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thee for ever to thy Lord. Almighty Redeemer, purchased by thy blood, to thee I wholly surrender myself. All the powers of my soul, all its desires and hopes, shall be engaged in thy service, and centre in thy love. Ah! shall I be reluctant in the service of a Master, with whom I am connected by the most endearing ties? Shall I murmur at the sacrifices to which that Redeemer calls me, who, in effecting my redemption, was deterred by no difficulties, and shrunk from no pains ? No, my Saviour, the constraining power of thy love shall render easy to me all thy commands, and even endear to me the self-denial and ignominy of thy cross. Receiving the symbol of thy crucified body, the glorious pledge of my redemption, I will vow thee eternal allegiance. Receiving the symbol of thy precious blood, the divine fountain of life and bliss, I will devote myself to thee, O my Saviour, who knowest the weakness of my heart, and its proneness to forget thee; strengthen me to perform the resolutions by which I now enlist under thy banner, and attach myself to thy service.

Advance to the altar, relying supremely on the merits and grace of that Saviour whose all-sufficient sacrifice for sin thou art to commemorate.

There is no other name, but the name of Jesus, whereby the perishing race of man can be saved. His infinite sacrifice, the meritorious propitiation for sin, is commemorated in the holy eucharist, where he is set forth as the all-sufficient Saviour of his people. To set up

any claim of forgiveness in opposition to the all-sufficient atonement which he made; to rely for acceptance at the throne of God on our own merits, when he offers his all-perfect righteousness to sanctify and save uswould be to derogate from the infinite efficacy of his precious blood, and to dishonour that all-perfect righteousness, which alone can answer the claims of divine holiness. Ah! when I contemplate the terrors which issue from the · throne of my offended Judge, I bless thee, O my Saviour, that I can flee for refuge to thy protecting bosom I bless thee, that, in the holy sacrament of thy love, thou dost apply to me the saving merits of thy body, given for my sins; and dost sprinkle my guilty soul with the precious blood that was shed for my redemption.

Go then, O my soul, to the altar where the emblems of the body and blood of the Saviour are set forth as the pledges of mercy and spiritual life; renouncing every dependence but the merits and grace of thy Redeemer. Unworthy so much as to gather up the crumbs under his table, go, and derive pardon, comfort, strength, and salvation, at the banquet of his precious body and blood. Go-earnestly desiring his mercy, and adoring him as thy all-sufficient Saviour; and he will confer on thee the everlasting treasures of his love. However great the attainments which through his grace thou hast made in virtue, rely not on them as the pledges of thy peace with

heaven, when thou dost behold the all-sufficient sacrifice of his cross. ' In the blood of Jesus, set forth in his holy sacrament, thou wilt find the only expiation of thy guilt; from the fountain of grace there opened, are spiritual life and consolation dispensed. Seated on the altar, as an almighty and compassionate Saviour, he presents to the faithful, through his authorized ministers, the symbols of his body and blood given and shed for them, Take, cat, this is my body, which was given for you let it be the pledge of your salvation, of your vital union with me, your Redeemer. Drinkthis is my blood, which was shed for you-let it be the fountain of pardon, of comfort, of everlasting joys. Wonder, O my soul, at the riches of the Saviour's mercy! Wonder, O my soul, at the fulness of his grace! Go, ye faithful, to the altar, where Jesus is waiting to receive you, triumphing in his mercy, his power, and his love. Wounded with a sense of guilt, go, and receive the balm of divine mercy, with which the Saviour pacifies the awakened conscience. Labouring under the thraldom of sinful passions, go, and receive grace to overcome their dominion. Desponding and sorrowing under the trials of your pilgrimage, go, and receive from your Saviour celestial comfort. Humble, weak, and perishing, go, and receive strength, support, everlasting life-go, and embrace by faith that blessed Redeemer who hath promised to visit his people with his salvation, to dwell with them as their guide, their comforter, their everlasting portion and reward.

Yes, my Saviour, encouraged by the solicitations of thy love, I will go to thy altar, and commemorate with the faithful the riches of thy mercy; with them implore the manifestations of thy grace. When I receive the sacred emblems of thy body and blood, O do thou manifest thyself to my soul. Come, and reign in me for ever, my Saviour, my Lord, my Almighty King.

THE PRAYER. BLESSED JESUS, who hast given thyself to be the life of the world ; and hast graciously instituted the sacrament of thy holy supper, to be a lively memorial of thy infinite love, and pledge of thy grace and mercy ; behold me, thy unworthy servant, waiting upon thee for pardon, for strength, and salvation Lead me, O my Saviour, to thy altar, and there display thyself to my soul, in the glorious fulness of thy mercy and power.

“I do not presume to come to this thy table, O Lord, trusting in my own righteousness, but in thy manifold and great mercies.” Sin has defiled my soul; has laden with guilt my conscience ; has rendered me utterly unworthy of thy favour ; has exposed me to thy just and everlasting wrath. Blessed be thy name, O Lord, that in thee there is mercy and plenteous redemption. Humbly confessing my unworthiness and guilt, and casting myself on thy infinite compassion, O do thou convey to me, in thy holy supper, the forgiveness of my sins, my title to

thy love and everlasting favour. To thy service I desire to devote myself to thee, O my God, I vow steadfast obedience and homage. O accept me at thy holy table as thy devoted servant and subject. Seal to my soul the blessings of the everlasting covenant. Thee, O my Saviour, I adore as my Lord and my God. To thy celestial instructions I will evermore hearken; to thy all-sufficient atonement I will evermore flee; to the sceptre of thy grace I will evermore willingly bow. Receive and acknowledge me, blessed Jesus, at thy holy table, among the number of thy redeemed people. I bless thee for the infinite love which thou hast displayed in my redemption—for the unutterable sufferings and agonizing death which were the price of my ransom from guilt and condemnation. "Glory be to thee, O thou Lamb of God, who takest away the sins of the world. May my grateful sense of thy infinite compassion be manifested by sincere devotion to thy commands; by lively and active charity to all mankind, for whom thou didst shed thy blood. Thus confessing my sins; steadfastly purposing to lead a new life; relying supremely on thy merits and grace; thankfully celebrating thy meritorious sufferings and death; and cherishing the sentiments of lively and ardent love—may I approach thy holy altar, and experience the quickening efficacy of thy body and blood. May they shed through my soul their consoling, renovating, and strengthening power, and nourish me to everlasting life. May these symbols of thy love afford my soul a rich foretaste of the exalted bliss which the fruition of thy glorious presence will afford.

O most gracious God, measure thy blessings to me, not by my deserts, but by thy infinite mercies. Shed now the full power of thy Holy Spirit through

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