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The RANSOMED of the LORD jhall return, and come to Zion with Songs.

ISAIAH. And they sang as it were a New Song before the

Throne--and no Man could learn that Song, but the REDE MED. ·



Printed & Sold by Luckman & Suffield, Broadgate.
Sold also by J. MATHEws, in the Strand, London;

and by all other Bookfellers.

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HE Collection of Spiritual Songs,

which is now presented to the Public, is not intended to fupersede Dr. Watts's Psalms and Hymns, in any congregation, but to serve as a Supplement to them: The praise of those incomparable works, has long been great in the British Churches, and will probably continue so to be, while any relish for evangelical truth, or experimental religion, remains.

Indeed, a considerable part of them must have become useless, not to say obnoxious, in those congregations where the new fcbeme has been adopted, or Arian and Socinian Hercsics imbibeil. For the doctrines of Man's APOSTASY FROM GOD--THE ATONEMENT AND RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST--THE PROPER DIVINITY OF OUR SAVIOUR,



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and THE WORK OF JEHOVAH THE SptRIT, are uniformly maintained in them; though disdained and exploded by a fet of men in this day, who arrogantly assume the title of rational Dissenters.

But the persons for whose use this Collection is formed, are content with the old religion--the religion of the Reformation--the religion of the Bible. They look upon the peculiar doctrines of the Gospel, not as matters of fpeculation merely, but as effential to faith, comfort, and holiness. They consider the praise of Christ, their atoning facrifice, and their redeeming God, as a grand and delightful part of religious worship, in their present militant state ; and what they hope will be their eternal employment in the heavenly world.

Since the death of Dr. Watts, seve. ral eminent and pious authors, animated by his exaniple and success, have contributed to enlarge and enrich our fund of sacred poetry : Among these are the tefpectable names of Doddridge, Newton.


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Hart, Wesleys, Cowper, Toplady, and Cennick. From their publications, chiefly, the following Hymns are selected. Some are taken from anonymous writers, and a few were never printed before. The initial letter of the author's name (when known), is affixed to each Hymn, except where the Editor has taken the liberty of making such alterations as affected the sense.

To enjoy the labours of such excellent writers-to introduce a larger variety of musical measures and tunes-to do this at a small expence—and without laying aside Dr. Watts, were motives for compiling this volume, and publishing it as a Supplement.

May He, who inspires, hears, and accepts the praises of Zion, smile on the attempt, and make it useful to serious Christians of all denominations.


G, B.

Nov. 20, 1784.

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