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Making Wars and Jarrings ceafe,
Caufing Men, tho' Foes, t' agree,
Kindly rule in us ;
Make us happily go on,
Helping each to bear his Crofs,
Stedfaft 'till our Work is done.

Let us like a Flock of Sheep,

Clofe together perfevere, True by one another keep,. Each efteeming very dear,,

Altogether move : Truly fubject be the whole, Bound in Bands of trueft Love, One in Heart, in Mind, and Soul.

May we all one Faith maintain,
One fole Doctrine witness too,
Chrift the Lord our God was flain
Slain for
us, and this is true,
He will ours abide :

He will our dear Portion be,
He who on Mount Calvary dy'd,
Jefus, Jefus, only he?

Strive we who fhall love thee moft,
Who fhall moft in Faith excell,
Who can of the Saviour boaft,
Who can moft of Jefus tell:
This employ us all :
Daily this contend we for,
Daily 'till the Lamb fhall call,
Profp'ring daily more and more..

Let us Hand in Hand proceed,
Little loving Children be,.

Dead to Sin, to all Things dead,
But alive, dear Lamb, to thee
So continue firm :


While beneath us thou wilt lay.
Thy eternal out-ftretch'd Arm,
'Till we wake in endless Day..



HYMN Sitting under CHRIST'S Shadow.. LOOD of Jefu's Wounds, how good, Sounds it in our Ears and Hearts! Nothing, furely, like that Blood, Can fuch folid Blifs impart ; Oh 'tis moft divine! Weary Sinners hither fly, Laden with their crimson Sin, This blots out the dreadful Dye,

You who have the Law obey'd,

You who Righteoufnefs t' attain,,,
Earneftly by Works affay'd,
But have found your Strife in vain

Turn you to Christ's Blood.
Thither look, and you no more
Shall lament an abfent God,
Nor your dreadful State deplore..

Whofo after Reft enquires,

Let him to this Blood approach;
Whofo truly Peace defires,
Jefu's Blood affordeth much;:
Be perfuaded then;
Lift ye up your down-caft Eyes,
See the Saviour bleeding, flain;
There thy Reft, poor Sinner, is..

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Here may we take up our Place,
Here for ever happy be;
Here wrap up our blushing Face,
Seeking nought befide to fee!
Here we now fit down,
Trufting in his Blood, and prove
What the Lord for us hath done;
Who can fully tell his Love?

Te Deum, or Song of Praise.


E fing to thee, thou Son of God, Who fav'd us by thy Grace; We praife thee, Son of Man, whofe Blood Redeem'd our fallen Race.

We thee acknowledge God and Lord,
Father, ere Time began;

Thou art by Heav'n and Earth ador'd,
Worthy o'er both to reign.

To thee all Angels cry aloud,
Thro' Heav'n's extended coafts ;
Hail, holy, holy, holy God
Of all immortal Hofts!

The Cherubim and Seraphim
Are always praising thee;
The Worlds and all the Pow'rs therein
Adore thy Majefty.

The Prophets goodly Fellowship,
In milky Garments drefs'd,
Praife thee Thou holy God, and reap
The Fulness of thy Reft,

Th' Apoftles' glorious Company
Thy righteous Praise proclaim;
The martyr'd Army glorify
Thy everlasting Name.

Thro' all the World thy Churches join T' acknowledge thee the Head; Father of Majefty divine,

Who ev'ry Pow'r has made.

Alfo thy true and only Son,
Thy Family confefs;
King of thy Saints, to us made known,
The Lord our Righteousness.

Alfo the Holy Ghoft we praife,
The Spirit of the Lord,
The Comforter, whose kindling Rays
Our dying Souls reftor'd.



Holy Strife in praifing CHRIST.

Seed rife,

Daughters of Zion, fing: Up, Sons of Jacob, Jefus praife, Salute th' aufpicious King.

Our Souls arife, and may our Tongue
Be tun'd to praise the Lamb!
So ready be our ransom'd Throng
To magnify his Name.

Why ftay we then? the Lord extol ; Zion, break forth in Praise;

Join ev'ry beavenly minded Soul
In pure feraphic Lays.

Open ye everlafting Doors,
Divide ye Gates of Blifs,
We with Dominions, Thrones and Pow'rs,
Praife Chrift our Righteousness.


The Same.


ET us, the Sheep by Jefus nam'd, Our Shepherd's Mercy blefs; Let, us whom Jefus hath redeem'd, Shew forth our Thankfulness.

Not unto us, to thee alone,
Blefs'd Lamb be Glory giv'n!
Here fall thy Praifes be begun,
But carried on in Heav'n.

The Hofts of Spirits now with thee
Eternal Anthems fing,

To imitate them here, lo! we
Our Hallelujahs bring.

Had we our Tongues like them infpir'd,
Like theirs our Songs fhould rife,
Like them we never should be tir'd,
But love the Sacrifice.

'Till we the Veil of Flesh lay down, Accept our weaker Lays:

And when, O Lord, we reach thy Throne, We'll join in nobler Praife.


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