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Is there a Thing beneath the Sun,
That strives with thee my Heart to share ?
Ah tear it thence, and reign alone,
The Lord of ev'ry Motion there :
Then shall my Heart from Earth be free,
When it has found Repose in thee.

O hide this Self from me, that I
No more, but Chrift in me may live!
My vile Affections crucify,
Nor Jet one darling Luft survive,
In all Things nothing may I fee,
Nothing defire, or seek, but thee.
Oh Love! thy sovereign Aid impart,
To save me from low-thoughted Care;
Chace this Self-will thro' all my Heart,
Thro' all its latent Mazes there,
Make me thy duteous Child, that I
Ceaseless may, Abba, Father cry.
Each Moment draw from Earth away,
My Heart that lowly waits thy Call;
Speak to my inmoft Soul, and say,
I am thy Love, thy God, thy All!
To feel thy Pow'r, to hear thy Voice,
To taste thy Love be all my Choice.


Adoring Jesus.
Come let us join,

Together combine,
To praise our dear Saviour our Maller divine.

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Him let us adore,

Who cover'd with Gore, Late hanged on Calv'ry, both wounded and

(poor. He worthy is bless'd,

By Spirits at reft, Who once in this Desert, his Godhead confess?d.

The heav'nly Spheres,

Who saw him in Tears,
Yea, ev'ry strong Angel his Person reveres.

The Prophets who told

His Suft'rings of old, Sing now sweet Thanksgiving on Pfalt'ries of

(Gold. The Fathers to whom

He shew'd he would come, Now in his Pavilion, take up their long Hoine.

The Spirits of Men,

Who for him were llain, Froin Abel the Righteous, share now in his

(Reign. The Apostles who stood,

Refitting to Blood,
For Jesus's Gospel, rejoice in their God.

The Confeffors too,

Them proftrating low, Caft down their bright Mitres, and thankfuily

(bow. O Church of the Lamb, Here met do the same,

(Name. With Saints, and with Angels, bless Jesus's

My Soul bear a Part,

For ransom'd thou art,
By Jesu's Blood-shedding, lis Burial and


To him that was slain,

The scorn'd Nazarene,
Be Glory and Honour, let all say Amen.

J U D G M E N T.
O he cometh ! countless Trumpets,


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'Midít ten thousand Saints and Angels,

See the Crucified thine.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Welcoine, welcoine, bleeding Lamb ?
Now his Merit, by the Harpers,

Thro' th' eternal Deep resounds :
Now resplendent fhile his Nail-prints,

Ev'ry Eye shall see his Wounds
They who pierc'd him, they who pierc'd him,

(they who pierc'd him,
Shall, at his Appearing wail.
Ev'ry Island, Sea, and Mountain,

Heav'n and Earth, thall flee away;
All, who hate him,, must, ashamed,

Hear the Trump proclaim the Day.
Come to Judgment, come 10 Judgment, come

(to Judgment Stand before the Son of Man.

Saints, who love him, view his Glory,

Shining in his bruised Face, His dear Perfon on the Rainbow,

Now his People's Head shall raise. Happy Mourners, happy Mourners, happy

(Mourners, Lo, in Clouds, he comes, he comes.

Now Redemption, long expected,

See in folemn Pomp appear ; All his people, once despised;

Now shall meet him in the Air, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Now the promis’d Kingdom's come.

View him smiling, now determin'd

Ev'ry Evil to destroy ;
All the Nations now shall sing him

Songs of everlasting Joy.
O come quickly! O come quickly! O come

(quickly! Hallelujah! come, Lord, come.


Christ our Great High Priest,

Good High Prieft is come,

Supplying Aaron's Place, And taking up his Room,

Dispensing Life and Grace:

The Law by Aaron's Priesthood came,
But Grace and Truth by Jesu's Name.
My Lord a Priest is made,

As sware the mighty God,
To Ifr'el and his Seed,

Ordain'd to offer Blood.
For Sinners who his Mercy seek,
A Priest, as was Melchifedec.

He once Temptations knew,

Of ev'ry Sort and Kind,
That he might Succour fhew

To ev'ry tempted Mind;
In ev'ry Point the Lamb was try'd
Like us, and then for us he dy'd.
He dies, but lives again,

And by the Altar ftands;
There shews how he was slain,

And op'ning his pierc'd Hands.
He 'bides a Priests and pleads our Cause,
Transgressors of his righteous Laws.
I other Priests disclaint,

And Laws and Offerings too;
None but the bleeding Lamb

The mighty Work can do:
He shall have all the Praise, for He
Alone, me loy'd, and dy'd for me.

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