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In this forlorn Condition,

Who shall afford us Aid ! Where shall we find Compaflion,

But in the Church's Head !
Jesus thou art all Pity,

Oh take us to thine Arms,
And exercise thy Mercy

To save us from all Harms,

We'll never ceafe repeating

Our numberless Complaints, But ever be entreating

The glorious King of Saints, 'Till we attain the Image

Of him we inly Love,
And pay our grateful Homage

With all the Saints-above.

Then we'with all in Glory,

Shall thankfully relate,
Th' amazing pleasing Story

Of Jesu's Love so great!
In this bleft Contemplation

We shall for ever dwell;
And prove such Consolation,

As none below can tell..

Leaning on the Beloved,
Y most indulgent Saviour,

I long thy Love to find,
To triumph in thy Favour,
And know thy Spirit's Mind':'


This Grace to me be givin,

I nothing more request ! I ask no other Heav'n

Then leaning on thy Breast.... The Place of John I covet

More than a Seraph's Throne. i. To rest in my beloved

And breathe. my final Groan. For
On thee alone relying

To lose ny Sin and Pain; isted
And on thy Bosom dying
My Life eternal gain.

5 1.3 Then I with all in Glory

Shall thankfully relate,
Th’amazing pleafing Story

Of Jesu's Love fo great:
In this blest Contemplation,

May I for 'ever dwell, And share such Consolation, As none below can tell.


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HAT shall we render unto thee,

Thou glorious Lord of Life and Pow'r?
Teach us to bow the humble Knee,
Teach us with Thankfulness t'adore,
To praise thee as thy Saints above,
To praise thee for thy wondrous Love.
When like loft Sheep we wander'd wide,
and left the watchful Shepherd's Eye;

When borne along th' impetuous Tide
Of this World's Sin and Vanity :
Then Jesus from the Heav'ns came down,
To save us by his Grace alone.

He bore our Sing upon the Tree,
To seek and save the Loft he came,
There was he bound to set us free,
From Death and everlafting Shaine ;
The captive Flock from Hell was freed,
And ransom'd when their Shepherd bled.

Before the Father's awful Throne,
Our merciful High-Priest yet stands,
And interceeding for his own,
The purchas'd Remnant now demands ;
His People's everlasting Friend,
Who loving-loves them to the End !
May we his banish'd Ones rejoice,
Him for our Lord and God to own,
To take him as our only Choice,
And cleave to him in Love alone;
Still growing up in Holiņess,
'Till callid to meet in Realms of Bliss.
Then shall our grateful Songs abound,
And ev'ry Tear be wip'd away,
No Sin, no Sorrow shall be found,
No Night o'ercloud the endless Day,
O praile him! all beneath, above!
O praise him ! praise the God of Love !


Before Sermon. OW begin the heav'nly Theme, Ye who Jesu's Kindness prove, Triumph in Redeeming Love. Ye who see the Father's Grace, Bearning in the Saviour's Face, As to Canaan on ye move, Praise and bless Redeeming Love, Mourning Souls, dry up your Tears, Banislı all your guilty Fears, See your Guilt and Curfe remove, Cancell’d by Redeeming Love. Ye, alas ! who long have been Willing Slaves of Death and Sin; Now from Bliss no longer rove, Stop--and taste Redeeining Love. Welcome all by Sin oppreft, Welcome to his facred Reft, Nothing brought hini from above; iT! Nothing but Redeeming Love.

IST He fubdu'd thi' infernal Poivers,

10? ) Tlore tremendous Foes of ours,

inj, ;:' From their cursed Empire drore, SA

17 Mighty in Redeeming Love.

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Hither then your Music bring,
Strike aloud each chearful String,
Mortals join the Hofts above,
Join to praise Redeeining Love.

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Panting after Jesus.
THOU Shepherd of Isr'el divine,

The Joy of the Upright in Heart,
For closer Cominunion they pine,
Still, still to refide where thou art ;
The Pasture, O! when shall we find,
Where all, who their Shepherd obey,
Are fed on thy Bosoin reclin'd,
Are fk reen'd from the Heat of the Day.

Ah ! fhew us that happiest Place,
That Place of thy People's abode,
Where Saints in an Extaly gaze,
And hang on a crucify'd God :
Thy Love for loft Sinners declare,
Thy Pallion and Death on the Tree,
Our Spirits to Calvary bear,
To suffer and triumph with thee.

'Tis there with the Lambs of thy Flock,
There ly we'd covet to reft,
To lie at the Foot of the Rock,
Or rife to be hid in thy Breast;
'Tis there we would always abide,
And neyer a Moment depart,
Conceald in the Cleft of thy Side,
Eternally held in thy Heart.

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