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Is the purest and most fragrant Dentifrice ever made; all dentists will allow that neither washes nor paste can possibly be as efficacious for polishing the Teeth and keeping them sound and white as a pure and non-gritty tooth powder ; such RowLANDS' Odonto has always proved itself to be.

Sold everywhere. Ask for Rowlands' Articles, of 20, Hatton Garden, London.



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THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY TRUE, Is allowed to be the greatest discovery of the present century, and is largely employed by the most eminent Medical Men, in hospitals and private practice, in all parts of the globe. This invaluable remedy produces quiet, refreshing sleep, relieves pain, calms the system, restores the deranged functions, and stimulates healthy action of the secretions of the body. Old and young may take it at all hours and times when requisite. Thousands of persons testify to its marvellous good effects and wonderful cures, while Medical Men extol its virtues most extensively, using it in great quantities in the following diseases :-Cholera, Dysentery, Diarrhæa, Colics, Coughs, Asthina, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Whooping-Cough, Cramp, Hysteria, &c.

Doses.—5 to 10 drops for Coughs, Colds, Agues, and Influenza ; 5 to 15 drops for Febrile, Heart, or Head affections ; 10 to 20 drops for Hysteria, Rheumatism, Gout, Delirium Tremens and Cramp; 10 to 25 drops for Consumption, Asthma, Bronchitis, Epilepsy, Cancer, Croup, and Uterine Diseases ; 25 to 30 drops for Cholera, Dysentery, Diarrhea, Colics, &c.-"To be taken in water.

IMPORTANT CAUTION.-Four Chancery suits terminated in favour of FREEMAN'S ORIGINAL CHLORODYNE, and against J. Collis Browne and J. T. Davenport. Lord Chancellor SELBORNE, Lord Justice James, and Lord Justice Mellish condemned their proceedings, and ordered them to pay all costs of the Suits. -Reported in the Times, April 29th and July 24th, 1873:

Manufactured by the Sole Inventor, RICHARD FREEMAN, 70, Kennington Park Road, London, S.E. Sold by Patent Medicine Dealers in all parts of the World, in Bottles, 1s. 1 d.; 2-oz 28. 90. ; 4-0z. 45. 60.; half-pints, 11s.; and pints 20s. each.

Purchasers are Cautioned not to have palmed upon them any substitute. There are other articles bearing the name of Chlorodyne, but quite devoid of its wonderful effects. See that ihe Trade Mark, The Elephant," is on the wrapper, &c., which is the only true Chlorodyne.



Are one of those rare Medicines which, for their extraordinary properties, have gained an almost UNIVERSAL REPUTATION. Numbers are constantly bearing testimony to their great value in Disorders of the Head, Chest, Bowels, Liver, and Kidneys; also in Rheumatism, as may be seen from the Testimonials published from time to time. By the timely use of such a remedy many of

the seriously aflicting disorders which result from proper means ESTABLISHED 1035.

being neglected might be avoided and much suffering saved, for "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE."

Sold in Boxes, price 7}d , is. itd, and 25. od., by G. WHELPTON & SON, 3, Crane Court, Fleet Street, London, and by Chemists and Medicine Vendors at Home and Abroad. Sent free by post in the United Kingdom for 8, 14, or 33 stamps.




Beware of Imitations, which are often pushed by shopkeepers.

Pure Cocoa may be secured at the cost of One Halspenny for a large Breakfast Cup by using CADBURY'S COCOA, which goes three times as far as the adulterated and starchy compounds ordinarily sold.

A Single Trial solicited from those who have not yet tried these Splendid Preparations.


The Most Delicious Sauce in the World. This cheap and excellent Sauce makes the plainest viands palatable, and the daintiest dishes more delicious. To Chops, Steaks, Fish, &c., it is incom

parable. In Bottles, 6d., 15., and 2s. each. GOODALL'S BAKING POWDER.

The Best in the World. Makes delicious Puddings without Eggs, Pastry without Butter, and beautiful

light Bread without Yeast. In id. Packets ; 61., 15., 25., and 5s. Tins. GOODALL'S QUININE WINE.

The Best and most Agreeable Tonic yet introduced. The best remedy known for Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, General Debility, &c. Restores delicate individuals to health. At is. 14 d. and 25. 3d, each

Bottle, GOODALL'S CUSTARD POWDER. For making Delicious Custards without Eggs, in less time and at Half the Price.

The Proprietors can recommend it to Housekeepers generally as a useful agent in ihe Preparation of a good Custard. Give it a Trial. Sold in Boxes,

6d. and is, each. GOODALL'S BRUNSWICK BLACK.

For Painting Stoves, Grates, Iron, Tin, &c. 6d. and is. Botiles. GOODALL'S EGG POWDER.

Its action in Cakes, Puddings, &c., &c., resembles that of the egg in every particular. One Penny Packet wi:l go as far as Four Eggs, and One Sixpenny

Tin as far as Twenty-eight! Sold everywhere, in id. Packets; 6d. and is. Tins. GOODALL'S BLANC-MANGE POWDER.

Makes Delicious Blanc-Manges in a few minutes. In Boxes, 6d. and is. each. All the above-named Preparations may be had of all Grocers, Chemists, Patent

Medicine Dealers, and Oilmen. Manufacturers : GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & CO., White Horse Street, Leeds.



Sold in Boxes at is. I % d., 25. 9d., 45. 6d., and 115. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent to anv address for 15, 36, or 60 Stamps, by the Proprietors, GOODALL BACKHOUSE & CO., Leeds, who have purchased the Recipe and sole right to their manufacture from the Widow of the late WILLIAM KABERRY, Pateley Bridge.

London Agents.-BARCLAY & SONS ; W. EDWARDS & SON ; SANGER & SONS; and W. SUTTON & Co.

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