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First and second Adam.
EEP in the Duft, before thy Throne,

Our Guilt and our Disgrace we own :
Great God, we own th' unhappy Name,
Whence sprung our Nature, and our Shame,
But whilst our Spirits fill'd with Awe,
Behold the Terrors of thy Law,
We ling the Honours of thy Grace,
That fent to save our ruin'd Race.

We fing thine everlasting Son,
Who join'd our Nature to his own;
Adain, the second, from the Dust
Raises the Ruins of the first.

Where Sin did reign, and Death abound,
There have the Sons of Adam found
Abounding Life; there glorious Grace,
Reigns thro' the Lord our Righteousness..

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ALVATION! O the joyful Sound !

What Pleasure to our Ears?
A Sov’reign Balm for ev'ry Wound,

A Cordial for our Fears.
Buried in Sorrow, and in Sin,

At Hell's dark Door we lay! O

may we rise by Grace divine,

And see a heav'nly Day! Salvation ! let the Echo fly

The fpacious Earth around, While all the Arinies' of the Sky

Con pire to raise the Sound.

Christ's Victory over Satan.

The Prince of Darkness fies;
His Troops rush headlong down to Hell,
Like Light’ning from the Skies.
There bound in Chains the Lions roar,
And fright the rescu'd Sheep!
But heavy Bars confine their Pow'r
And Malice to the Deep.
Hosanna to our conqu’ring King!
All hail, incarnate Love !
Ten thousand Songs and Glories wait
To crown thy Head above.

Thy Vi&tries, and thy deathly Fame,
Thro' the wide World shall run ;
And everlasting Ages fing
The Triumphs thou haft won.



A blessed Gospel.
LEST are the Souls that hear and know

The Gospel's joyful Sound,
Peace shall attend the Path they go,

And Light their Steps surround. Their Joy shall bear their Spirits up,

Thro their Redeemer's Name; His Righteousness exalts their Hope,

Nor Satan dares condemn.

The Lord our Glory and Defence,

Strength and Salvation gives; Ifrael, thy King for ever reigns,

Thy God for ever lives.



Before Prayer.
ING to the Lord, Jehovah's Nanie,

And in his Strength rejoice :
When his Salvation is our Theme,

Exalted be our Voice.

With Thanks approach his awful Sight,

And Psalms of Honour sing ;
The Lord's a God of boundless Might,

The whole Creation's King.

Earth with its Caverns dark and deep,

Lies in his spacious Hand :
He fix'd the Seas what Bounds to keep,

And where the Hills inuft stand.

Come, and with humble Souls adoré,

Come kneel before his Face : May we the Creatures of his Pow's

Be Children of his Grace!

HYMN LXXIV. The Church is God's House and Care. RAISE ye the Lord, exalt his Name,

While in his holy Courts ye wait, Ye Saints, that to his Houfe belong, Or stand attending at his Gate.


Praise ye the Lord, the Lord is good,
To praise his Name is fweet employ;
Ifr'el he chose of old, and still
His Church is his peculiar Joy.

Bless ye the Lord, who tafte his Love,
People and Priests exalt his Name;
Ainongft his Saints he ever dwells,
His Church is his Jerusalem.


Praifing God.
IVE Thanks to God inost high,

The universal Lord,
The sov'reign King of Kings,
And be his Grace ador'd.


His Pow'r and Grace
Are still the same,
And let his Name
Have endless Praise.

How mighty is his Hand!
What Wonders hath he done!
He forin'd the Earth and Seas,
And spread the Heav'ns alone.

Thy Mercy, Lord,
Shall still endure,
And ever fure
Abides thy Word.

He saw the Nations lie,
All perishing in Sin,
And pity'd the fad State,
The ruin'd World was in,

Thy Mercy Lord,
Shall ftill endure,
And ever sure

Abides thy Word.
He sent his only Son
To save us froin our Woe,
From Satan, Sin, and Death,
And ev'ry hurtful Foe.

His Pow'r and Grace
Are still the same,
And let his Name
Have endless Praise,

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