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Come let us join, in Music

O come let us join, together
O come thou wounded Lamb of
Offspring of David,
Of him who did Salvation bring
O God, how endless is thy Love
Oh ! for a Glance of heav'nly Day
Oh! the Delights, the heav'niy

Jesu! our Lord, thy Name be
O Lord how great's the Favour
O Lord how many are our Foes
O Lord our God, how wond'rous
O Love divine, how sweet thou art
O Love divine, what halt thou done
O may I bear an humble Part
Once slaughter'd, now exalted
O. Saviour, thou thy Mysteries
O tell me no more
O thou in whom the Gentiles trust
Our drowsy Powers, why sleep ye so
Our God reigns, ye Lands rejoice
Our Lives, our Biood we here
O when fall we, supremely blest

Art'ners of a glorious Hope

Plung'd in a Gulph of dark Praise God from whom all Blessings Praise ye the Lord, exalt his Name Praise ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise"

AISE your triumphant Songs

Rejoice the Lord is King Rise, my Soul, adore thy Maker Rife, my Soul, and stretch thy Rise our Souls to praise the Care Rife, Oye Seed of David, rife

! Saviour, canst thou love a Traitor Saviour, King assume thy Puw'r

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Saviour of the World attend
See a poor Sinner, deareft Lord
Sce, my Soul, with Wonder fee
Shout to the Lord, and let our Joys
Since all the downward Tracts
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's Name
Sing we to our God above
Sinners obey the Gospel Word
Soldiers of Christ, arise
Son of God, thy Blessing grant.
Source of Light and Pow'r divine
Sure thy Name is wonderful
Sweet is the Work, O God our King
Sweet the Moments, rich in Bleffing
AKE my poor Heart, just as

the Measure of my
Tellus, o Women, we wou'd know
Thanks be to God, whole faithful
Thee we adore, eternal Name
The God of Abrah’m praise
The King of Glory sends his Son
The Lord of Earth and Sky
Th: Lord supplies his People's Need
The Lord the Sovereign King
There is a Land of pure Delight
The Saviour who kept us To-day
The Sun of Righteousness appears
This God is the God we adore
This is the Day the Lord hath made
Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb
Thou hidden Love of God, whose
Thou Shepherd of Isr'el divine
Thus did the Sons of Abrah'm pass
Thy Favours, Lord, surprize our
Thy Mercy, my God, is the Theme
'Tis finish'd, the Redeemer said
'Tis finishid, 'tis done
To all my Vileness, Christ is

Teach me

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Page Hyms

S 253
To Father, Son and Holy Ghost
To God the Father's Throne

254 To God the only wise

71 90 To God who reigns enthron'd on

254 To him that chose us first

47 56 To praise redeeming Love

79 100 Try us, O God, and search the

137 28 P to the Lord, that reigns on

77 98 Vain are the Hopes tho Sons

99 E bless the Prophet of the We give immortal Praise

46 55 Welcome sweet Day of Rest

14 19 Welcome,welcome blessed Servant 222 III Well! the Redeemer's gone

37 44 We magnify thy Grace, O Lord

90 113 We fing to thee, thou Son of God

119 We thank thee, Lord, for this our 170 What equal Honours shall we bring

31 38 What good News the Angels bring

25 33 What joyful News falutes our Ears

248 140 What shall we render unto thee

183 70 When I survey the wond'rous Cross When shall my frozen Heart revive

220 109 Who can have greater Cause to fing

111 I Who hath our Report believed Why do we mourn departing Friends 152 42 Why should the Children of a King 23 29 Why was unbelieving I

200 With fiery Serpents greatly pain'd 48 58 With Joy we meditate the Grace 29 35 Worthy is Christ our paschal Lamb 140 32

E Children of my God
Ye Seekers of God, whole

65 83 Ye serious Souls draw near

101 127 Ye Servants of God, your Master

41 50 Ye that pass by behold the Man

29 30 ION's a Garden wall'd around

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A H Y M N.

Extracted from the Ordination Office.
HOME HOLY GHOST, our Souls inspire,

And lighten with Celestial Fire,
7 hou the anointing Spirit art,
Who dost thy sev’nfold Gifts impart.
Thy blessed Unction from above,
Is Comfort, Life, and Fire of Love.
Enable with perpetual Light
The Dulness of our blinded Sight.
Anoint and chear our foiled Face,
With the Abundance of thy Grace.
Keep far our Foes, give Peace at Home !:
IV here thou art Guide, ne Ill can come.
Teach us to know the FATHER, Son,
And thee,' of both, to be but One ;
That through the Ages all along,
This, this may be our endless Song ;

Praise God, from whom all Blessings flow, Praise Him all Creatures here below

; Praise Him above ye heav'nly Host, Praise FATHER, Son, and HOLY GHOSP.







Η Υ Μ Ν Ι.
At the Opening of Worship,
row may the Spirit's Holy Fire,

Descending from above,

His waiting Family, inspire
With Joy, and Peace, and Love!
Thee we the Comforter confess;

Unless thou'rt present here,
Our Songs of Praise are vain Address,

We utter heartless Pray’r.
Wake heav'nly Wind, arise and come,

Blow on the drooping Field;
Our Spices then shall breathe Perfume,

And fragrant Incense yield.
Touch, with a living Coal, the Lip

That shall proclaim thy Word,
And bid each awful Hearer keep
Attention to the Lord,


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