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There dwells the Lord our King,

The Lord our Righteousness,
(Triumphant o'er the World and Sin)

The Prince of Peace :
On Sion's facred Height

His Kingdom ftill maintains ;
And glorious with his Saints in Light

For ever reigns.
He keeps his own Secure,

He guards them by his Side,
Arrays in Garments white and pure

His spotlefs Bride :
With Streams of sacred Bliss,

With Groves of living Joys-
With all the Fruits of Paradise,

He still supplies.
Before the great Three-One,

They all exulting stand;
And tell the Wonders he hath done,

Thro all their Land;
The liftning Spheres attend,

And swell the growing Fame,
And Ging, in Songs which never end,

The wond'rous NAME.
The God who reigns on high,

The great Arch-angels fing,
And “ Holy, holy, holy,” cry,




66. WE WORSHIP Thee."

Before the Saviour's Face

The ransom'd Nations bow;
O’erwhelm’d at this Almighty Grace,

For ever new ;
He shews his Prints of Love

1 hey kindle-to a Fiame !
And found thro' all the Worlds above,

The flaughter'd-Lamb.
The whole triumphant Hoft

Give Thanks to God on high;
Hail l'ather, Son, and Holy Ghost,

They ever cry :
Hail, Abraham's God and mine!

(I join the heav'nly Lays,) All Might and Majesty are thine,

And endless Praise.

HY MN CXXII. I will fing of the Mercy of the Lord for


HY Mercy, my God, is the Theme of my

The Joy of my Heart, and the Boaft of my

Tongue : Thy free Grace alone, from the first to the last, Has won iny Affections, and bound my Soul fast. Without thy sweet Mercy, I could not live here; Sin foon would reduce me to utter Despair : But, thro' thy free Goodness, my Spirits revive, And he that first made me, still keeps me alive,

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Whene'er I mistake, thy kind Mercy begins
To melt ine, and then F can mourn for my sins;
And, led by thy Spirit, to Jesus's Blood,
My Sorrows are dry'd, and my Strength is renewid.
Thy Mercy is more than a Match for my Heart,
Which wonders to feel its own Hardness depart:
Diffolv'd by thy Prefence I fall to the Ground,
And weep to the Praise of the Mercy I found.
The Doors of thy Mercy stand open all Day,
To the poor and the needy who knock by the Way:
Thy Mercy is endless, inoft tender and free
No Sinner need doubt, fince'tis given to me.
Dear Father, thy merciful Word is my all;
Thy Promise supports me, when ready to fall :
When Enemies croud, to cause Doubt and Despair,
I conquer them all by thy Spirit of Prayer.

Thy Mercy in Jesus exempts me from Hell; Of thy Mercy I'll fing, of thy Mercy I'll tell : . 'Twas Jesus my Friend, when he hung on the Tree, That opend the Channel of Mercy for me. Great Father of Mercies, thy Goodness I own, And the Covenant-Love of thy crucify'd Son: All Praise to the Spirit, whose Whispers divine, Seal Mercy, and Pardon, and Righteousnefs, mine.

H Y M N CXXIII. The Loss of Christ lamented, from the

paft Experience of his Love. Y Time, oh ye Daughters of Sion, did run Most sweetly and softly, when Christ was

my Sun;


Thro'Darkness I fearless could walk by his Light, His Rays were my Comfort, his Shield was my

Might. When Jefus was with me, by Day or by Night, Tho' Darkness was round me, my Soul was still

Light; My Joys and my Comforts enraptur'd my Mind, While under his Shadow I sweetly reclin'd, What Time in Communion with Jesus I spent, 'Twas Heay'n all over wherever I went ; And oft when his Kindnefs I've felt on my Heart, In Raptures I pray'd, he would never depart. His Mercy and Love was the Theme of my Song, To praise and adore him the Joy of my Tongue: To talk of his Goodnefs my daily Delight, To think of his Kindnefs my Pleasure by Night. But when He is absent, my Comforts are gone, My Heart is dejected, and hard as a Stone; Nor Nature or Creature Delight can impart, Till Jesus return, the fole Joy of my Heart, That e'er I should grieve thee, my Lord and my

Lamb, It vexes my Souland o'erwhelmś me with Shame; The Sweets of thy Favor, and Love felt before, Restore, my dear Jesus, and leave me no more, .


Before Sermon.
OURCE of Light and Pow'r divine,

Deign upon thy Truth to shine.
Lord, behold thy Servant stands ;
Lo! to thee he lifts his Hands
Satisfy his Soul's Desire;
Touch his Lips with holy Fire,
Ope thy Treasures ! fo shall fall
Unction (weet on him, on All.
Till by Odours scattered round,
Christ himself be trac'd and found
Then shall ev'ry raptur’d Heart,
Rich. in Peace and Joy depart.

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The Same.
Earest Saviour help thy Servant,.

To proclaim tly wondrous Love!
O that every Soul now present
May thy Grace and Truth approve;
Bles, Q bless us ; blets, O bless us;

blefs, o bless us, From thy shining Courts-above,

Now thy gracious Word invites us, To partake thy Gospel Feaft;

Let thy Spirit now unite us, Each to Thee a willing Guest ; O receive us,

&c. To thy glorious promis’d Reft.

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