth to stray: need, [death may dread; O Lord, by thy almighty grace, Grant, that we neither shame nor Prepare us so to run our race, Yea, if call’d to suffer hard persecuThat we by thy illumination

tion, May gain heaven's glorious habita- 1o give us grace to stand without contion:

Hallelujah. :// fusion: Have mercy, Lord.

T. 4.


7 May our heavenly Father's love,

Jesus' great compassion, O SPIRIT of grace,

And thy patience, ever prove
Thy kindness we trace,

Our strong consolation.
In showing to us, [Christ's cross. 8 Amen, Lord God, Holy Ghost,
That life and salvation proceed from Endless thanks and praises
2 In darkness we stray'd,

Give to thee the ransom'd host,
Until we were led

In the name of Jesus.
By thee to believe, [receive.
That Jesus, our Saviour, will sinners

253. T. '14. 3 Our hearts thou didst cheer, COME, blessed Spirit, gracious Lord, Dispelling all fear;

Thy power to us make known; We humbly could claim (name.

Strike with the hammer of thy word, Salvation and pardon in Jesus' dear

And break each heart of stone. 4 Grant us to obey

2 Give us ourselves and Christ to Thy teaching, we pray,

In this our gracious day; [know, O Spirit of love, (to prove. Repentance unto life bestow, And thankful to thee forthy mercies Christ's pardoning love displa 5 We wish to afford

3 Convince us first of unbelief, To Jesus our Lord,

And freely then release; For his bitter pain, (chosen train. Fill every soul with sacred grief, Joy, honour, and glory, 'midst his

And then with sacred peace. 6 O therefore impart

4 Show us our poverty, relieve Thyself to each heart,

And then enrich the poor; That thus we may show,

The knowledge of our sickness give, In our whole behaviour, that Jesus The knowledge of our cure. we know.

5 A blessed sense of guilt impart,

And then remove the load; 252.*

Trouble, then lead the troubled heart

To Christ's atoning blood.
HOLY Ghost, thou God and Lord
Of thy congregation,

254. T. 14. We to thee with one accord

O HOLY Ghost, eternal God, Pay our adoration.

Descending from above, [blood, 2 For thy teaching, heavenly Guide, Thou fill'st the soul through Jesus' O accept our praises;

With faith, and hope, and love. Have we thee, we're well supplied With good gifts and graces.

2 Thou comfortest the heavy heart,

By sin and grief oppress'd; 3 Thou explainest unto us

Thou to the dead dost life impart, Jesus' incarnation,

And to the weary, rest. And how he upon the cross

3 Thy sweet communion charms the Purchas'd our salvation.

soul, 4 Thou dost fill with gospel light And gives true peace and joy ; Every land and nation,

Which Satan's power can ne'er conAid'st thy witnesses with might Nor all his wiles destroy. (trol, Under tribulation.

4 Let no false comfort lift us up 6 Us to Jesus thou hast brought; To confidence that's vain;

O preserve us ever [wrought, Nor let their faith and courage droop, In the faith which thou hast Who love the Lamb once slain.

Through thy grace and favour. 5 Breathe comfort where distre 6 Grant, that we may never lose,

abounds, Till our dying moment,

O make our conscience clean ; The rich comfort which to us And heal, with balm from Jes

Flows from Christ's atonement. The festering sores of sin. (woulu

T. 9.

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