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Daily would


ftretch the Wing, Here to fly, and thus to sing.



CHRIST All in All.
'VE found the Pearl of greatest Price,

My Heart doth' sing for Joy :
And sing I must, a Chrift I have,

O what a Christ have I !

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My Christ, he is the Lord of Lords,

He is the King of Kings;
He is the Sun of Righteousness

With Healing in his Wings.
Christ is my Meat, Chrift is my Drink,

My Phylic, and my Health ;
My Peace, my Strengih, my Joy, my Crown,

My Glory, and my Wealth,
Christ is my Father and my Friend,

My Brother, and my Love;
My Head, my Hope, my Counsellor,

My Advocate above.
My Chrift he is the Heaven of Heaven,

My Christ what shall I call ?
My Christ is firit, my Christ is last,

My Christ is All in All.

All Glory to the God of Love,

One God in Persons Three;
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghosty

One cqual Glory be.

11 Y M N XCI.

The Same.
Y God, my Life, my Love,

To thee, to Thee I call, cannot live if thou remove, For thou art All in All.

Thy fhining Grace can cheer,

This Dungeon where I dwell; 'Tis Paradise when thou art here,

If thou depart, 'tis Hell.

The Smilings of thy Face,

How amiable they are ? 'Tis Heaven to rest in thine Embrace,

And no where else but there,

To thee, and thee alone,

The Angels owe their Bliss ; They fit around thy gracious Throne,

And dwell where Jefus is. Not all the Harps above

Can make a heav'nly Place, If God his Residence remove,

Or but conceal his Face :

Nor Earth, nor all the sky,

Can one Delight afford ; No, not a Drop of real Joy,

Without thy Presence, Lord.

Thou art the Sea of Love

Where all my Pleasures roll,

The Circle where


Paffions move
And Centre of my Soul. ,

To thee my Spirits Ay

With infinite Desire,
And yet how far from thee I lie;

Dear Jesus raise me nigher.

CHRIST Precious to a Believer.
ESUS, I love thy charming Name,

'Tis Music to my Ear;
Fain would I found it out so loud,

That Earth and Heav'n might hear.

Yes, thou art precious to my Soul,

My Transport, and my Trust; Jewels to thee are gaudy Toys,

And Gold is fordid Duft,

All my capacious Pow'r can wish

In thee inoft richly meet; Nor to my Eyes is Life so dear,

Nor Friendship half so sweet. O may thy Grace ftill cheer my Heart;

And shed its Fragrance there ! The nobleft Balm of all its Wounds,

The Cordial of its Care.

I'll speak the Honours of thy Name

With my last lab’ring Breath : When Speechless, claip thecin my Arms,

My Joy in Life and Death!


HY MN XCIII. Christ our Righteousness. ESU, thy Blood and Righteousness,

My Beauty are, my glorious Dress, 'Midft faining Worlds in these array’d, With Joy Niall I lift up my Head. When from the Duft of Death I rise, To claim my Mansion in the Skies; Ev'n then shall this be all my Plea,

Jesus liath Liv'd, liathi Dý'd for ine." Bold shall I stand in that great Day, For who ought to my Charge shall lay? Fully thro' thee absolv'd I am From Sin and Fear, from Guilt and Shaine,

Thus Abraham, the Friend of God,
Thus all the Armies bought with Blood,
Saviour of Sinners thee proclaim :
Sinners, of whom the Chief I am.

This spotless Robe the same appears,
When ruin'd Nature links in Years ;
No Age can change its glorious Hue,
The Grace of Christ is ever new.

O let the Dead now hear thy Voice,
Now bid thy banish'd ones rejoice,
Their Beauty this, their glorious Dress,
Jefus, the Lord our Righteousness.



A divine Rapture.
PROM thee, my God, my Joys Mhall rise,

And run eternal Rounds,
Beyond the Limits of the Skies,

And all created Bounds.


The holy Triumph of my Soul,

Shall Death itself out-brave,
Leave dull Mortality behind,

And fly beyond the Grave.
There, where my blessed Jesus reigns, ,

In Heav'n's unmeasur'd Space,
I'll spend a long Eternity,

In Pleasure and in Praise.
Millions of Years my wond'ring Eyes

Shall o'er thy Beauties rove,
And endless Ages I'll adore

The Glories of thy Love. Sweet Jesus, ev'ry Smile of thine

Shall fresh Endearinents bring, And thousand Tastes of new Delight,

From all thy Graces spring. Hafte, my Beloved, fetch my Soul

Up to thy bless'd Abode : Fiy, for my Spirit longs to fee

My Saviour, and my God,

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