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Giving up the Heart to the Lord.
AKE my poor Heart, just as it is,

Set up therein thy Throne ;
So Thall I love Thee above all,

And live to thee alone,


That I may,

Compleat thy Work, and crown thy Grace,


prove, And listen to that finall still Voice,

Which only whispers Love :
Which teaches me what is thy Will,

And tells ine what to do ;
Which covers me with Shame, when I

Do not thy Will pursue.

This Unction may I ever feel,

This Teaching from my Lord, And learn Obedience to thy Voice,

Thy Soul-reviving Word !


HY MN LXXIV. Praising the Glory of the Grace of God.

RACE, how exceeding sweet to those

Who feel they Sinners are !
Sunk and diftreft, they taste and know

Their Heav'n is only there!
Thus Grace, free Grace most sweetly calls,

“ Directly come, who will;
" Just as you are; for Christ receives

- Poor helpless Sinners ftill ;"

We thirst, O Lord ! give us each Day,

To taste more of this Grace ; More of that Stream, which from the Rock

Flow'd thro' the Wilderness

Where'er eternal Life is given,

This Thirst the same will be! The Heart will after Jesus pant

To all Eternity.

'Tis Grace alone that feeds our Souls,

Grace keeps us inly poor;
And, Oh ! that nothing else but Grace

May rule for evermore!


Infinitely condescending Love, L

OVE brought down God's dear only Son

Into a Virgin's Womb,
Love nail'd him to th' accursed Tree,

And laid him in a Tombi

Thro' ev'ry Action, suff'ring too,

The Law of Kindness reign’d, Love op'd those gaftly Wounds throl which

His precious Life was drain'd.

Love took him to his Father's Throne,

There to prepare us Room,
And Love will bring him down again,

To fetch us to his Homs.

ON of God! thy Blessing grant,

Still supply our ev'ry Want,
Tree of Life thine Influence shed,
With thy Sap our Spirits feed !
Tend'reft Branch, alas! am I,
Wither without thee, and die ;
Weak as helpless Infancy-
O confirm our Souls in thee !

Unfuftain'd by thee we fall!
Send the Strength for which we call !
Weaker than a bruised Reed,
Help we ev'ry Moment need.

All our Hope on thee depend,
Love us ! save us to the End !
Give us the continuing Grace
Take the everlasting Praise !

Christ the Believer's Refuge.
N ev'ry Trouble harp and strong,

My Soul to Jesus flies,
My Arichor-hold is firm in him,

When swelling Billows rise.
His Coinforts bear my.Spirits up,

I trust a faithful God,
The fure Foundation of my Hope,

Is in a Saviour's Blood.

Loud Hallelujah's fing my Soul

To thy Redeemer's Name,
In Joy, in Sorrow, Life and Death,

His Love is still the same.


2 Kings X. 15. Before Sacrament.

C My Companion and Friend,

: To taste of the Banquet above ; .

If thine Heart be as mine,

If for Jesus it pine,
Come up into the Chariot of Love.

Who in Jesus confide,

They are bold to outride,
The Storms of Affliction beneath:

With the Prophet they foar

To the heav'nly Shore,
And outfly all the Arrows of Death

By Faith we are come

To our permanent Home,
By Hope we the Rapture improve;

By Love we still rise,

And look down on the Skies, For the Heaven of Heavens is Love!

Who on Earth can conceive,

How happy we live, In the City of God the great King !

What a Concert of Praise,

When our Jesus's Grace,
The whole heavenly Company fing

What a rapturous Song,

When the glorify'd Throng In the Spirit of Harmony join ;

Join all the glad Choirs,

Hearts, Voices, and Lyres, And the Burden is Mercy divine !

Hallelujah they cry,

To the King of the Sky, To the great everlafting I AM!

To the Lamb that was sain,

And liveth again,
Hallelujah to God and the Lamb !

HYMN Lxxix.

The Same.
Aithful Bridegroom, holy Lamb !

By thy Church beloved,
Manifest thy sweetest Name,

To each Heart approved.


Crown this Ordinance of thine

With a solemn Blessing ; Let our Feast be all divine,

Each thyself pofseffing !

Let thy Flesh afford us Food,

Ev'ry Grace to strengthen : Let our Drink be Jesu's Blood,

Nature's Pow'r to weaken.

Cause that bleeding Sacrifice

Once for Sinners given, To appear before our Eyes,

Earnest of our Heaven !

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