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And smile to see our Father there,

Upon a Throne of Love.

Once 'twas a Seat of dreadful Wrath,

And shot devouring Flame; Our God appear’d consuming Fire,

And Vengeance was his Name. Rich were the Drops of Jesu's Blood,

That calm’d his frowning Face, That sprinkld o'er the burning Throne,

And turn'd the Wrath to Grace.

Now we may bow before his Feet,

And venture near the Lord !
No fiery Cherub guards his Seat,

Nor double-flaming Sword.
The peaceful Gates of heavenly Bliss

Are open’d by the Son :
High let us raise our Notes of Praise,

And reach th' Almighty Throne.

To thee ten thousand Thanks we bring

Great Advocate on high ; And Glory to th' eternal King,

That lays his Fury by.

The Darkness of PROVIDENCE.
ORD, we adore thy vast Designs,

Th' obscure Abyfs of Providence, Tou deep to found with mortal Lines, Too dark to view with feeble Sense.

Now thou array'st thine awful Face,
In angry Frowns without a Smile ;
Saints thro' the Cloud believe thy Grace,
Secure of thy Compassion still.
Thro' Seas and Storms of deep Distress,
They sail by Faith, and not by Sight;
Faith guides them in the Wilderness,
Thro' all the Briars of the Night.

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Dear Father, if thy lifted Rod,
Resolve to scourge us here below,
Still we must-lean upon our God,
Thine Arı shall bear us safely thro'.

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Revenge, the Blood of Abel cries; But the dear Strean when Chrift was slain, Speaks Peace as loud from ev'ry Vein.

Pardon and Peace from God on high ;
Behold he lays his Vengeance by;
And Rebels that deserve his Sword,
Become the Fav'rites of the Lord.

To Jesus let our Praises rise,
Who gave his Life a Sacrifice;
Now he appears before our God,
And for our Pardon pleads his Blood,

The Benefit of Public Ordinances,
WAY from ev'ry mortal Care,

Away from Earth our Souls retreat;
We leave this worthless World afar,
And wait, and worship near thy Seat.


Lord, in the Temple of thy Grace,
We see thy Feet, and we adore ;
We gaze upon thy lovely Face,
And learn the Wonders of thy Pow'r,

While here our various Wants we mourng
United Groans ascend on high ;
And Prayer bears a quick Return
Of Blessings in Variety.

Father, our Souls would still abide,
Within thy Temple, near thy Side ::
But if our Feet muft hence depart,
Still keep thy Dwelling in each Heart,




And born unholy and unclean: Sprung from the Man whose guilty Fall Corrupts the Race, and taints us all.

Soon as we draw our Infant-Breath,
The Seeds of Sin grow up

for Death ; Thy Law demands a perfect Heart, But we're defil'd in ev'ry Part.

Behold, we fall before thy Face,
Our only Refuge is thy Grace';
No outward Forms can make us clean,
The Leprosy lics deep within.

Jesus, our God, thy Blood alone,
Hath Pow'r sufficient to atone;
Lord, let us hear thy pard’ning Voice,
And make our down-caft Hearts rejoice.



The Offices of CHRIST.
E bless the Prophet of the Lord,

That comes with Truth and Grace ; Jesus, thy Spirit and thy Word,

Shall lead us in thy Ways.
We rev'rence our High Priest above,

Who offer'd up his: Blood,
And lives to carry on his Love,

By pleading with our God.
We honour our exalted King;

How sweet are his Commands!
He guards our Souls from Hell and Sin,

By his Almighty Hands.
Hosanna to his glorious Name,

Who saves by diff'rent Ways ! His Mercies lay a sov’reign Claim

To our immortal Praile,

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Faith in CHRIST our Sacrifice.

OT all the Blood of Beasts

On Jewish Altars Nain, Could give the guilty Conscience Peace,

Or wash away the Stain, But Christ, the heav'nly Lamb,

Takes all our Sins away ;) A Sacrifice of nobler Name,

And richer Blood than they. My Faith would lay her Hand

On that dear Head of thine, While like a Penitent I ftand,

And there confess my Sin.

My Soul looks back to see

The Burdens thou didst bear, When hanging on the cursed Tree,

And hopes her Guilt was there.

Believing, we rejoice

To see the Curse remove; We blefs the Lamb with chearful Voice,

And sing his bleeding Love,

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