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God our only Happiness.

God, my Portion, and my Love,

My everlasting All;
I've none but thee in Heav'n above,

Or on this Earthly Ball.
What empty Things are all the Skies,

And this inferior Clod !
There's nothing here deserves my Joys,

There's nothing like my God.

In vain the bright, the burning Sun,

Scatters his feeble Light;
Tis thy sweet Beains create my Noon,

If thou withdraw, 'tis Night.

And whilft upon my restless Bed,

Amidst the Shades I roll ; If iny Redeemer shews his Head, 'Tis Morning with my


To thee we owe our Wealth and Friends,

And Health, and safe Abode :
We praise thy Name for all these Things,

But they are not my God.
How vain a Toy is glitt'ring Wealth,

If once compar'd to Thee!
And what's my Safety, or my Health,

Or all my Friends to me:
Where I Poffeffor of the Earth,

And call'a the Stars my own;

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Without thy Graces, and Thyself,

I were a Wretch undone. Let others stretch their Arms like Seasy

And grasp in all the Shore; Grant me the Vifits of thy Face,

And I defire no more.



A Sinner's Prayer.
OD of my Salvation, hear,

to believe : Simply would I now draw near,

Thy Bleffing to receive : Full of Guilt, alas, I am,

But to thy Wounds for Refuge flee; Friend of Sinners, spotlefs Lamb,

Thy Blood was shed for me. Standing now as newly llain,

To thee I lift mine Eye, Balın of all my Grief and Pain,

Thy Blood is always nigh : Now, as Yesterday the same,

Thou art and will for ever be, Friend of Sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy Blood was fhed for me, Nothing have I, Lord, to pay,

Nor can thy Grace procure, Empty send me not away,

For I thou know'ft, ain poor : Dust and Afhes is my Name,

My All is Sin and Misery; Friend of Sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy Blood was shed for me.

Without Money, without Price,

I come thy Love to buy; From myself I turn my Eyes,

The Chief of Sinners 1. Take, take me as I am,

And let ine lose myself in thee, Friend of Sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy Blood was shed for me.

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Setting at Jesu's Feet.
WEET the Moments, rich in Bleffing,

Which before the Cross I spend ;
Life, and Health, and Peace possessing,

From the Sinner's dying Friend. Here I'll fit, for ever viewing

Mercy's Streams in Streams of Blood : Precious Drops my Soul bedewing, Plead and claim


Peace with God.

Truly blessed is this Station,

Low before his Cross to lie : While I see divine Compassion

Floating in his languid Eye. Here it is I find my Heaven,

While upon the Lamb I gaze ; Love I much, I've much forgiven,

I'm a Miracle of Grace.

Love and Grief my Heart dividing,


Tears his Feet I'll bathe ;
Constant still in Faith abiding,
Life deriving from his Death.

May I still enjoy this Feeling,

In all Need to Jerus go ! Prove his Wounds caeh Day more healing,

And himtelf more deeply know.

Communion with J E SU S.
TOME, defcend, O heav'oly Spirit,

Fan each Spark into a Flame :
Bleffings let us now inberit,

Bleffings that we cannot name : Whilf Holannas we are finging,

May our Hearts in Rapture move : Feel new Grace in them ftill fpringing,

Breathe the Air of purest Love.

Let us fail in Grace's Ocean,

Float on that onbounded Sea, Guided into pure Devotion,

Kept from Paths of Error free : On thy heav'nly Manna feeding,

Screen’d from ev'ry envious Foe : Love, O Love for Sinners bleeding,

All for thee we would forego.

Keep us, Lord, still in Communion,

Daily nearer drawn to thee ; Sinking in the sweetest Union,

Of that Heart-felt Mystery : Keep us safe from each Dolufion,

Well protected from all Harins ; Free from Sin, and all Confufion,

Circle us within thine Aris.


Justification by Faith
AIN are the Hopes the Sons of Meng

On their own Works have builty
Their Hearts by Nature all unclean,

And all their Actions Guilt.


Let Jew and Gentile stop their Mouths

Wihoạta murm'ring Word, And the whole Race of Adam ftand

Guilty before the Lord,

In vain we ask God's righteous Law

To justify us now,
Since to convince, and to condemn,

Is all the Law can do.

Jesus, 'how glorious is thy Grace,

When in thy Name we trust! Our Faith receives a Righteousness

That makeş the Şinner just.

H Y M N C. This is the Victory that overcometh the

World, even our Faith,

O of this world's vain Store ;

The Time for such Trifles with me now is o'er,

A Country I've found,

Where true Joys abound' ; Todwell I'm determin’d on that happy Ground,

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