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New Code Reading Books.


Adapted to the Requirements of the New Code, 1871.

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1. SEE

the pret


ty doves, how fond they seem to be of

each oth-
er. We ought to love

like them.
2. All men are brothers, for
God is the FATHER of us all. If

men do not love each other, they cannot please GOD, for GOD IS LOVE.

3. All men do not think or feel alike, but we should not hate those that do not think or feel as we do. We should love them, and prove to them, by our own kind acts and holy lives, that we are the children of GOD.

4. To show our love to men, we must be kind to them at all times, in our thoughts, and words, and deeds. We should help them in time of need. We should do them no wrong at any time. We should not hate them even for

their faults, but pity them and pray to God for them.

5. Boys and girls at school should love each other. They should not tease each other, speak ill, call names, or tell tales.

In their sports they should play fair, be kind, and good, and try to make all around them happy.



bleach sheathed

fuel earrings

mortar zinc railways 1. STONES and Rocks are used to build with. CHALK and LIME are used to make mortar and to bleach with. SLATE is used for the roofs of houses. Flint and sand and soda are used to make glass. Clay is used to make cups, and plates, and mugs.

Salt is used with food.

2. Gold and SILVER are used to make many things, and are coined into money. Some spoons and forks are made of silver. Earrings are made of gold. Ships are sheathed with copper. Many things are made of tin, and lead and zinc are used for roofs of houses and for water pipes.

3. IRON and STEEL are made into nails, bolts, bars, files, locks, keys, and all sorts of tools. Some ships and the metals on railways are made of iron. *Coal is used for fuel and to make the gas, with which the streets are lighted.



effect thought teach union break untie heart affection divide easy prey

weakest enemies 1. An old man had five sons, who very often used to quarrel with each other, and, by so doing, made the old man very unhappy.

2. He tried all the means in his power to make them live in peace, but without effect; at last, he thought of a plan to teach them the value of union.

3. One day he sat himself down at his cottage door, and called all his sons before him. He then ordered a bundle of sticks to be brought to him, which he had strongly bound together by cords.

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