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Satan hearest thou thy Doom,
Jesus my Deliv'rer's come ;
Paffion, Unbelief, and Pride,
Hence be gone, for Christ hath dy'd.
Hail! my Jesus, Lord and God,
Take the Purchase of thy Blood,
Thou didst give thyself for me,
Lo, I give myself to thee.



Doubts scattered.
TENCE from my Soul, fad Thoughts be

And leave me to my Joys ; (gone, My Tongue shall triumph in my God,

And make a joyful Noise,
Darkness and Doubts had veiļd my Mind,

And drown'd my Head in Tears,
Till sov'reign Grace, with shining Rays,

Difpell'd my gloomy Fears.
O! what iinmortal Joys I felt,

And Raptures all divine,
When Jesus told me, I was his,

And iny Beloved mine.
In vain the Tempter frights my Soul,

And breaks my Peace in vain ;
One Glimpse, dear Saviour, of thy Face

Reyiyes my oys again,


They crucify'd him.

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Th' immortal God hath dy'd for me: The Father's co-eternal Son

Bore all my Sins upon the Tree: Th' inmortal God for me hath dy'd ; My Lord, my Love, is crucify'd! Behold him, all ye that pass by,

The bleeding Prince of Life and Peace !
Come fee, ye Worins, your Maker die,

And say, was ever Grief like his!
Come, feel with me his Blood apply'd,
My Lord, my Love, is crucify'd.
Is crucify'd for me and you,

To bring us Rebels back to God :
Believe, believe the Record true,

That we are bought with Jesu's Blood;
Pardon and Life flow from his Side,
My Lord, my Love, is crucify’d.
Then let us sit beneath his Cross,

And gladly catch the healing Stream !
All Things for him account but Loss,

And give up all our Hearts to hiin;
Of nothing speak or think befide,
My Lord, my Love, is crucify'd !



AMB of God, whofe bleeding Love,

We thus recall to Mind,
Send the Answer from above,

And let us Mercy find :
Think on us, who think on thee,

And ev'ry struggling Soul release ;
O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in Peace. By thine agonizing Pain,

And bloody Sweat we pray ; By thy dying Love to Man,

Take all our Sins away :
Burst our Bonds, and set us free,

From all Iniquity release :
O remember, &c,
Let thy Blood by Faith apply'd,

The Sinner's Pardon seal;
Speak us freely justify'd,

And all our Sickness hea!, By thy Paffion on the Tree,

Let all our Griefs and Troubles cease ; O reinember, &c. Never would we hence depart,

'Till thou our Wants relieve ; Write Forgiveness on our Hearts,

And all thine Image give, Still our Souls shall

cry to thee, 'Till all renew'd in Holiness ; O remember Calvary,

And bid us go in Peace.


The Stony Heart.
H! for a Glance of heav'nly Day,

To take this stubborn Stone away,
And thaw with Beams of Love divine
This Heart, this frozen Heart of mine.

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The Rocks can rent ; the Earth can quake;
The Sea can roar ; the Mountains shake;
Of Feeling all Things fhew some Sign;
But this unfeeling Heart of mine.

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To hear the Sorrows thou haft felt,
Dear Lord, an Adamant would melt:
But I can read each moving Line,
And nothing move this Heart of mine.

Thy Judgments too uninov'd I hear,
(Ainazing Thought !) which Devils feary
Goodness and Wrath in vain combine,
To ftir this stupid Heart of mine.
But something yet can do the Deed :
And that dear Something much I need,
Thy Spirit can from Dross refine,
And move and melt this Heart of mine.


The Same.
WHEN dhalh my frozen Heart revive ?

Soul begin to live? Fetter'd with Sin, oppress’d with Death, pant, yet hopeless pant for Breath.


Yet against Hope, I fain wou'd hope,
o that the Lord would raife me up;
Wou'd all my Unbelief deftroy,
And let me taste his People's joy.

Come Breath of Life, inspire iny Soul,
On me let Streains of Mercy roll;
I now a tender Glance from thee,
Can set niy burthen'd Spirit free.

Peter's Experience tells me so,
Tells me what Jesu's Look can do ;
'The harden's Heart at once it turns,
The Icy Soul it melts and burns.

Lord kindly reach this Heart of mine,
l'ú pant to be intirely thine,
To have thy Spirii rule in me,
And bring me into Liberty.

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CHRIST is All in All.
To all my Vileness, Christ is Glory brighting

To all my Mis’ries, infinite DelightTo all my Ign’rance, IVile without compare,

To my Deformity, the Eternal Fair Sigit to my Blindness~ To my Meaness, Wealth, Life to iny Death--and to my Sickness, Health, To Darkness, Light--my Liberty in Thrall What ihall I say--my Christ is All in All !

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