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Werthy, holy Lamb, art thou,
Praise to have, and Honour too;
Worthy thou of Blifs and Pow'r,
Now, henceforth, and evermore.


Heavenly Joy on Earth.

NOME we that love the Lord,
And let our Joys be known,
Join in a Song of fweet Accord,
And thus furround the Throne.


The Sorrows of the Mind
Be banish'd from the Place;
Religion never was defign'd

To make our Pleasures lefs.

The Men of Grace hath found
Glory begun below;
Celestial Fruits, on earthly Ground,
From Faith and Hope may grow.

The Hill of Zion yields
A thousand facred Sweets,
Before we reach the heav'nly Fields,
Or walk the golden Streets.

Then let our Songs abound,
And ev'ry Tear be dry,
We're marching thro' Iminanuel's Ground
To fairer Worlds on high.



The Wisdom of GOD Foolishness with

Haft often cover'd from the Wife,
And Babes thy Glory fhew'd;
Thy Wisdom far furpaffes all
That ftudious Mortals Wifdom call,,
Thou holy Lamb of God..

The natʼral Man can't right conceive
The glorious Things which we believe,,
How thou did'ft us redeem;


The Things thy Spirit teaches
The Merits of thy Blood and Crofs,
Are Fooliflinefs to him.

They this World's Wifdom feek and gain,,
That Wisdom which thou calleft vain,
are Strangers ftill

But oh
To that which makes our Spirits wife,
And fets before our waiting Eyes
What is our Saviour's Will.

Thrice happy then are we, who prove
The Peace of God, his Truth, and Love!
Things freely to us giv'n;
Thefe Earnefts are of greater Blifs,
The Earneft of that Happiness
Which we fhall have in Heav'n,

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The Triumph of FAITH.
EAD of the Church triumphant"?
We joyfully adore thee;
'Till thou appear,
Thy Members here,


Shall fing like thofe in Glory.
We lift our Hearts and Voices
With bleft Anticipation,
And cry aloud,
And give to God

The Praife of our Salvation..

While in Affliction's Furnace,
And paffing thro' the Fire,

Thy Love we praise,
Which knows our Days,
And ever brings us nigher.
We clap our Hands exulting
In thine Almighty Favour,

The Love divine,
Which made us thine,

Shall keep us thine for ever.

Thou doft conduct thy People
Thro' Torrents of Temptation,
Nor will we fear,

Whilft thou art near,

The Fire of Tribulation.

The World with Sin and Satan
In vain our March opposes;
By thee we shall
Break thro' them all,
And fing the Song of Mofes.

By Faith we fee the Glory,
To which thou fhalt reftore us,
The Crofs defpife
For that high Prize,,
Which thou haft fet before us..
And if thou count us worthy,
We, each, as dying Stephen,
Shall fee thee ftand
At God's right Hand,'

To take us up to Heav'n.


The Same.


EJOICE, the Lord is King! Your Lord and King adore, Mortals give Thanks and fing, And triumph evermore : Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice, Kejoice, again I fay, rejoice.

Jefus the Saviour reigns,

The God of Truth and Lore, When he had purg'd our Stains, He took his Seat above: Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice, Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice.

His Kingdom cannot fail,

He rules o'er Earth and Heav'n, The Keys of Death and Hell Are to our Jefus giv'n : Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice,, Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice..

He fits at God's right Hand
'Till all his Foes fubmit,
And bow to his Command,

And fall beneath his Feet:
Lift up your Heart, lift up your Voice.
Rejoice, again I fay, rejoice.

Rejoice in glorious Hope, Jefus the Judge shall come, And take his Servants up To their eternal Home : We foon shall hear th' Arch-Angel's Voice, The Trump of God fhall found Rejoice!




Little Children, love one another. IVER of Concord, Prince of Peace, Meek Lamb-like Son of God, Bid our unruly Paffions ceafe, O quench them with thy Blood.

Us into clofeft Union draw,
And in our inward Parts,
Let Kindness fweetly write her Law,
Let Love command our Hearts.

CO let thy Love our Hearts conftrain,
Jefus the Crucify'd!

What haft thou done our Hearts to gain,
Languifh'd, and groan'd, and dy3d!

Who would not now pursue the Way
Where Jefu's Footsteps fhine?
Who would not own the pleafing Sway,
Of Charity divine?

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