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The Same.

ROM all that dwell below the Skies,

Let the Creator's Praise arife; Let the Redeemer's Name be sung Thro' ev'ry Land, by ev'ry Tongue. Eternal are thy Mercies, Lord, Eternal Truth attends thy Word; Thy Praise shall sound from Shore to Shore, 'Till Suns shall rise, and let no more.

HY MN LXXVII. Desiring Christ's Love to be shed abroad

in the Heart: TOME, deareft Lord, descend and dwell,

By Faith, and Love, in ev'ry Breast; Then shall we know, and taste, and feel, The Joys that cannot be express’d.. Come, fill our Hearts, with inward Strength, Make our enlarged Souls pofless, And learn the Height, and

Breadth,and Length, Of thine unmeasurable Grace. Now to the God whose Pow'r can do ; More than our Thoughts or Wishes know, Be everlasting Honours done, By all the Church, through Christ his Son!

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Salvation by Grace in CHRIST.
OW to the Pow'r of God lupreme,

Be everlafting Honours giv'n ;
He laves from Hell (we bless his Name)
He calls lost wand'ring Souls to Heav'n.


Not for our Duties or Deserts,
But of his own abounding Grace,
He works Salvation in our Hearts,
And forms a People for his Praise:
'Twas his own Purpose that begun
To rescue Rebels dooin'd to die,
He gave us Grace in Chrift his Son,
Before he spread the starry Sky.
Jesus, the Lord, appears at last,
And makes his Father's Councils known
Declares the great Transactions past,
And brings imınortal Blessings down.

Sight of God and Christ in Heaven.

Escend from Heav'n inmortal Dove,

Stoop down and take us on thy Wings, And mount, and bear us far above The Reach of these inferior Things.


O for a Sight, a pleasing Sight!
Of our Almighty Father's I hrone !
I here fits our Saviour, crown'd with Light,
Cloath'd in a Body like our own.

Adoring Saints around him stand,
And Thrones and Pow'rs before him fall,
The God shines gracious thro' the Man,
And sheds sweet Glories on them all.

When shall the Day, dear Lord, appear, That we shall mount to dwell above, And stand and bow among them there, And view thy Face, and ling thy Love


Inviting to Praise.
YOME, guilty Souls, and fee away,

Like Doves to Jesu's Wounds,
This is the welcome GOSPEL-Day,

Wherein free Grace abounds.


God lov'd the World, and gave his Son

To drink the Cup of Wrath : And Jefus says, he'll cast out none

That come to him by Faith.


The Same.
RAISE, ye the Lord, 'tis good to raise

Our Hearts and Voices in his Praise :
His Nature and his Works invite,
To make this Duty our Delight.

Sing to the Lord, exalt him high,
Who spreads his Clouds around the Sky;
There he prepares the fruitful Rain,
Nor lets the Drops descend in vain.

He formd the Stars, those heav'nly Flames,
He counts their Numbers, calls their Names;
His Wisdoin's vast, and knows no Bound,
A Deep where all our Thoughts are drown'de
He makes the Grass the Hills adorn,
And cloaths the finiling Fields with Corn ;
The Beasts with food his Hands supply,
And the young Ravens when they cry.
But Saints are lovely in his Sight;
He views bis Children with Delight ;
He sees their Hope, he knows their Fear,
And looks and loves his linage there,

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The Same.
E Seekers of God, whose diligent Care,

Is ever imploy'd in Christ's Blood to share,
With Praises unceasing, your Jesus proclaiin,
Rejoicing, and blessing his excellent Name.
'Tis Jesus cominands, come all to his House,
And lift up your Hands, and pay him your Vows,
And whilft we are giving our Jesus his Due,
Do thou, blefled Spirit, our Natures renew!

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Universal Praise.
ARK! dull Soul, how ev'ry Thing

Strives t'adore our bounteous King,
Each a double Tribute pays,
Sings its Part, and then obeys..

Wake, for Shame, my Nuggish Heart,
Wake, and gladly fing thy Part;
Learn of Birds, and Springs, and Flow'rs,
How t’employ thy nobler Pow'rs.
Call whole Nature to thy Aid,
Since 'twas He whole Nature made,
Join we in one endless Song,
Who to one God all belong.
Live for ever, glorious Lord,
Live by all thy Works ador'd;
One in Three, and Three in One,
All Things bow to thee alone.



The New Creation.
TTEND while God's eternal Song

Doth his owu Glories shew;
Behold, I fit upon my Throne,

Creating all Things new.
Nature and Sin are paft away,

“ And the old Adain dies,
“ My Hands a new Foundation lay,

“ See a new World arise !" Mighty Redeemer, set us free

From our old State of Sin ;
O make our Souls alive to thee,

Create new Pow'rs within.
Renew our Eyes, and forin our Ears,

And mould our Hearts afresh ;
Give us new Paffions, Joys, and Fears,

And turn the Stone to Flesh,

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