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bestow upon me, both in Soul and Body in an immortal Life.

O God, what Things are thofe which thou haft laid up for those that fear thee; for these that trust in thee, and depend intirely on thy Goodness, and submit to thy Will and Pleasure! In what a kind Relation art thou pleafed to ftand unto us; that we may be confident thou dearly lovest us, and wilt take care of us? All Ages have experienced this Love, that thou, Lord, baft not forfaken them that feek thee: Therefore thy Face evermore will I feek. I will never doubt of thy merciful Kindness; but alwayes believe that thou art gracious and full of Compaffion : Fuft and True in all thy Ways, O thou King of Saints. Confirm and firengthen thefe holy Purpofes in me, by the Affiftance of thy good Spirit, making thefe Thoughts more ftrong, more lively and mightily affecting my Heart. So that I may be able to say, the Lord is my helper, I will not fear what man can do unto me. He bath not Spared his only Son, but delivered him up for us all: How shall be not with him give us all Things? I will blefs the Lord at all Times, his Praife fhall be continually in my Mouth, my Soul fhall make her Boaft in the Lord, and I will rejoyce in his Salvation.


Ó blessed Day, when we fhall fee Jefus again, and feel him changing this vile Body, and makeing it like his glorious Body, by the Power whereby be can fubdue all Things to himself! Ọ bap py Day, when all Tears shall be wiped away from our Eyes; and there shall be no Sighing or



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Sorrow, but prefent Satisfaction and Foy for evermore! Help me always to comfort my felf in every Condition with the Hopes of that joyful Time, and to prepare my felf for the Bleffedness of it, by doing Thee all the Honour I can in this World: especially by testifying through a meek, patient, and chearful Suffering of all the Troubles of this Life, that thou are wife and good, and bountiful to all thy faithful Servants, and that thy Service in the midst of my Sufferings is better than all the Pleafures of Sin, which endure but for a Seafon.

O God, I defire always to give thee this Glory t and to count it an Honour that I can bear witnefs to thee, by a contented Vertue, in every State and Condition of Life. I esteem that Approbation and Praife which I hope for from thee, far above all the Dignities and Preferments of this World. Do thou, O Lord, but allow of me for thy good and faithful Servant; and make me but to feel the Comfort of that joyful Voice, which I hope to hear, Well done, good and faithful Servant, enter into thy Master's Foy; and do with me what thou pleafeft. I confide in Thee for that Happiness, and for all Things elfe. I leave my felf wholly to thy Difpofal. I depend abfolutely on thy Wisdom, and thy good Will and Kindness, which I Intrust with All that concerns me. I refolve to be fatisfied with what thou or dereft, and fill to Speak good of thee: Hoping that whilst I have this good Heart towards thee, I fball at all Times rejoyce with a chearful Countenance. Amen, Amen.


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Be content with fuch Things as have:---


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Am now come to the laft of thofe three Things, which I propounded to be treated of, in the Beginning of these Discourses, which is, The Means whereby we may obtain fo great a Bleffing as this of Contentment and Satisfaction of Spirit. The very Truth is, all thofe Reasons that I have given why we ought to reft contented in our prefent State, are as fo many Helps to this Happinefs, if they be confidered. And if they be not confidered, then nothing that can be faid will prove helpful to us, because our Confideration will still be needed.



But yet, because the often repeating of a Thing doth much imprefs it upon our Spirits ; and that which doth not move us at one time, ftrikes us vehemently at another; and that which being delivered in one Form of Speech, is not much understood or regarded, becomes very plain and perfpicuous when it is delivered in another; I fhall therefore give you fome Rules to observe, which, though they may border upon what hath been faid already, will much conduce to fet you forward in the Way to Con



And it is very easy to fee from the fore-going Difcourfes, that we ought in the firft Place, to inform our Minds very well about the Nature of thofe Things which are apt to give us Difcontent. Contentment is the Good of the Mind, and therefore, as Seneca hath well expreffed it," we must go into our felves for it, because the Good of the Mind is to be found no where but in the Mind. And if we liften to the Inftructions of our own Minds, they will direct us prefently! to a Remedy for our vexatious Thoughts, by bidding us confider, what it is that we are vexed about. Let it be any worldly Good which we want, or any fuch Evil which we endure, I have plainly fhown you that the former are not of fuch Moment, but we may be happy without them; nor the other fo afflictive, but we may be happy under them. Let us not


magnify either of them, in our Fancy, above their juft Proportion, and we shall foon fatisfy our felves in Things that are truly great beyond all Eftimation; either with or without thefe that give us fo much Difquiet. I lift not to fpend the time in repeating all that hath been faid to this Effect: But fhall only recommend to you this Meditation of the royal Philofopher Antoninus. If thou canst find, faith he, any Thing in humane Life that is more worth than Juftice, Truth, Sobriety, Fortitude, and, in a Word, the Satisfaction of doing that which right Reason prompts thee unto; turn thy whole Soul towards that Good, and enjoy that most excellent Thing, when thou haft found it. But if nothing appear better in this World, than that divine Being which is in thee, following its own best Inclinations, and having the Government of its own Motions, and fubjecting it felf to Almighty God; if all Things elfe confefs themselves mean, and poor, and vile, in comparifon of this give not place to them, nor quit thy Self to purfue any of them, otherways than as thy own Reafon directs thee, viz. as fmaller Goods that ought not to be purchased with our own Difquiet, nor enjoyed without the Enjoyment of our better Selves. To this purpose that great Man fpeaks; and if I have helpt out his Senfe a little, I have done it no wrong.

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And that now leads me to the fecond Thing. After we have rectified Things in our Minds,

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