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HY MN CXXVI. VIRM as the Earth thy Gospel ftands,

My Lord, my Hope, my Trust : If I am found in Jesu's Hands,

My Soul can ne'er be lost. His

Honour is engag'd to save

The meanest of his Sheep ;
All that his heav'nly Father gave

His Hands fecurely keep.
Nor Death, nor Hell shall e'er remove,

His Fav'rites from his Breaft,
In the dear Bosom of his Love

They must for ever reft.

HY MN CXXVII. TOTHING but thy Blood, O Jesus,

Can relieve us from our Smart : ; Nothing else from Guilt release us;

Nothing else can inelt the Heart,


Law and Terrors do but harden,

All the while they work alone ; But a Sense of Blood-bought Pardon

Soon diffolves a Heart of Stone.

Teach us, by thy patient Spirit,

How to mourn, and not despair ;
Let us, leaning on thy Merit,

Wreftle hard with God in Pray'r,

Whatsoe'er Afiations seize us,

They shall profit, if not please"; But defend, defend us, Jesus.

From Security and Ease.

Electing Grace': or Saints beloved in

TESUS, we bless thy Father's Name;

Thy God and ours are both the same:
What heav'nly Blessings from his Throne
Flow down to Sinners thro' his Son


Chrift be my first Elect, he said,
Then chose our Souls in Chrift our Head,
Before he gave the Mountains birth,
Or laid Foundations for the Earth.

Thus.did eternal Love begin
To raise us up froin Death and Sin;
Our Characters were then decreed,
Blameless in Love, a holy Seed.

Predeftinated to be Sons,
Born by Degrees, but chose at once;
A new regenerated Race,
To praise the Glory of his Grace.
With Christ our Lord we share our Part
In the Affections of his Heart,
Nor shall our Souls: be thence remov'd,
Till he forgets his First-belov'de,

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The Pharisee and Publican.
EHOLD how Sinners disagree,

The Publican and Pharisee!
One doth his Righteousness proclaim,
The other owns his Guilt and Shaine.

This Man at hunable Distance ftands,
And cries for Grace with lifted Hands;
That boldly rises near the Throne,
And talks of Duties he has done.

The Lord their-diff'rent Language knows,
And diff'rent Answers he bestows;
The humble Soul with Grace he crown's,
Whilft on the Proud his Anger frowns.

Dear Father, let;me never be
Join'd with the boasting Pharisee;
I have no Merit of my own,
But plead the Suff'rings of thy Son.

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The Kingdom come.
H when shall we, supremely blest,

Enter into our glorious Reft!
Partake the Triumphs of the Sky,
And holy, holy, holy cry!
With all thy heav'nly Hoft, with all
Thy blessed Saints, we then shall fall,

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And fing in Ecstacy unknown,
And praise thee on thy darling Throri.



Time and Eternity.
HEE we adore, eternal Name,

And humbly own to thee,
How feeble is our mortal Frame,

What dying Worms we be. Waken, O Lord, our drowsy Sense,

To walk this dangerous Road; And when our Souls are taken hence,

May they be found with God!
Affure me, that my worthless Name

Is graven on thy Hands;
Shew me some Proinise in thy Book,

Where my Salvation stands.


The Same.
NINCE all the downward Tracts of Time

God's watchful Eye surveys,
Õ! who fo wise to choose our Lot,

And regulate our Ways ?

Affure us of thy wond'rous Love

Unmeasurably kind
To his unerring, gracious Will

Be ev'ry With refign'd.

Good when lie gives supremely Good,

Nor less, when he denies,
Ev'n Crosses, from his sov'reign Hand,

Are blessings in Disguise.
In thy fair Book of Life divine,

My God inscribe my Name,
There let it fill some humble Place,


Lord the Lamb !
Thy Saints, while Ages roll away,

In endless Fame survive,
Their Glories, o'er the Wrongs of Time

Greatly triumphant, live,

He has done all Things well.

Mark vii. 37

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OW in a Song of grateful Praise

To my dear Lord my Voice I'll raise, With all his Saints I'll join to tell, My Jesus has done all Things well. All Worlds his glorious Power confess, His Wisdom all his Works express : But O his Love ! what Tongue can tell! My Jesus has done all Things well, How fov'reign, wonderful and free, Has been his Love to sinful Me! This pluck'd me from the Jaw of Hell, My Jesus has done all Things well,


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