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He fatisfies our Mouth with Good,
And fills our Souls with heav'nly Food,
Let the whole Earth his Pow'r confefs,
Let the whole Earth adore his Grace :
The Gentile with the Jew shall join
In Work and Worship fo divine.



The Same.
Y Soul repeat his Praise,

Whole Mercies are so great,
Whole Anger is so flow to rile,

So ready to abate.
High as the Heav'ns are rais'd

Above the Ground we tread;
So far the Riches of his Grace

Our highest Thoughts exceed. The Pity of the Lord,

To those that fear his Name, Is such as tender Parents feel :

He knows our feeble Frame.

Our Days are as the Grass,

Or like the Morning Flow'r ; If one sharp Blaft sweeps o'er the Field,

It withers in an Hour.

But thy Compassions Lord,

To endless Years endure ;
And Children's Children ever find

Thy Word of Promise sure.

Η Υ Μ Ν Χ.
God's Goodness to his people.
THE Lord supplies his People's Need,

Jehovah is his Naine ;
In Paftures fresh he makes them feed

Beside the living Stream.
He brings their wand'ring Spirits back,

When they forsake his Ways,
And leads them for his Mercy's Sake,

In Paths of Truth and Grace.
When they walk thro' the Shades of Death,

His Presence is their Stay ;
A Word of his supporting Breath

Drives all their Fears away.
His Hand in Sight of all their Foes.

Doth still their Table fpread;
Their Cup with Bleflings overflows,

His Oil anoints their Head.

The fure Provisions of our God,

Attend us all our Days :
may his House be our Abode,
And all our Work his Praise !

H Y M N. XI.

Morning Worship.
Lord, how many are our Foes,

In this weak State of Flesh and Blood! Our Peace they daily discompose,

But our Defence and Hope is God.

[9] Tir'd with the Burthens of the Day,

To thee we rais’d an Ev'ning Cry; Thou heard'ft when we began to pray,

And thine Almighty Help was nigh. Supported by thine heav'nly Aid,

We laid us down and slept secure; Not Death 1hould make our Hearts afraid,

Though we should sleep and rise no more. But God sustain'd us all the Night!

Salvation doth to God belong :
He rais'd our Head to see the Light,
And he shall have our Morning Song.

The Same.
ISE our Souls to praise the Care

Of Jesus true and good;
Sing to him whose Robes appear

As newly dipt in Blood : By his Pow'r we live to see

The Dawning of another Day; Farther favour'd may we be,

When here no more we stay.


O may we in Righteousness,

In Jesu's Arms awake !
And the Joys the Saints possess,

With them ere long partake :
With our common Father fit,

And in his heav'nly Kingdom praise, (Bowing down before his feet)

The Riches of his Grace,


Η Υ Μ Ν . ΧΙΙΙ. .

The Same.
YOME, let us adore

The Lord's gracious Hand, (Our Great Governor)

Who gave a Command And Charge to his Angels

To watch round our Bed, To guard us from Evils,

From Dangers and Dread. Our Shepherd alone,

The Lord let us bless,
Who reigns on his Throne

The Prince of our Peace;
Who ever more saves us
By Theding his Blood

; All hail, holy Jesus,

Our Lord and our God! We daily will fing

Thy Merits, thy Praise, Thou merciful Spring

Of Pity and Grace : Thy Kindness for ever

To Men we will tell; And say our dear Saviour

Redeeins us from Hell. Preserve us in Love,

While here we abide; Nor ever remove,

Nor cover, nor hide, Thy glorious Salvation ;

Till joyful we see

The beautiful Vision
Compleated in thee.

The Same.
YHRIST, whose Glory fills the Skies ;

Son of Righteousness arise,

Triumph o'er the Shades of Night;
Day-Spring froin on high be near,
Day-Star in our Hearts appear.
Dark and chearless is the Morn,

Unaccompany'd by thee;
Joy less is the Day's Return,

Till thy Mercy's Beams we see,
Lord, thy inward Light impart,
Glad our Eyes, and warm each Heart.
Visit ev'ry Soul of thine,

Pierce the Gloom of Sin and Grief,
Fill with Radiancy divine,

Scatter all our Unbelief : More and more thyself display, Shining to the perfect Day.


Evening Worship.
HE Saviour who kept us To-day,

The Lamb who takes our Sins away,
Our thankful Souls shall bless,
Thou worthy art, O Son of God,
Of endless Praise; for in thy Blood

Saints sweetly rest in Peace.


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