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prophet. Nathan commanded of God to forbid

David's building the house. Blessings promised

to his posterity. David's prayer and thanksgiving 39

Sect. X. David subdues the Philistines, the Moabites,

,,;. and other enemies of Israel 43

Sect. XI. David shews great kindness to Mephibo-

sheth, Jonathan's son 47

Sect. XII. David sends ambassadors to Hanun king of

the Ammonites. They are ill-treated. A war

ensues. Great advantages obtained over the

Syrians 60

Sect. XIII. David causes Uriah, the husband of Balh-

sheba, to be slain in battle. He takes Bathsheba

to be his wife. Nathan the prophet sent to re-

prove David for his wickedness. David repents

with deep contrition 62

Sect XIV. David's child is struck with sickness. Da-

vid's lamentation. His resignation to the will

ofGod 69

Sect. XV. David subdues the Ammonites 62

Sect. XVI. Absalom, one of David's sons, kills his bro-

ther Amnon. He flees from David. Joab at

length prevails on David to receive him 64

Sect. XVII. Absalom forms a conspiracy against his

father. David flees from Jerusalem 68

Sect. XVIII. David goes up mount Olivet weeping.

Ahhhophel joins with Absalom. Hushai follows

David, but by his desire goes to Absalom 73

Sect. XIX. Ziba the servant of Mephiboshetb, by

deceit obtains the inheritance of his master.

Shiuiei curses David . ^ 78

Sect. XX. Hushai defeats the counsels of Abithophel.

Amasu is made general instead of Joab by Absa-

lom .... 84

Sect. XXI. Succours are brought to king David. He
gives a charge concerning his son Absalom."
Absalom is hanged in an Oak. Joab kills him.

The king laments his death ."... 00



Sect. XXII. Joab reproves the king for his immoder-

ate grief. D'.ivid ceases to lament the death of

Absalom. He returns to Jordan, and is met by

the tribe of Judah 96

Sect. XXIII. The king pardons Shimei. He passes

over Jordan 102

Sect. XXIV. A contest between the tribes concerning

conducting the king to Jerusalem. A rebellion

ensues. David returns to his house. Mephibo-

sheth meets the king and is reconciled 104

S-ct. XXV. Amasa made general by David. He is

slain by Joab. Sheba slain. The rebellion

quelled 107

Sect. XXVI. A famine in Israel on account of the

Gibeonites. Wars with the Philistines 110

Sect. XXVII. David numbers the people. A pesti-
lence ensues. David purchases the threshing-
floor of Oiian. He builds an altar there. The

^pestilence is stopped 115

Sect. XXVIII. David makes preparations towards
building the temple. He instructs Solomon his
son concerning it, and gives a charge to the

princes 119

Sect . XXIX. Adonijah proclaimed king by Abiathar.
Nathan the prophet, by David's command,'anoints
Solomon and proclaims him. The people accept

, him. Adonijah (lees to the altar ]£3

Sect. XXX. David makes preparations towards the

temple. Commands Solomon to build it. Charges

the princes to assist him. Solemn sacrifices of-

fered „. 130

Sect.. XXXI. David gives a charge to Solomon his son

and dies 137

Sect. XXXII A retrospective view of the life of king

David as the man after God's own heart 142

Sect. XXXIII. Solomon begins his reign. Adonijah

is put to death. Abiathar is removed from the high

priest's office. Joab put to death. Shimei slain., 147

A 3 Stat.

PAG ft

Sect.'XXXlV. Solomon's sacrifices at Gibeon. Bis

dream. He prays for wisdom. ...... 153

Sect. XXXV. Solomon's instructions concerning the

value of wisdom 161

Sect. XXXVI. Solomon's wise judgment between two

women 163

SecUXXXVlI. Solomon's greit wisdom. His princes.

The daily provisions of his household. The ex-

tent of his kingdom. His wonderful power and

riches « ........ .... 165>

Seet. XXXVIII. Hiram, king of Tyre, sends to con-
gratulate Solomon. They make an alliance.... 16ft

Sect. XXXIX. The building of Solomon's temple... 173

Sect. XL. The dedication of the temple 17*

Sect. XLI. Solomon's prayer at the dedication of the

temple. He blesses the congregation. The

Lord sends fire from heaven .. 184

Sect. XLII. The Lord gives a testimony of his accept-

ing Solomon's prayer. Solomon appoints the

courses of the priests, &c 196i

Sect. XLHl. Solomon builds a house for himself. The

house of Lebanon. The house for his queen,

Pharaoh's daughter. His throne, &e........... 198

Sect. XLIV. The queen of Shcba pays a visit to Solo-

mon. His great wisdom, power, and riches .... 203

Sect. XLV. Solomon multiplies wives to himself. He

Worships idols. God threatens to rend the king-

dom from his son. A prophet in the name of

the Lord gives ten tribes to Jeroboam. Solomon

dies 206

Sect. XLVI. The Israelites assemble to crown Reho-

boam the son of Solomon. Ten tribes revolt to

Jeroboam, and make him king over Israel. Reho-

boam reigns over Judab. War betwixt the di-

vided kingdoms ..^... 214

Seet. XLVII. The reign of Jeroboam king of Israel.

He sets up two golden calves. He offers incense.

His hand is withered, but restored on bis repent-




Mice. Ahijah prophecies destruction to the

house of Jeroboam. 232

Sect. XLVHI. The reign of Abijam king of Judah.

War between him and Jeroboam. The Lord

assists Abijam 22&

Beet. XLIX. The reigns of Nadab and Baaslia, kings

of Israel. They sin against the Lord. A prophecy

against the house of Baaslia 232

Sect. L. The reign of Asa king of Judah. He is

helped of the Lord. He makes a league with

Benhadad king of Syria. A prophet sent to re-

prove him 235

Sect. LI. The wicked reigns of Elah, Zimri, and Omri 242

Sect. LII. The beginning of the reign of Jehoshaphat

king of Judah. The Lord helpeth him....... . 245

Sect. LIII. The beginning of the reign of Ahab king

of Israel; and the history of Elijah the prophet.

Ahab marries Jezebel; and brings idols into

Jerusalem. Elijah sent to him to prophesy that ,

there would be a drought. Elijan fed by ravens

at the brook Cherith 247

Sect. L1V. Elijah commanded to go to Zerephath.

He meets with a widow. Her barrel of meal and

cruse of oil are multiplied. She sustains the pro-

phet. Her son is restored to life 250

Sect. LV. Elijah is sent to Ahab to foretel rain. He
assembles the people of Israel, and the prophets
of Baal, to prove who is The God. The pro-

phets of Baal slain 258

Sect. LVI. Rain sent. Jezebel seeks to kill Elijah.
He flees to Bethsheba. He desponds. An angel
comforts him. The Lord reveals himself by a
small still voice. Elijah is sent to anoint Jehu
to be king, and Etisha to be a prophet. Elisha

. -follows Elijah 2G6-

Sect. LV1I. Benhadad king of Syria makes war

against Ahab. The Syrians defeated 273

Sect. LVIII. i The Syrians return and are again de-

'ftated, Ahab desires the vineyard of Naboth.



Jezebel causes Naboth to be put to death. Elijah

prophesies the destruction of Jezebel, and the

whole house of Ahab 275

Sect. L1X. Ahab and Jehoshaphat form an alliance.

False prophets deceive Ahab- Micaiah prophe-

sies against them. He is imprisoned. Ahab slain 280

Sect. LX. Jehoshaphat reproved for making alliance

with Ahab. He brings the people back to their

duty, and reforms the corruptions of public

worship 287

Sect. LXI. Jehoshaphat makes an alliance with Aha-

ziah king of Israel. They send trading vessels to

Tarshish and Eziongeber 280

Sect. LXII. The wicked reign of Ahaziah king of

Israel. His fall from a lattice. Elijah prophe-

sies his death. Elijah calls for fire from heaven

upon those who were sent to destroy him. Aha-

ziah dies 290

Sect. LXIII. Elijah the prophet taken up to heaven in
a fiery chariot. Elisha receives his mantle.
Succeeds him in his prophetic office 205

Sect. LX1V. Elisha heals the waters of Jericho. He

is mocked by the children of Bethel. They are .

slain by bears 302

Sect. LXV. The beginning of the reign of Jehoram,

or Joram. king of Israel. He makes an alliance

with Jehosliaphat king of Juduh. They go

against the Moabites 305

Sect. LXVI. The conclusion of the reign of Jehosha-

phat king of Judah. A great victory over the

Moabites and Ammonites. A solemn thanks-

giving. Jehoshaphat dies .''310

Seot. LXVII. Naamau the Syrian general goes to
Elisha the prophet. He is cured of his leprosy.
Gehnzi the servant of Elisha is struck with

leprosy 316

Sect. LXV1II. The reign of Jehoram king of Israel

continued. Beu-hadad king of Syria seeks to


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