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No Mortal doth know

What he can bestow, What Light, Strength, and Comfort : go after

(him, go. Lo! onward I move,

And but Christ above, None guesses how wond'rous my Journey will

(prove. Great Spoils I shall win

From Death, Hell, and Sin ; Midst outward Affliction, shall feel Chrift

(within. Perhaps for his Name,

Poor Duft as I am, Some Works I shall finish with glad loving

(Aim. I still (which is beft)

Shall in his dear Breaft,
As at the Beginning, find Pardon and Reft.

And when I'm to die,

66 Receive me," l'll cry, For Jesus hath lov'd me, I cannot say why.

But this I do find,

We two are so join'd,
He'll not live in Glory, and leave me behind.

The Love of Christ constraineth us.

2 Cor. v. 14.
APPY the Heart where Graces reign,

Where Love inspires the Breast;
Love is the brightest of the Train,

And ftrengthens all the reft.

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Knowledge, alas! is all in vain;

And all in vain our Fear,
Our stubborn Sins will fight and reign,

If Love be absent there.

'Tis Love that makes our active Feet

In swift Obedience move;
The Devils know, and Tremble too,

But Satan cannot Love.

This is the Grace that lives and fings,

When Faith and Hope shall cease;
Tis this shall strike our joyful Strings

In the sweet Realıns of Bliss.

Before we quite forsake our Clay,

Or leave this poor Abode,
The Wings of Love, bear ús away,

To see our siniling God.

Following CHRIST, the Sinner's Way

to God.
ESUS, my All to Heaven is gone,

He that I plac'd my Hopes upon;
This Track. I fee and I'll pursue
The narrow Way, till him I view,
The Way the holy Prophets went,
The Road that leads froin Banishment,
The King's High-way of Holinefs,
I'll go; for all the Paths are Peace:


This is the Way I long hare sought,
And mourn'd because I found it not ;
My Grief, my Burden, long have been,
Because I could not cease from Sin.
The more I ftrove against its Pow'r,
I fino'd and stumbled but the more :
'Till late I heard iny Saviour say,
" Come hither Soul, for l'ın the Way."
Lo glad I come, and thou dear Lamb,
Shall take me to thee as I ain :
Nothing but Sin I thee can give,
Yet help me, and thy Praite I'll live.
I'll tell to all poor Sinners round,
What a dear Saviour I have found;
I'll point to thy redeeming Blood,
And say, “Behold the Way to God.”


CIII. Come and welcome to Jesus Christ. COM YOME, ye Şinners, poor and wretched, ,

Weak and wounded, fick and fore, Jesus ready stands to save you,

Full of Pity, join'd' with Pow'r.
He is able, he is able, he is able :

He is willing : doubt no inore.
Ho! ye needy, come and Welcome :

God's free Bounty glorify,
True Belief, and true Repentance,

Ev'ry Grace that brings us nigh.
Without Money, without Money, without

(Money, Come to Jesus Christ, and buy.

Let not Conscience make you linger;

Nor of Fitness fondly dream, All the Fitness he requireth,

Is, to feel your Need of Him : This he gives you, this he gives you, this he

(gives you; 'Tis the Spirit's rising Beam. Coine ye weary, heavy laden,

Bruis'd and inangled by the Fall; If you tarry,

till you're better, You will never come at all. Not the Rightcous, not the Righteous, not

(the Righteous; Sinners Jefus came to call.

View him grov'ling in the Garden :

Lo! your Maker prostrate lies,
On the bloody Tree behold him ;

Hear him cry before he dies;
It is finish'd, it is finish'd, it is finish'd :

Sinner, will not this suffice ?
Lo ! th' incarnate God, ascended,

Pleads the Merit of his Blood,
Venture on him, venture wholly ;

Let no other Trust intrude. None but Jesus, none but Jesus, none but Jesus,

Can do helpless Sinners good. Saints and Angels join'd in Concert,

Sing the Praises of the Lamb; While the blissful Seats of Heaven

Sweetly echo with his Name. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Sinners here may sing the same.

CHRIST's Call and (through Grace) th,

Sinners Acceptance.
ESU, thou dost cry aloud,

Sinners haften to my Blood,
Though as black as Hell within,
Yet my Blood shall wash you clean. .
View me, in the Manger lying,
View me, panting, bleeding, dying,
In my pierced Side here's Room,
Ev'ry Drop of Blood cries come.
Lord I hear thy gracious Call,
Proftrate at thy Feet I fall,
All poor Sinners, thou call'At Home,
I'm a Sinner, lo I come.

Satan Lord hath ine diftrefs'd,
I am naked, void of Reft,
All my Nature's full of Sin,
O I'm all unclean, unclean.

Yes my Child, I know it all,
But thy Guilt on me did fall;
By the sheding of my Blood,
Thou art reconcil'd to God.

Art thou naked in Distress ?
Here's the Robe of Righteousness,
Here's my Blood to cleanse thy Heart;
Clothe thee, wash thee, mine thou art.

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