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To God the Spirit's Name,
Immortal Worship give :
Whose new creating Pow'r
Makes the dead Sinner live.

His Work compleats
The great Design,
And fills the Soul

With Joy divine.
Almighty God to thee
Be endless Honours done.;
The undivided Three,
And the mysterious One !

Where Reason fails
With all her Pow'rs,
There Faith prevails
And Love adores.

The Same.
10 him that chose us first,

Before the World began :
To him that bore the Curie
To fave.rebellious Man ;

To him that form’d
Our Hearts anew,
Is endless Praise

And Glory due.
The Father's Love Shall run
Thro' our immortal Songs !
We bring to God, the Son,
Hosannas on our Tongucs.

Our Lips address
The Spirit's Name,
With equal Praise
And Zeal the fame,

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Let ev'ry Saint above,
And Angel round the Throne,
For ever bless and love
The sacred Three in One !

Thus Heav'n shall raise
His Honours high,
When Earth and Time
Grow old and die.


H Y- M N LVIL Angels praise the LORD. HE Lord, the fovereign King, O'er all the heav'nly World he rules,

And all beneath the Sky.
Ye Angels great in Might,

And swift to do his Will,
Bless ye the Lord, whose Voice ye hear,

Whose Pleasure ye fulfil.
Let the bright Hofts who wait

The Orders of their King,
And guard his Churches when they pray,

Join in the Praise they fing.
While all his wondrous Works

Thro' his vast Kingdoms shew
Their Maker's Glory, thou, my Soul,
Shall sing his Graces too.


The Brazen Serpent.
ITH fiery Serpents greatly pain'd,
When Irel's mourning Tribes com-



And Gigh'd to be reliey'd, A Serpent strait the Prophet

made, Of molten Brass to View display'd,

The Patients look'd and liy'd.

But, Oh, what Healing to the Heart,
Does Jefu's greater Cross impart,

To those who seek a Cure !
Ifr'el of old, and we no less,
The fame indulgent Grace confess,

Whilft Life and Breath endure.

To Reason's View, so strange Effect,
Self-righteous Souls will still reject,

And perish in their Pride!
Not so the ftung with Sin and Law,
These all their rich Salvation draw,

From Jesu's bleeding Side.
May we then view the matchless Cross,
And other Objects count but Loss,

No other Gain explore; Here still be fix'd our feasted Eyes, Teaming with Tears of glad Surprize,

And thankfully adore !
Hail great Immanuel, balmy Name !
Thy Praise the Raniom'd will proclaim,

Thee we Physician call ;.
We own no other Cure but thine,
Thou the Deliverer divine,

Our Health, our Life, our All.

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God made Man.
Lord our God, how wond'rous great

Is thine exalted Name !
The Glories of thy heav'nly State,

Let Men and Babes proclaimn.
When we behold thy Work on high,

The Moon that rules the Night, And Stars that well adorn the Sky,

Those moving Worlds of Light.

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Lord, what is Mani, or all his Race,

Who dwells so far below, That thou should'At visit him with Grace,

And love his Nature lo !

That thine eternal Son Mould bear

To take a mortal Form,
Made lower than his Angels are,

To save a dying Worm!
Jesus, our Lord how wondrous great

Is thine exalted Name !
The Glories of thy heav'nly State,

Let the whole Earth proclaim,

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Faith in CHRIST.
OW sad our State by Nature is,

Our Sin how deep it's ftains i
And Satan binds our captive Souls

Fait in his slavilh Chains.

But there's a Voice of Sov'reign Grace,

Sounds from God's sacred Word:
Ho ! ye despairing. Sinners come,

And trust upon the Lord.
O may we hear th' Almighty Call,

And run to this Relief!
We would believe thy Promise, Lord,

o help our Unbelief!
To the bleft Fountain of thy Blood,

Teach us, O Lord, to fly:
There may we wash our spotted Souls

Froin Crimes of deepest dye!
Stretch out thy Arm victorious King,

Our reigning Sins fubdue ;
Drive the old Dragon from his Seat,

With his infernal Crew.

Poor, guilty, weak and helpless Worms,

Into thy Hands we fall ; Be thou our Strength and Righteousness, Our Jesus, and our All !


EET and right it is to fing

Glory to our God and King ;
Meet in ev'ry Time and Place,
To rehearse his folemn Praise.

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Join, ye Saints, the Song around,
Angels help the chearful Sound

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