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'Pilgrim's Hymn, a Dialogue.


ELL us, O Women, we wou'd know Whither fo faft ye move? We, call'd to leave the World below, Are feeking one above.

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Whence came ye, fay, and what the Place
That ye are trav'lling from?
From Tribulation, we thro' Grace,
Are now returning Home.

Is not your native Country here ?
Like you not this abode?
We feek a better Country far,
A City built by God.

Thither we travel, nor intend
Short of that Blifs to reft;
Nor we, 'till in the Sinners Friend
Our weary Souls are bless'd.

Friends of the Bridegroom we shall reign,
Saviour, we ask no more;
Hail Lamb of God, for Sinners flain,
Whom Heav'n and Earth adore!



Refting under the Crofs.

HILDREN of Ifr'el, fee what Shade
The Crofs doth us afford;


It was for weary Trav'llers made,
We thank thee for it, Lord.

A while fit down, and we'll prepare
To fing his worthy Fame ;.
Who to redeem us fojourn'd here,
Chrift Jefus is his Name.

We fing thy Suff'rings, Wounds, and Blood,
The Virtue of thy Pain:
We fing thy Griefs, thou dying God,
Thou Lamb for Sinners flain.

We hail thee, thou by Jews revil'd,
To thee we bow the Knee :
Hail! very God, the promis'd Child,
The Prophets fang of thee.

While others praise an unknown God,
We each will fing of thee;
Jefus has wash'd me in his Blood,
And lov'd and dy'd for me.


General Praise to CHRIST.
NCE flaughter'd, now exalted Lamb,
We fing to thy eternal Name,
The whole Affembly join:
To yonder Harper's Harp we tune
Our folemn Songs, and round the Throne
We fing the Man divine.

Our poor unmeet Society,
Mix with the happy Company
Of Chriftians gone before;
And as they blefs Meffiah's Blood,
We imitate their Song, and God,
The holy Lamb adore.

Brethren and Sifters all agree
To fing he lov'd and dy'd for me;
I thank him for his Grace;
Quickly thy Chariot, Lord, fend down,
To bear us to the wish'd for Throne,
Where we may fee thy Face.

Or if thou here would'ft have us stay,
A longer Space, lo! We obey;
Only let us be fure

That Heav'n is ours, die when we will,
And let thy Sp'rit be with us ftill,
And we'll defire no more.



Privileges of God's Children.

LESSED are the Sons of God, They are bought with Chrift's own Blood, They are ranfom'd from the Grave, Life eternal they fhall have.

God did love them in his Son,
Long before the World begun ;
They the Seal of this receive,
When on Jefus they believe.

They are juftify'd by Grace,
They enjoy a folid Peace;
All their Sins are wafh'd away,
They shall stand in God's great Day.

They produce the Fruits of Grace,
In the Works of Righteoufnefs!
They are harmless, meek, and mild,
Holy, humble, undefil'd,

They are Lights upon the Earth,
Children of a heav'nly Birth;
Born of God, they hate all Sin,
God's pure Seed remains within.

They have Fellowship with God, Thro' the Mediator's Blood; -One with God, with Jefus one, Glory is in them begun.

Tho' they fuffer much on Earth,
Strangers quite to this World's Mirth,
Yet they have an inward Joy,
Pleasure which can never cloy. .

They alone are truly bleft,
Heirs of God, joint-heirs with Chrift;
With them number'd may we be,
Here, and in Eternity!



Peace of Christianity, in a Dialogue.

O Pilgrims (if ye Pilgrims be)
We want to join with you :
Poor Chriftian-Travellers are we,
To Canaan's Land we go.


No Peace (tho' we have fought) we find ! In any Country here;

'Twas therefore we left all behind, Wealth, Name, and Character.

We ne'er fuch Pleasure knew before,
As now in him we know !

Peace (fince our Saviour's Cross we bore)
Like Rivers in us flow.

Let others then delight them here,
Their Trifles we despise;
The heav'nly Kingdom we prefer,
The Blifs of Paradise.

Then joyful let us journey on
To certain Reft above;
Singing to him on yonder's Throne
Of free electing Love.


Glorifying God in CHRIST.



RETHREN fing-'tis right you fhou'd,
Sing our Saviour's precious Blood :
Daughters of Jerufalem,
Join we willingly the Theme.

Shout for Joy, ye happy Men,
Lo! for you the Lamb was flain;
Highly favour'd Women, praife,
Jefus in celeftial Lays.

Hail, redeeming Lamb, who late
Suffer'd Death without the Gate;
Hail for by thy Death and Cross,
Thou haft purchas'd Heav'n for us.

None but Jefus will we fing,
None but Jefus, Ifr'el's King;
None but Jefus will we laud,
None but Christ our Lord and God.

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