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I spurn'd his Grace, I broke his Laws:
And yet he undertook my Caule,
To lave me, tho’ I did rebell;
My Jesus has done all Things well.
And since iny Soul has known his Love,
What Mercies has he made me prove ;
Mercies which do all Praise excell;
My Jesus has done all Things well.
Whene'er my Saviour and my God,
Has on me laid his gentle Rod;
I know in all that has befell,
My Jesus has done all Things well.
Tho' many a fiery flaming Dart
The Tempter levels at my Heart;
With this I all his Rage repell,
My Jesus has done all Things well.
Sometimes my Lord his Face does hide
To make me pray, or kill my Pride ;
Yet then it on my Mind does dwell,
My Jesus has done all Things well.
Soon shall I pass the vail of Death,
And in his Arins shall lose

Yet then my happy Soul shall tell,
My Jesus has done all Things well.
And when to that bright World I rise,
And join the Anthems in the Skies;
Above the rest this Note shall (well,
My Jesus lias done all Things well!

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Look again. Jf. ii. 4.
EE a poor Sinner, deareft Lord,

Whole Soul encourag'd by thy Word,
At Mercy's Footstool would remain,
And there would look, and look again.
How oft deceiv'd by Self and Pride,
Has my poor Heart been turn'd afidey
And Jonah like has fled from thee,
Till thou hast look'd again on me.-
Ah bring a wretched Wanderer liome,
And to thy Fooiftool let me come,
And tell thee all my Grief and Pain,
And wait and look, and look again.

Take Courage then, my trenibling Soul,
One Look from Chrift will make the whole,
Truft thou in him, 'is not in vain,
But wait and look, and look again.

Do Satan's Darts thy Soul molcft ?
Does dark Desertion fill thy Breast;
Art thou almost with Sorrors Pain ?
Yet wait and look, and look again.

Do Fears and Doubts thy Soul annoy?
And thund'ring Tempests drown thy Joy.
And canst thou not one Smile obtain
Vet wait and look, and look again.

Look to the Lord, his Word, his Throne;
Look to his Grace, and not your own::
There wait and look, and look again;
You shall not wait, nor look in vain.
Ere long that happy Day will coine,
When I shall reach my blissful Home :
And when to Glory. I attain,
O then I'll look, and look again.

I know that my Rede mer liveth.

Job. xix 2.5

Know that iny Redeeiner lives,

What Comfort this Tweet Sentence gives! He lives! he lives, who once was dead, He lives, my everliving Head. He lives triumphant from the Grave, He lives eternally to lave, He lives all glorious in the Sky, He lives exalted there on high. He lives to bless me with his Love, He lives to plead for me above, He lives my hungry. Soul to feed, He lives to help in Time of Need.

He lives to grant me rich Supply,
He lives to guide me with his Eye,
He lives to comfort me when faint,
He lives to hear my Soul's Complainto.

He lives to crush the Pow'rs of Hell,
He lives that he inay in me dwell,
He lives to heal, and make me whole,
He lives to guard my feeble Soul.

He lives to silence all my Fears,
He lives to stop, and wipe my Tears,
He lives to calin my troubled Heart,
He lives all Blessings to impart.

He lives my kind, wise heav'nly Friend,
He lives, and, loves me to the End,
He lives, and while he lives l'il fing,
He lives my•Prophet, Priest and King.

He lives and grants me daily Breath,
He lives, and I shall conquer Death,
He lives my Mansion to prepare,
He lives to bring me safely there.
He lives, all Glory to his Name
He lives my Jesus still the same;

the sweet Joy this S.ntence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives.


Him. Acts v. 31.
OIN all who love the Saviour's Name,

And sing his everlasting Fame.
Great God prepare each Heart and Voice,
In Him for ever to rejoice.

Of Hiin what wond'rous Things are told, In Him what Glories I behold;

For Him I gladly all Things leaves
To Him my Soul for ever cieave.
In Him iny Treasure's all contain'd,
By Him my feeble Soul's sustain'd,
From Him I all Things do receive,
Thro' Him. my Soul does daily live..
With Him I daily love to walk,
Of Him my Soul delights to talk,
On Him I cast my ev'ry Care,
Like Him one Day I shall appear.
Bless Him my Soul from Day to Day,
Trust Him to bring thee on thy Way,
Give Hiin thy poor weak finful Heart,
With Hiin O never, never part.
Take Him for Strength and Righteousness,
Make Him thy Refuge in Distress,
Love Him above all earthly Joy,
And Him in every Thing employ.
Praise Him in chearful, grateful Songs,
To Him your highest Praise belongs ;
'Tis Him who does your Heav'n prepare,
And Him you'll praise for ever there.

APPY the Man to whom 'tis given,

To eat the Bread of Life in Heaven : This Happiness in Chrift we prove, Who fealt on his forgiving Love,


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