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Moft bleed and glorious God, who art to be acknowledged and praised by all understanding Creatures, as much as they are able: For according to thy Name, So ought thy Praife to be; very great and excellent. And fo likewife ought to be our Fear of thee, our Faith in thee, our Love to thee, our Defire after thee, and our Delight and Joy in thy Love. All good Men have magnified and extolled thy Power, by which the Heaven, the Earth, and the Seas, and all Things therein, were created. They have acknowledged thy Truth and Faithfulness which endureth for ever. Thy Justice and Mercy have been wonderful in their Eyes, and all Ages have celebrated thy particular Care of thofe that fear thee, and put their Truft in thee. Thou hast preferved the Strangers, and relieved the Fatherless and Widows; and, bleffed be thy Goodness, I know that thou reigneft King for ever unto all Generations.

But above all I rejoice in this, that thou haft not difdained to appear in our Flesh: But haft loved and honoured us fo far as to fecure our Hope and Confidence in thee, by dignifying our Nature at thine own Right-hand, with the greateft Glory.


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What Praife, what Love, what foy, what Service, is great enough to render to thee, O Lord, who art fo high, and whofe Kindness is fo great, far exceeding all our Conceptions! I make thee, O my God, a Prefent of all that I bave, with the most ardent and hearty Affection: Defiring but to be so happy as to have a perpetual Senfe of thee possessing my Soul with delightful Thoughts of thee, and engaging my Heart to the moft paffionate Love of thee, and preserving me in perfect Quietness and Peace, by an entire Truft in thee.

I will Truft in thee, O Lord, at all Times! I will love thee with all my Heart, and with all my Soul, and with all my Strength. The Meditation of thee shall be always fweet unto me. I will rely on thy precious Promifes, that thou wilt never leave me nor forsake me: And still be giving Thanks unto thee in every Thing, according to thy Will declared in Chrift Fefus.

Thanks be unto thee, that thou hast made me fuch an excellent Creature; and endued me with a Mind fo great and large and to all the Riches of Nature, added thofe great Treasures of thy Grace in Chrift Fefus, which are unfearchable and inestimable. I thank thee for all the bleffed Fruits of his Paffion, Refurrection, and Exaltation: For the Power of the Holy Ghoft; for the Service of better Creatures than thefe which thou haft put, in Subjection under our Feet, even the Ministry of the Celestial Hoft, and all the Kindness Í havé received by their means:


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Vouchsafe, I beseech thee, to replenis my Mind more and more, with Abundance of Chriftian Wif dom. Fill me with Holy Thoughts. Make them familiar and natural to me, that they may be ready at Hand, on all Occafions, to present themfelves, and to quell all thofe unquiet Thoughts or Defires, that are apt at any time to rife in my Heart. Settle my Faith and Hope in thee; and make them more frong and vigorous. Raife that Love, which I acknowledge is due unto thee, to a greater Height; that I may feel the Power of it compofing my Spirit, and making me well pleafed in what pleafeth thee, and fatisfying me fully with a conftant Belief of thy Love and Kindness towards me. Raife me, O God, to that noble Pitch of Faith in thee, that I may be able to embrace my prefent Condition, what foever it be, as beft for me: And accept of all Croffes from thee with an equal and thankful Mind, and wait on thee with a patient and refigned Will, for what thou feeft Good for me; and not be too hasty, in my Defires of Deliverance from the greatest Burthens that may lie upon me.


Preferve that Divine Reafon which thou haft infpired me withal, by thy Holy Gospel, in fuch Clearnefs, Force, and Activity; that it may perfectly fubdue and govern all my Paffions, and be ever at Hand to affift me against all Temptations to difcontented Thoughts and Fretfulness of Spirit. Poffefs my Heart, O my God, So entirely therewith, that I may be of good Comfort, yea Rejoice, in every Effate, and fill fay, Thanks be to God, thanks be to God: Until I am fet free


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from all the Troubles of this Life, and from the Straitnefs and Burthen of this Body too ; that I may give thee Thanks, with more enlarged Thoughts and Affections in the happy Company of the Bleffed. Unto which I hope thou wilt conduct me by all that befalls me, according to thy wife Love manifefted in Chrift Jefus, by whom all Honour, Glory, and Praife, all hearty Love and chearful Obedience be rendred to thee Eternally.


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Have finished the great and principal Rules for the leading a contented Life, which are contained in Faith, Hope, and Charity. Something to trouble and moleft us, as hath been often faid, we inuft always expect, and not imagine that we can find Eva Biov ähvnov, fome one Sort of Life, void of all Grievances and Vexations. We do but lofe our Time and Labour, if we go in the fearch of any fuch State; whether we fancy it to be in the Country private Life, or in the Unmarried, or even in that of great Princes and Kings: For as Plutarch (whofe Words thefe are) hath obferved out of Menander, ovyjevés 77 Xúm Bí, there is a certain Kindred between Life



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