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Holy Ghost will be ours, and these are some of the things that cause us to believe God is pleased with us, and that we are His children.

But we want another witness. This is our own,-like Enoch, we want one from God. And if our own spirit does bear witness that we are the children of God, does not the Spirit of God bear witness also,—thus with our spirit making two witnesses, by whose mouth the thing is established. Does not the Holy Ghost testify, that if you have the Spirit of adoption, whereby you are led to yearn after God as your Father, and to breathe forth your earnest desires to Him, that then this cometh of God, who hath adopted you and sealed you with His Holy Spirit ? And if, casting away all other hopes, you have learnt to call Jesus your Lord and your God, and to say, in Him have I righteousness and strength, does not the Holy Ghost testify that “no man can say that Jesus is the Lord but by the Holy Ghost," and thereby you have testimony that you are“ accepted in the beloved,” and are pleasing God? And if in any degree you are bringing forth the fruit of the Spirit, — and above all, that one contrary to nature, “Love,” is not this God's witness ? And is not each promise of Scripture, spoken by the Holy Ghost for the comfort of poor sinners, who have fled for


refuge to lay hold of Christ, also a distinct testimony from God that such sinners are objects of His love, His care, His tenderness; which love, which care, and which tenderness are those of an “everlasting Father ?” This testimony then have those who are like Enoch, walking with God.

Now such, like Enoch, shall have a blessed end. They shall not altogether escape that part of death which is implied in giving up the spirit.

But “surely the bitterness of death is past.” One has tasted it for them. One who gained the victory over “him who had the power of death,” hath said and will

back from His word, “ Verily, verily, I say unto you, if a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.” There is no such thing as death to the believer. When he comes to the time of his departure, and that shadow comes over him so like death, he finds he doth not die but sleep. So Stephen “fell asleep.” So other saints are " them that sleep in Jesus.” If a man walks with God in this life, is it likely God would leave him when he comes to that strange and dark part of the road he has never gone before, and which from its name and former power is fearful ? No: God holds fast the hand of those who walk with Him in the time when their spirit is departing

not go

from the flesh, as much as when they are together. When saints are seen walking with God here, then when they have finished their course, “they are not, because God takes them.” They “ are not,” to their friends here, but they are with Christ, which is far better. “O death! *where is thy sting? O grave ! where is thy victory ? The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law; but thanks be unto God that giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. xv. 55–57.)

O Reader, is this your end of which we are speaking ? Shall you not see death? Is it to you among those things of which the Apostle speaks and says, “All things are your’s...... life or death, things present or things to come ; all are your's, and ye are Christ's and Christ is God's ? ” (1 Cor. iii. 22.) To know your end you must know your

“To die is gain," if “to live is Christ.” Are you walking with God? First, do you see Him who is invisible? We have to do with godly things, and yet not walk with God. Judas followed closely in Christ's footsteps, but knew not God. Do you get through ordinances unto God, and not stop short at the outward means of


We may


Next, do


lean on His arm as you pass through this wilderness ?

Do you trust Him to guide you ?

To give you a sufficiency of things temporal ? To keep you from things hurtful?

Do you hold close communion with Him ? Do you

shut your door, and pray to Him that seeth in secret ? Do


listen to His teaching, reading, marking, and dwelling upon what He says in His word?

And for all these things do you seek, and depend on, and rejoice in the righteousness, the wisdom, and the strength of Him who is

way, the truth, and the life ? ”

- the


O God ! how great is the privilege of walking with thee! A sinful worm of the earth, with an Almighty, All-Holy God! And yet how slow am I to seek this privilege ! God ! forgive

Draw me, and I will run after thee. Make me to thirst after the living God. Teach me to enjoy thy presence here. Raise my desires to thee, and fix my affections on thee. Reveal thyself in such a way to me that all my desires may be after thee. Lord, I beseech thee, show me thy glory. Let me see thee in the person of Jesus Christ. Cause me to choose thee as my portion. I am tempted to walk after my own desires, but do thou, by thy Spirit, make thy will mine. I am tempted to walk after the course of this world, but do thou make the things of faith more to me than the things of sight.


Lord, when I cease to walk with thee in this world, may I walk in thy house of glory above. Translate me, that I may be with thee where thou art and behold thy glory, through Jesus Christ. AMEN.

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