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We late were Satan's Captives led,

And Heil had been our End,
Had'st thou not for our Pardon bled,

7 hou Sinners only Friend,
Thou Sinners only Friend,

Thou Sinners only Friend.
For this we ne'er will hold our Tongue,

Nor shall our Praises cease ;
We everinore will fing that Song,

The Lord our Righteousnels,
The Lord our Righteousness,
The Lord our Righteousness.

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No other God we know but thee,

None else did us create ;
Thy Glory may we ever be,

O holy Advocate,
O holy Advocate,
O holy Advocate.

'Twas thou, 'twas only thou didst take

The Mediator's Place,
When we the Father's Statutes brake,

All hail thou Prince of Peace !
All hail thou Prince of Peace !
All hail thou Prince of Peace !

We daily prove thee ftill the same,

Where'er our Need we fee :
Tho'u bearest still a Saviour's Name,

Our Saviour thou shalt be!
Our Saviour thou shalt be!
Our Saviour thou shalt be!

No Law, .nor Sin, nor Hell, nor Death,

Shall us from thee divide ;
Strongly we hold that precious Faith,

For us our Saviour dy'd,
For us our Saviour dy'd,
For us our Saviour dy'd.

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Η Υ Μ Ν ΙΙ..

The Pilgrim's Song.
ISE, my Soul, and stretch thy Wings

better Portion trace ; Rile from transitory Things,

Tow'rds Heav'n, thy native Place, Sun, and Moon, and Stars decay,

Tiine shall soon this Earth remove ; ; Rife, my Soul, and haste away

To Scats prepar’d above.

Rivers to the Ocean run,

Nor stay in all their Course ; Fire ascending seeks the Sun,

Both speed them to their Source; So a Soul that's born of God

Pants to view his glorious Face, Upward tends to his Abode,

To reft in his Embrace,

Cease, ye Pilgrims, cease to mourn,

Press onwards to the Prize ; Soon our Saviour will return Triumphant in the Skies :

Yet a Scafon, and you know,

Happy Entrance will be given; All our Sorrows left bclow,

And Earth exchang’d for Heaven.


Calling to follow Jesus.
YOME, my Father's Family,

Ye ransom'd of the Lord;
Come, ye Sinners, who with me

Are ev'ry where abhor'd : Let us gladly trace' his Steps,

Who suffer'd Death among the Jews, Who the friendless Soul accepts,

Whom a!! bcfide refuse.

Jefus, the despis’d and mean,

Our Master let us own;
He the Sacrifice for Sin,

The Saviour he alone :
Let us take and bear his Cross,

Defpis'd Disciples let us be ;
Mock'd and slighted, as he was

For you, my Friend, and me.

NO but Jesus will we sing,

None elle will we adore :
He our Prophet, Priest, and King,

Shall be for ever more :
None among the heav'nly Pow'rs,

Nor one on Earth our Praise may claim, None but Jesus call we ours,

None but the bleeding Lamb.

Η Υ Μ Ν 1V.

The Same.

Join in publihing his Fanie;


Let the whole Society
Sing our Saviour's Clemency.
Who like us so favour'd are?
We the Lord's peculiar Care ;
We the precious Sons of God,
Dearly purchas?d by his Blood.

Who can make their Boaft like us
Who hath e'er been honour'd thus ?
We can boast, for we are made
Kings and Priefts in Christ our Head.

Jesus (when we all were poor).
Out of Love's eternal Store,
Gave to each of us a Crown,
Gave us Manfions on his Throne:

Neither leave us desolate,
While we're in our Pilgriin State ;,
Here he talks with us, and we
Hin by Faith's Perspective fee.

Him we commune with by Pray’rs,
Well persuaded he us hears ;
Sure we do not pray

in vain, He kind Answers gives again.

Best of Friends the Lord we prove,
He ne'er changes in his Love;

Faithful, gracious, good, the fame.
Find we is our Lord the Lamb.

Evermore we fing to thee, :
High exalted Deity;
Bless we thee, eternal Son,
Glory be to thee alone!



CHRIST our great Melchisedec.
HOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb,

We love to hear of thee;
No Music like thy charming. Name,

Ne'er half so sweet can be..
O inay we ever hear thy Voice,

In Mercy to us speak,
And in our Priest will we rejoices,

Thou great Melchisedec,

Our Jesus shall be still our Theme,

While in this world we stay, We'll sing our Jesu's lovely Name,

When all Things else decay: When we appear in yonder Cloud,

With all his favour'd Throng, Then will we fing more sweet, more loud,

And Chrift shall be our Song.



Peace of God's Children.
OVING Saviour, Prince of Peace,
Author of our Unity,

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