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Resignation to the Will of GOD.



On the Miniftration of ANGELS.


A PRAYER at the End of each Discourse, fuitable to the particular Subject of it.

By SYMON PATRICK, D. D. late Lord Bishop of Ely.

Never before Printed.

With an Exact CATALOGUE of his Works.


Printed for D. Browne, A. Bell, J. Darby, A. Bettef worth, J. Pemberton, C. Rivington, J. Hooke, R. Cruttenden and T. Cox, J. Battley and E. Symon, F. Clay. MDCCXIX.


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HE Seventeen Sermons contain❜d in this Volume, are the only Pieces of the late Doctor Symon Patrick, Lord Bishop of Ely, which have been published fince his Death. They were compos'd in the Prime of his Years, and very fairly written out by himself in one Volume. They were put into the Bookfellers Hands by his Relict, Mrs. Penelope Patrick, now living, with her Defire that they might be made Publick.

The Author was fo eminent for his great Learning and fingular Piety, and

his Practical Writings and Books of Devotion have been fo well received, that the Bookfellers think it a confiderable Recommendation of these Difcourses, and the Prayers annexed to them, that they can affure the World, they are the Genuine Works of that Excellent Prelate, and printed with great Care and Exactnefs from his own Manufcript. They have also been affured by their Friends who have perufed thefe Sermons, that as Mens being contented in all Eftates of Life, is a Matter of great Confequence to their Happiness, fo the Reader will here find the Duty of Contentment very fully treated of, and recommended with all that Clearnefs and Strength of Reasoning, and with all that Learning and true Piety, which might be expected in fo Celebrated an Author, writing upon fo Important a Subject.


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