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The Same. G,

IVE us thy Strength, thou God of Pows Thy faithful Witnesses we'll be ; *Tis fixt we can do all thro' thee.

The Same,
ERCY, good Lord, Mercy I crave ;

This is the total Sum;
For Mercy, Lord, is all my Suit,

Lord, let thy Mercy come.



The Same.
O farther go to Night, but stay,

Dear Saviour, till the Break of Day,
Turn in, dear Lord, with me;
And in the Morning, when I wake,
Me in thine Arms, my Jesus take,

And I'll go on with thee.

The Same.



Will lay me down to sleep,

And safely take my Reft;
Me commend to Jesu's Grace,

And as upon his Breaft.
So, if Jesus please, I'll sleep,

While Troops of Angels are my Guard;
O, my Shepherd, Love and keep,

And be my great Reward,


The Same.
ONE but Jesus will we fing,

None else will we adore ;
He our Prophet, Priest, and King,

Shall be for evermore.
None among the heav'nly Pow'rs,

Nor one on Earth, our Praise
None but Jesus call we ours,

None but the bleeding Lamb!

may claim;

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Raise God, from whom all Blessings flow,

Praise him all Creatures here below,
Praise him above ye heav'nly Host,
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,


One God whom we adore, Be Glory as it was, is now,

And shall be evermore.

TO Ghoft



ATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Join we with the heav'nly Hoft

To praise Thee evermore.
Live by Heav'n and Earth ador'd,

Three in One, and One in Three,
Holy, holy, holy Lord,

All Glory be to thee.
ING we to our God above,



Praise hiin all ye heav'nly Host,
Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,


God who reigns enthron’d on high,

To his dear Son, who deign’d to die,
Onr Guilt and Curse t remove,

To that blest Spirit, who Life imparts,
Who rules in all believing Hearts,
Be endless Glory, Praile and Love.
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft,

Be Praise amidft the heav'nly Host,
And in the Church below;
From whom all Creatures drew their Birth,
By whom Redemption bleit the Earth,

From whoin all Comforts flow.





VIVE to the Father Praise,

And to the Spirit of his Grace,
Be equal Honours done.
TO God the Father's Throne,

Perpetual Honours raise :
Glory to God the Son, .
To God the Spirit Praise ;

With all our Pow'rs,
Eternal King,
Thy Name we fing,

While Faith adores.
The following Verse is sometimes sung as the last

Verse of the 48th Hymn, Page 40. 0

inay I bear some humble Part

In that immortal Song,
Wonder and Love shall tune my Heart,

And Prajse command my Tongue.

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