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To Jesus CHRIST..
Thou in whom the Gentiles trust,

Thou only holy, only juft,
Oh tune our Souls, to praise thy Name,
Jesus ! unchangeable, the same !
If Angels, whilst to thee they sing,
Wrap up their Faces in their Wing,
How shall we sinful Dust draw nigh
The great, the awful Deity ?

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Glory to thee, auspicious Lamb!
Thou holy Lord, thou great I Am ;
With all our Pow'r, thy Grace we bless,
Our Joy, our Peace, our Righteousness.
Live, ever glorious Jesus ! live,
Worthy all Blessings to receive !
Worthy on high enthron'd to fit
With ev'ry Pow'r beneath thy Feet.


ONG have we fat beneath the Sound

Of thy Salvation, Lord,
But still how weak our Faith is found,

And Knowledge of thy Word!


Oft we frequent thy holy Place,

Yet hear almoft in vain ;
How finall a Portion of thy Grace

Do our false Hearts retain !

Our gracious Saviour and our God,

How little art thou known,
By all the Judgements of thy Rod,

And Blessings of thy Throne ?
How cold and feeble is our Love,

How negligent our Fear!
How low our Hope of Joys above,

How few Affeétions there!

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Great God, thy sov’reign Aid impart,

To give thy Word Success ;
Write thy Salvation on our Hearts,

And make us learn thy Grace.
Shew our forgetful Feet the Way

That leads to Joys on high ;
Where Knowledge grows without Decay,

And Love shall never die.

The Church, a Garden.
ION's a Garden wall'd around,

Chosen and made peculiar Ground,
A little Spot inclos’d by Grace,
Out of the World's wide Wilderness.


Like Spicy Trees, Believers stand,
Planted by an Almighty Hand;
And all the Springs in Zion flow,
To make the rich

Plantation grow.

Awake, O heav'nly Wind, and come,
Blow on this Garden of Perfume ;


Spirit divine, descend, and breathe
A gracious Gale on Plants beneath.

Make thou our Spices flow abroad,
A grateful Incense to our God;
Let Faith, and Love, and Joy appear,
And every Grace be active here.

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Redemption found.
OLY Lamb, who thee receive,

Who in thee begin to live,
Day and Night they cry to thee,
As thou art, so let us be.
Fix, O fix each wav'ring Mind,
To thy Cross our Spirits bind;
Earthly Passions far remove,
Swallow up our Souls in Love.

Duft and Ashes tho' we be,
Full of Guilt and Misery;
Thine we are, thou Son of God,
Take the Purchase of thy Blood.
Boundless Wisdoin, Pow'r divine,
Love unspeakable are thine;
Praise by all to thee be givin,
Sons of Earth and Hosts of Heav'n.

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HY M N XCV. Complaining of spiritual Sloth. UR dyowsy Pow'rs, why sleep ye so:

Awake each iluggish Soul;

Nothing has half our Work to do,

Yet nothing's half so dull,

The little Ants for one poor Grain,

Labour, and tug, and strive ;
Yet we who have a Heav'n t'obtain,

How negligent we live,
We, for whom God the Son came down,

And labour'd for our Good,
How careless to secure that Crown

He purchas'd with his Blood !

Lord, shall we lie fo fluggish still,

And never act our Parts? Come, holy Dove, from th' heav'nly Hill,

And fit, and warın our Hearts.

Then shall our active Spirits move,

Upward our Souls shall rise ; With Hands of Faith, and Wings of Love,

We'll fly and take the Prize,

H Y M N XCVI. CHRIST's Righteousness imputed to

APPY he who e'er believes, ,

The Embassy of Peace,
Who at Jesu's Hand receives

The Gift of Righteousness:
God is his Salvation's God,
The Lord is his Almighty Shield ;
He with Grace shall be endow'd,

And then with Glory fillid.

Did the Sin of Adam slay,

And ruin all his Race
Jesus takes our Sins away,

By fuff'ring in our Place:
He perform'd what God requir’d,
And answer'd all the Law demands;
In his Righteousness attir’d,

The true Believer stands,

Mofes, at a Diftance, faw

The Righteousness divine ! In the Volume of the Law,

How clearly doth it shine! Holy Men, and Prophets old, Beheld from far the bleeding Lamb, Of his Righteousness foretold,

And trusted in the same,

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How perversely did the Jews

His Righteousness discard !
Shall we then bis Love abuse,

And flight his great Reward!
Of the Law he is the End,
And after we have done our best,
On his Grace we must depend,

And in his Merits rest.

What a Mystery of Love
In God's Designs' appears

! Jesus coming from above,

Our Sin and Torinent bears : God imputes Man's Sins to him; Imputes to Man his Righteousness; Guilty he doth Christ esteem,

And guiltless us confess,

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