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The Cherubim or. Figure of the great romance.

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The Christian Covenant in Hieroglyphicks. and the Origin of all such among the Heathens .

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The Hebrew Writings perfect.
Alterations by Rabbies forged.

The Evidence for the SCRIPTURES;

That Christianity was exhibited to Adam; Invisibles by Visibles, past and to come by Types ;

By Cherubim, Urim, Tumim, Sacrifice, Cloud, &c.
That Jews and Gentiles understood them ;
That Tradition was of the Things typified.
That though they understood the Tradition,
Even of the Covenant before the World,

They had perverted the Intent of it.
That the Alterations and Stories of the Jews, .
After they had lost their Types and Hebrew;

Are not Traditions, but studied Evasions,
To Expositions of inspired Chriftians, & c.

And to support their Apostacy.
That the Grammatical Formation of the Hebrew,

Which is descriptive, so gives proper Names,
Cannot admit VOWEL POINTING;
Nor Mr. MASCLE F's Method.

By 7 11. uteliste

LONDON: Printed for J. HODGES, at the

Looking-Glass over against St. Magnus's Church, Lon-
don Bridge. 1749.


Tappan Presb. Ass 3-22-1933




Alterations by RABBIES


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2 the Evidence they give, and the Deductions which may naturally be drawn from them; by which I am able to supply the seeming Defects which appeared, by the Translations, to be in the Sacred Writings of Mofes. I shall endea


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vour,. in this, to make some amends and, as my other Writings are very concise, where there seems need of an Addition, I shall insert it; and I shall endeavour to open the Nature of the Sacred .Writings, which, in Divine Matters, are taken from borrowed Ideas, in order to make them and mine better understood.

I have often been teized by Friends, to explain things, before the Root, from whence they took their Institution, or the Cause of their Usage or Practice was Thewed.

I have shewed many great things apart; I must now shew their Concurrence or Connection, their Dependance upon each other. Our Reasoners will not be fatiffied without the Rationale. I have hitherto made no use of Reasoning; Let us try if we cannot, by Reason, force Men into the Christian Religion.

There are five sorts of Men among us, upon whom no great Success can be expected, till they reform themselves. I. Men who pretend to be directed by the Scriptures, but never learn to read and understand them. 2. Men who allow the Scriptures only to be read, and construed, as the apostate Jews have pointed and explained them. 3: Men who pretend the


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