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Oh may we walk with growing Strength 'Till we all meet in Heav'n at length: 'Till all before Christ's Face appear, And join in nobler Worship there !

Offices of CHRIST,
OIN all the glorious Names

Of Wisdom, Love, and Power,
That Mortals ever knew,
That Angels ever bore :

All are too mean
To speak. his Worth,
Too mean to set
Our Saviour forth.

But, О what gentle Terms
What condescending Ways,
Doth our Redeemer use
To teach his heav'nly Grace !

My Soul, with Joy
And Wonder fee
What Forms of Love
He bears for thee.

Great Prophet of our God,
Our Tongues would bless thy Name !
By thee the joyful News
Of our Salvation came;

The joyful News
Of Sins forgiv'n,
Of Hell subdu'd,
And Peace with Heav'n..

Jesus our great High Priest,
Offer'd his Blood and dy'd;
Thou guilty Sinner feek
No Sacrifice befide :

His pow'rful Blood
Did once atone,
And now it pleads
Before the Throne.

Thou dear Almighty Lord,
Our Conqu’ror, and our King;
Thy Sceptre, and thy Sword,
Tly reigning Grace we fing,

Thine is the Pow'r;
O may we fit,
In willing Bonds,
Beneath thy Feet!



The Same. RRAY'D in mortal Flesli,

Chrift like an Angel ftands,
And holds the Promises
And Pardons in his Hands.

Cominiffion'd from
His Father's Throne,
To inake his Grace
To Mortals knoiyn,

Be thou our Counsellor,
Our Pattern, and our Guide!
And through this desert Land
Still keep us ncar thy Side !

0 let our Feet Ne'er run astray, Nor rove, nor seek

The crooked Way!
We'd hear our Shepherd's Voice,
Who's watchful Eye doth keep
Poor wand'ring Souls among
The Thousands of his Sheep.

He feeds his Flock,
He calls their Names
His Bosom bears
The tender Lambs.

To this dear Surety's Hands,
My Soul commend thy Cause,
He answers and fulfils
His Father's broken Laws :

Believing Souls
Now free are fet ::
For Christ hath paid
Their dreadful Debt.

Their Advocate appears,
For their Defence on high,
The Father bows his Ears,
And lays his Thunder by :

Not all that Hell.
Or Sin can say,
Shall turn his Hearts
His Love away.

Then let our Souls arife,
And tread the Tempter down;
Our Captain leads us forth
To Conquest and a Crown,

A feeble Saint
Shall win the Day,
Tho' Death and Hell
Obstruct the Way.

CHRIST our Wisdom, Righteousness;

Sanctification, and Redemption.
URY'D in Shadows of the Night,

We lie, till Christ restores the Light ;
Wisdom descends to heal the Blind,
And chace the Darkness of the Mind.


Loft guilty Souls are drown'd in Tears,
'Till the atoning Blood appears.;
Then they awake from deep Distress,
And fing the Lord our Righteousness.
Jesus beholds where Satan reigns,
Binding his Slaves in heavy Chains ::
He fets the Pris'ners free, and breaks-
The iron Bondage froin our Necks.

Poor helpless Worms in the possess
Grace, Wisdom, Power, and Righteousness ;;
Thou art our mighty All, inay, we
Give our whole Selves, O Lord, to thee !

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The Same.
OW heavy is the Night,

That hangs upon our Eyes,
Tiit Christ with his reviving Lighty,
Over our Souls arise !

Our guilty Spirits dread

To meet the Wrath of Heaven But in his Rightcousness array'd,

We see our Sins forgiv'ni Unholy and inpure

Are all our Thoughts and WaysHis Hands infected Naturc cure

With fanctifying Grace.
The Pow'ss of Hell agree

To hold our Souls in vain;
He fets the Sons of Bondage free,

And breaks the cursed Chain.
Lord we adore thy Ways

That bring us near to God;
Thy sov’reign Pow'r, thy healing Grace,

And thine atoning Blood.


REATOR Spirit by whose Aid

The World's Foundations first were laid,
Come visit ev'ry waiting inind,
Come pour thy Joys on Human Kind;
From Sin and Sorrow fet us free,
And make us Templ esworthy thee.

Source of uncreated Heat,
The Father's promis'd Paraclete !
Thrice holy Fount, immortal Fire,
Qur Hearts with heav'nly Love inspire
Come, and thy facred Unction bring,
To lanctify us while we fing,

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