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and Foy, and Comfort, as might make any Condition of Life, not only tolerable, but eafy to me. Poffefs me at least with fuch a Senfe of Thee, and of thy abundant Mercy towards me, as may root out of me all thofe covetous Defires, which are difpleafing to Thee, and injurious to my own Tranquillity; give me a foft and tender Heart, fenfible of the leaft of thy Favours, as greater than I deferve, and especially make me fo apprehenfive of heavenly things, that the Tafte of them, may affwage all inordinate Appetites after other Enjoyments, as little and inconfiderable, in compare with thofe which thou haft blessed

me withal: Endue me with that noble and generous Difpofition, that I may not only eschew all finful Courfes, but whatfoever is indecent and unbecoming one, who bath fuch glorious Hopes in another World: Help me to honour my Religion, by giving thee perpetual Thanks, and Speaking good of thy Name at all Times; and whatsoever Temptations I may meet withal to Murmuring and Complaints, preferve me in fuch a fettled Belief of thy fatherly Love, that I may never be guilty of fo great Ungratitude to it, as to repine at any Condition into which thou shalt be pleafed to difpofe me: Rectify my Mind and Will and fet them fo ftraight toward Thee, that they may always lye even with thy wife Will, and chearfully follow it, whetherfoever thou shalt lead me.

I ought not, I know, to distrust thy Wisdom and Goodness, who haft declared that thou wilt continue thy loving Kindness to them that



know Thee, and thy Rigteousness to Men of upright Hearts. Lord as thou haft made me to know Thee, and bent my Heart to comply with Thee; so preferve me alway in this holy Difpofition; that I may maintain my Uprightness and Integrity to the End, till I come to reap the Fruit of it, in eternal Union with thee.

And for that End, I befeech Thee to fettle all thofe holy Truths in my Mind, which I feel so powerful, to compofe and quiet me into a perfect Peace and happy Tranquility; Make them one with me, and work them into the Temper of my Spirit, that being guided alway by an heavenly Reafon and divine Wisdom, I may be raised above all the Troubles of this Life, and remain in a calm and undisturbed Expectation of a better: Poffefs thy felf intirely of my Heart, that I may not converfe with Thee as a Stranger, but as a familiar Friend, and as my Father. O! that these heavenly Truths may not be as a Guest that tarrieth but for a Day with me; but may make their Abode in my Soul, and dwell with me for ever, that fo I may feel the Strength and Virtue of them conftantly in my Heart, overcoming all Inclinations to Covetousness, to Difcontent, to Impatience, to Trouble of Spirit, and unfettlednefs of Mind; and placing me in fuch an immutable Reft and Peace, as may be the Beginning of that eternal reft which Chrift hath prepared for his People.



Now to him that bath loved me, and dearly bought me by his Sons moft pretious Blood, and given me the Comfort of the Holy Ghoft, and the Promife of Immortality, and difpofed my Mind to thefe holy Thoughts, and filled me with these pious Defires, and given me a Will to Submit unto him, and made me feel how happy it is, to love him, andto be led by him, and given me joyful Hope of abiding for ever in his Love; be everlafting Praife and Thanksgiving rendred, from a most grateful Heart, by me and by every Creature in Heaven and Earth. Amen.







-For Ifay unto you, that in Heaven their Angels do always behold the Face of my Father which is in Heaven.

HAT there are Angels, I mean a kind of Spiritual Beings, much superiour to us, tho' invifible by us, is here fuppofed in my Text. But it is a Truth that hath been acknowledged by all Nations and all Ages of the World, and afferted likewife by very fubftantial Arguments against the Epicureans, and fuch like grofs and drowsy People.


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The common Sort of Philofophers proved it by fuch Evidences as these.

First, From Spectres and Apparitions, of which all Hiftories, in all Time, are very full. Secondly, From their Oracles, and the Anfwers of their Gods (as they called them) which could not be performed by any Art or Device of Men. Thirdly, From Magick, and all the Wonders that were performed by certain Persons, whom they could not but conclude to be familiar with fome Spirits or Dæmons; because it lay not within the Compafs of Man's Wit to produce fuch Effects, as their Eyes plainly beheld. And Laftly, From Prodigies and portentous Appearances, fometimes in the Air, fometimes in the Earth and the Sea, which were wont, they fay, to precede great Wars, and the overthrow of Empires, and other fuch notable Mutations in the World.

Now that which the Vulgar concluded thus from Obfervations of Senfe, the more refined and fpeculativeWits concluded from Principles of Reafon, the chief of which was this, That otherwife there would be a great Gap, a vast wide Breach, in the Universe, if there were no Beings at all between us mortal Men, and the most high God, the bleffed Creator of all; they obferved, that from the lowest Degree of being here upon this Earth, (which is but a little Mite of the great World) there is a gradual Afcent unto us Men; from inanimate Creatures (or Things without Life) unto Plants; and from Plants unto Animals (or fenfitive Beings; and from them unto us who



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