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enemies : make thy way plain Pf. vii. Domine, Deus meus. efore my face 9 For there is no faithfulners O LORD my God, in thee

have I put my trust : fave in his mouth : their me from all them that perfecute are very wickedness.

me, and deliver me; 10 Their throat is an open 2 Leit he devour my soul like a fepuichie" they flatter with their lion, and tear it in pieces: while tongue.

there is none to help. 11 Destroy thou them, o God; 30 Lord my God, if I have 1.'t them perish through their done any such thing : or if there own imaginations : cast them out be any wickedness in my hands; in ihe multitude of their ungad- 4 if I have rewarded evil unto linefs: for they have rebelled him that dealt friendly with a-ainit thee.

me : yea, I have delivered him 12 And let all them that put that without any caure is mine their trust in thee rejoice : they enemy; 1. all ever be the giving of thanks 5 Then let mine enemy perbecause theu defendut them; fecute my soul, and take me : I ey that love thy. Name shall yea, let him tread my life down tu jarful in thee.

upon the earth, and lay mine 13 for hou, L rd, wilt give honour in the dust. ay be fiing unto the righteous : 6 Stand up, O Lord, in thy and with thy favourable-kindnefs wrath, and lift up thyself, because wilt thou defend him as with of the indignation of mine ene. a ihield.

mies : arise up for me in the vanni judgement that thou hast com


7 And so fhall the congregation Psalm vi. Domine, ne in furore. of the people come about thee : LORD, rebuke me not in

for their fakes therefore lift up thine indignation : neither thyself again. haften me in thy displeasure. & The Lord shall judge the

Have mercy upon me, o people; give fentence with me, Lord, for I am weak : O Lord, O Lord' : according to my righte?eal me, for my bones are vexed. ousness, and according to the in

3 My foui alio is fore troubled: nocency that is in me. but, Lord, how long wilt thou 9 o let the wickedness of the punith me?

ungodly come to an end : but 4 Turn thee, O Lord, and de- guide thou the just. liver my foul : O save me for thy 10 For the righteous God : mercies' false.

triech the very hearts and reins. 5 for in death no man remem- 11 My help cometh of God: bereth thee : and who will give who prefervern them that are hce thanks in the pil?

true of heart. 6 I am weary of my groaning; 12 God is a' righteous Judge, every night wash my bed: and strong and patient : and God is. water my couch with my tears. provoked every day.

7 My beauty is gone for very 13 If a man will not turn; he troubie ; and worn away because will whet his wort: he hath bent of all mine enemies.

his bow, and made it ready. 8 Away from me, all ye that 14 He liath prepared for him work vanity : for the Lord hath the instruments of death, : he Beard the voice of my werping.

ordrineth his arrows agaicst the 9 The lord hath' heard my perfecutors: . petition : the Lord will receive 15 Behold, he travaileth with by prayer.

mifchief : he hath conceived id all mine enemies thall be sorrow, and brought forth confounded, and fore vexed : godliness. hey shall be turned back, and 16 He hath graven and digged it to Shayne fuddenly.

op a pli i and is fallen hinleti

O excellent is thy name'in ay

into the deliruction that he made 4 For thou haft maintained my for other.

right, and my cause : thou art 17 For his travail mall come set in the throne that judgest upon his own head : and his right. wickedness thall fall his own

5 Thou hast rebuked the hea, pate.

then, and destroyed the ungodly: 18 I will give thanks unto the thou hast put out theiroame for Lord, according to his righteous ever and ever... ness: and I will praise the Name 60 thou enemy, defiructions of the Lord most High.

are come to a perpetual end : Pf. viii. Domine, Dominus nofter. deliroved; their memoiial is

even as the cites which thou hatt LORD our Governor, how perithed with them.

7 But the Lord thall endure for the world : thou that all set thy ever : he hath also prepared his glory above the heavens!

seat for judgement. 2 Out of the mouth of very 8 For he thall judge the world babes and sucklings has thou or in righteousness : and minifier chained itrength, because of thine true judgement unto llie jeople. enemies : that thou mightest still 9 The Lord also will be a dethe enemy and the aveuger. fence for the oppreffed! : even

3 For I will consider ihy hea- a refuge in due time of trouble. veds, even the works of thy fin. 10 And they that know thy gers : the moon and the stars. Name will put their trust in which thou hafi ordained. thee: for thou, Lord, hatt perer

4 What is man, that thou art failed them that feek'thee. mindful of him : and the Son of 11 O praise the Lord, which man, that thou visitest him? dwelleth in Sion : thew ibe

5 Thou mallest him lower than people of his doings. the angels : to crown him with 12 For when he maketh inglory and woríhip:

quifition for blood, he reirem. 6 Thou makefi' him to have bereth them : and forgetteth not dominion of the works of thy the complaint of the poor." hands : and thou hast put all 13 Have mercy uponi ine, o things in subjection under his. Lord; confider the trouble which

I-fuffer of them thai hate me : 7 All sheep and oxen : yea, thou that liftelt ine up from the and the beasts of the field; gates of death;

8 The fuwls of the air, and the 14 That I may shew all thy fishes of the sea : and whatsoever praises 'within the ports of the walketh through the paths of the daughter of sion : I will rejoice feas.

in thv fulvation. 9 O Lord our Governor : how 15 The heathen are funk down excellent is thy Name io ali the in the pit that they made : in the world! which they hid privily is their foot taken.

16 The Lord is known to MORNING PRAYER.

execute judgement : the unyodiy Píalm ix. ('cnfitebor tibi. is trapped in the work of his owi WILL give thanks unto thee, hands.

O Lord, with my whole heart: 17 The wicked thall be turned I will speak of all ihy marvellous into hell: and all the people works.

that forget God. 2 1 will be glad and rejoice 18 For the poor thall not alıvay in thee : yea, my songs will be forgotten the patient abiding make of thy Name, 0 thou most of the meek thall not perish for Higheit.

ever. 3 While mine enemies are 19 Up, Lord, and let not man driven back : they thall fall and have the imper hand : let ihe



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20 Put them in fear, O Lord: thee; for thou art the helper of
that the heathen may know the friendless.
themselves to be but men. 17 Break thou the power of

Ps. X. Ut quid, Domine? the ungodly and malicious: take
THY fiandelt thou so far off, away his ungodliness, and thou

O Lord: and hideft thy face shalt find none.
in the needful time of trouble? 18 The Lord is King for ever

2. The ungodly for his own lust and ever : and the heathen are doth persecute the poor : letthem perished out of the land. be taken in the crafty witness 19 Lord, thou hast heard the that they have imagined. desire of the poor : thou pre

3 For the ungodly hath made parest their heart, and tbine car boast of his own heart's desire: hearkeneth thereto; and speaketh good of the covet. 20 To help the fatherless and ous, whom God abhorreth. poor unto their right : that the

4 The ungodly is so proud, that man of the earth be no more he careth not for God: neither exalted against them. is God in all his thoughts.

Ps. xi. In Domino confido. 5 His ways are alway grievous: 'N the Lord put I my trust : thy judgements are far above out of his right, and therefore defieth That he should fee as a bird he all his enemies.

anto the hill? 6 For he hath said in his heart, 2. For lo, the ungodly bend Tush, I shall never be call down: their bow, and make ready their there thall no harm happen unto arrows within the quiver : that me. 7 His mouth is full of curfing, which are true of heart.

they may privily noot at them deceit, and fraud : under his 3 For the foundations will be tongue is ungodliness and vanity. cait down and what hath the

8 He fitteth lurking in the righteous done?
thievish corners of the ftreets : 4 The Lord is in his holy
and privily in his lurking dens temple : the Lord's seat is in
doth he murder the innocent; his heaven.
eyes are set against the poor. 5 His eyes consider the poor :

'9 For he licth waiting secretly; and his eyelids try the children
eveu as a lion lurketh he in his of men.
den: that he may ravish the poor. 6 The Lord alloweth the right.

10 He doth ravith the poor : eous : but the ungodly, and hiin when he getteth him into his net. that delighteth in wickedness,

11 He falleth down, and hum- doth his loul abhor. bleth himself : that the congrega- ? Upon the ungodly he thal! tion of the poor may fall into the rain snares, fire and brimstone, hands of his captains.

ftorm and tempeft : this shall be 12 Ile hath said in his heart, their portion to drink. Tuih, God hath forgotten : he 8 for the righteous Lorit hideth away his face, and he will loveth righteousness : his coun. never see it.

tenance will behold the thing 13 Arise, O Lord God, and lift that is just, up thine band : forget not the wron

EVENING PRAYER. 14 Wherefore should the wicked blaspheme God : while he doth Psalin xii. Salvum me fac..

ELP God, not .

one godly left 15 Surely thou hast seen it for the faithful are minished from for thou beboldeft ungodliness

mong the children of men. and wrong.

2 They talk of vanity, every 16 That thou mayeft 'take one with his neighbour : they do the matter into thy hand : the but flatter with their lips, and poor committeth himself unto difeinble in their double heart.

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3 The Lord fhall root out all to see if there were any that deceitful lips : and the tongue would understand, and seek after that speakein proud things; God.

4 Which have said, With our 4 But they are all gone out of tongue will we prevail : we are the way, they are altogether bethey that ought to speak; Who come abominable : there is none is lord over us?

that doeth good, no, not ope. 5 Now for the comfortless 5 Their throat is an open retroubles? fake of the needy : and pulchre; with their tongues have because of the deep fighing of the they deceived: the poison of afps poor;

is under their lips. 6 I will up, faith the Lord : 6 Their mouth is full of cursing and will help every one from and bitterness: their feet are him that swelleth against him, swift to shed blood. and will set him at rest.

7 Defiruction and unhappiness 7 words of the Lord are is in their ways, and the way of pure words ; even as the filyer, peace have they not known : which from the earth is tried, there is no fear of God before and purified seven times in the their eyes. fire.

8 Háve they no knowledge, 8 Thou shalt keep them, o that they are all such workers of Lord : thou shalt preserve him, mischief : eating up my people from this generation for ever. as it were bread, and call not

9 The ungodly walk on every upon the Lord ? fide : when they are exalted, 9 There were they brought the children of men are put to in great fear, even where no fear Febuke.

was : for God is in the generation Ps. xiii. Ufque quo, Domine? of the righteous. TOW long wilt thou forget

10 As for you, ye have made long wil thou hide thy face from poor : because he putterb his

trust in the Lord. me! 2 How long shall I seek counsel

11 Who hall give falvation in my foul, and be lo vexed in unto Israel out of sion? When my heart ! how long thall mine the Lord turneth the captivity enemies triumph over me?

of his people : then tball Jacob 3 Consider and hear me, o rejoice, and Israel shall be glad. Lord my God : lighten mine eyes, that I sleep not in death;

MORNING PRAYER. 4 Leit mine enemy say, I have Pfal. xv. Domine, quis habitabit? prevailed againfi him : for if I be cast down, they that trouble me


tabernacle : or who thall will rejoice at it. 5. But my trust is in thy reit upon thy holy hill?

2 Even he that leadeth an uninercy : and my heart is joyful in thy salvation.

corrupt life : and doeth the thing 6 I will ong of the Lord, 'be- which is right, and speaketli the

truth from his heart. cause he hath dealt fo lovingly with me : yea, I will praise the in his tongue, nor done evil


3 Ile that bath used no deceit Name of the Lord moft Highest.

his neighbour

and hath not Ps. xiv. Dixit infipiens. Aandered his neighbour. THE fool h3th said in his 4 He that festein mot by him.

self, birt is lowly in his owa 2 They are corrupt, and become eyes : and maketh much of them abominable in iheir doings : that fear the Lord. there is none that doeth good, 5 He that sweareth unto his no, not one.

neighbour, and disappuinseth him 3 The Lord looked down from not : though it were to his own


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my lips.

my lut.

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6 He that hath not given his • 4 Because of men's works that money, upon usury : nor taken are done against the words of reward against the innocent. thy lips : I have kept me from

7 Whoso doeth these things : the ways of the destroyer. fall never fall..

5 o hold thou up my goings in Ps. xvi. Conserva me, Domine. thy paths : that my footiteps flip RESERVE me, o God : for in not.

6 I have called upon thee, o 2 O my foul, thou hast said unto God, for thou thalt hear me : the Lord : Thou art my God; incline thine ear to me, and my goods are nothing unto thee. hearken unto my words.

3 All my delight is upon the 7 Shew thy marvellous lovingfaints that are in the earth : and kindness, thou that art the Saupon such as excel iu virtue. viour of them which put their

4 But they that run after ano- trust in thee : froin such as refiit tier god: hali have great trouble. thy right hand.

5 Their drink-offerings of blood 8 Keep me as the apple of an will I not offer : neider make eye : bide me under the thadow mention of their names within of thy wings,

9 From the ungodly that 6 The Lord himself is the trouble me : mine enemies comportion of inue inheritance, and pass me round about to take of my cup : thou thaii maintain away my soul.

10 They are inclosed in their 7 Tlie lot is fallen unto me own fat : and their mouth speak. in a fair ground : yea, I have eth proud things. a goodly heritage.

11 They lie waiting in our way 8 I will thank the Lord for giv- on every side : turning their eyes ing me warning : my reins also down to the ground; chafien me in the night seafou. 12 Like as a lion that is greedy

9 I have let God always before of his prey: and as it were me : for he is on my riglit land, a lion's whelp lurking in secret therefore I Shall not fall.

places. 10 Wherefore my heart was 13 Up, Lord, disappoint him, glad, and my glory rejoiced: ny and call him down : deliver my fiem also thall rest in hope. soul from the ungodiy, which is

11 For why? thou halt not a sword of thing; leave ray soul in hell : neither 14 From the inen of thy hand, thalt thou suffer thy. Holy One to O Lord, from the men, I say, fee corruption

and from the evil world: which 12 Thou lhalt fhew me the have their portion in this life, path of life; in thy presence is whose bellies inou fillest with the fulness of joy : and at thy thy hid, treasure. rigut hand there is pleasure for 15 They have children at their everinore.

defire: and leave the rest of their Ps. xvii. Exaudi, Domine. fubitance for their babes.

16 But as for me, I will besider my complaint : and hold thy, presence in righteous. hearken unto iny prayer, that ness: and when I awake up after gocih not out of feigned lips. thy likeness, I thall be satisfied

2 Let my sentence come forth with it.
from thy presence : and let thine
eyes look upon the thing that is


3 Thou hast proved and visited Psalm xviii. Diligam te, Domine. mine heart in the night-feafon WILL love thee, O Lord, my thou hast tried me, and shalt find

strength; the Lord is my no wickedness in me : for I am fiony rock, and my defence : utterly purposed that my mouth my Saviour, my God, and my heall not offend.

night, in whom I will truti;

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Hear the Filmo Lord, cong

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