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Communications have been received from the Revds. R. C. Holland, John
Stokoe, P. T. Gilton, A. Lynn, J. Addyman, C. Hibbert, J. Candelet, W. Hughes,
and J. Bensley; also from Messrs. W. G. Denham, Josiah Bates, T. Jarvis,
Thos. Turner, T. Brocas, W. Thompson, Jos. Stanley, James Sheddon, Thos.
Ford, D. Oldham, H. Munroe, W. Albutt, T. Prosser, R. Nall, J. Medicraft,
J. Ramsden, and S. Williams.

We beg again to refer our readers to the Editor's Address on the Cover, and
respectfully entreat our Ministers, Local Preachers, and Leaders, to interest them-
selves in promoting an increase in the sale of both Magazines for the present year.
Let the subject be brought before our people, not only in the pulpit and in social
intercourse, but in our class meetings, leaders', and quarterly meetings ; and these
measures, combined with the adoption of other suggestions in the Address, will
result in an increased circulation.

The communications from Mr. Brocas, Mr. Earnshaw, and other correspondents,
have been unavoidably postponed in consequence of a press of matter. We may
state, for the information of our correspondents, that our rule for the insertion of
Memoirs and Obituaries is, to allow precedence, not according to the time when
the deaths occur, but according to the date of their being furnished to our hand.
Strange to say, we have some Memoirs sent from sixteen to twenty months after
the decease of the friends; and then the Memoirs come with an earnest request from
the writer that they may appear within the month of their arrival.

Memoir of the Rev. R. Waller.-It is probable that a volume

will be pablished, comprising the Life and Remains of our departed Brother.

Friends, therefore, who have letters from him on spiritual subjects, are respectfully

requested to hand them to the Editor of the Magazines, at his address, Albion

Place, Shelton, Staffordshire.

The Mission.-The respected Treasurer of the Mission begs to acknow-

ledge with thanks the receipt of the following remittances since our last issue :-

£ s. d.

November 23rd. Mr. J. F. Grant, Newcastle ............

8 18 2
December 4th. Mr. J. Dean, Ashton ...............................

21 00

9th. Mr. B. Fowler, Liverpool ..................

12 4 5

16th. Mr. W. Hopwood, Longton ......................... 35 0 0
16th. Mr. Uglow, Truro ... ora invinsi

.. 2 17 3
22nd. Mr. T. Allin, Hanley ......................................... 30 0 0

£109 19 10
TO There are still TWENTY-TWO CIRCUITS which have not remitted one penny,
and among these we see the names of some where we know the ability resides, and
where it is probable there is money in hand. A moment's consideration would

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