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- men,


Being heirs together of the grace of life.—1 St. Peter iii. 7. I FATHER of life, confessing

3 Spirit of Love, descending, Thy majesty and power,

Impart Thy joy and peace, We seek Thy gracious blessing

These hopes together blending. To greet the bridal hour.

Bless with Thine own increase. The troth in Eden plighted

Athwart the roughened ocean, The wedded here renew;

Or on the peaceful tide, May they, in Thee united,

Thy breath through each emotion Till death be pure and true.

Their heavenward course shall guide. 2 Jesu, Redeemer, hear us!

4 The Church, Thy Bride, hath given Still be the Wedding Guest;

Her blessing on the vow;
Thy gentle Presence near us

Oh, ratify from Heaven
Makes common things more blest ; Her benison below.
E'en care shall be a learning

Bless, Father, Son and Spirit,
Of blessedness divine,

The union here begun, If Thou wilt still be turning

That in the life eternal The water into wine.

It may be ever one. Amen.

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. men.

240 Jesus was called, and His disciples, to the marriage."-St. John ii. 2. I O Christ, the King of human life, Oh, come to be among us now In royal bounty pour

A wonder-working Guest ! On these Thy servants, man and wife, 5 Poor weakly elements are ours, Thy blessing evermore.

But wealth and might are Thine: 2 On ties of home, in life, in death,

Rule earthly life by heavenly powers, Thy seal divine was set :

The water change to wine ! Those thirty years at Nazareth

6 And in Thy faith, and in Thy fear, "Thou, Lord, rememberest yet !

May these united be, 3 And by those holy years, we pray,

True type of those Espousals dear
To these Thine own be nigh:

Between Thy Church and Thee.
Their common life from day to day 7 So let them both at last attain
Direct and sanctify.

That better country's coast, 4 At Cana's marriage first didst Thou f Where with the Father Thou dost reign, Thy glory manifest ;

And with the Holy Ghost. Amen. ST. ALPHEGE. DR. H. J. GAUNTLETT, (1848).

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"And God blessed them.—Gen. i. 28. I The voice that breathed o'er Eden, 5 Be present, Son of Mary, That earliest wedding day,

To join their loving hands,
The primal marriage blessing,

As Thou didst bind two natures
It hath not past away.

In Thine eternal bands. 2 Still in the pure espousal

6 Be present, Holiest Spirit, Of Christian man and maid,

To bless them as they kneel, The Holy Three are with us,

As Thou for Christ, the Bridegroom, The threefold grace is said,

The heavenly spouse dost seal. 3 For dower of blessed children,

7 Oh! spread Thy pure wing o'er them, For love and faith's sweet sake,

Let no ill power find place, For high mysterious union,

When onward to Thine altar Which nought on earth may break. The hallowed path they trace, 4 Be present, awful Father,

8 To cast their crowns before Thee, To give away this bride,

In perfect sacrifice, As Eve Thou gav'st to Adam

cres. Till to the home of gladness Out of his own pierced side.

f With Christ's own Bride theyrise! Amen.

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(ON THE WAY TO CHURCH.) 242 Strangers and pilgrims on the earth.—Heb. xi. 13. PI COME, tread once more the path with cres. Then open to us, gates of peace, song,

mf. And let the pilgrim's journey cease! The way is short, the Rest is long; , Now let the solemn bell begin: The Lord hath given, He calls away; "It rings his Sabbath morning in; This home was for a passing day.

The labourer's week-day work is done, 2 Here in an inn a stranger dwelt, cres. The Rest, which Christ hath gained, Here joy and grief by turns he felt;

begun. Poor dwelling, now we close thy door,

50 Thou who reignest Lord alone, The sojourner returns no more !

Thou wilt return and claim Thine own! 3 Now of a lasting home possessed, cres. Come quickly, Lord, and let us see He goes to seek a deeper rest ;

mf Thy people perfected in Thee! Amen.


CHORAL BOOK, (1531).


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243 Blessed are the dead zvhich die in the Lord from henceforth : Yea,

saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours;

and their works do follow them."-Rev. xiv. 13. 1 BLESSING, honour, thanks, and praise, 3 Happy are the faithful dead, Pay we, gracious God, to Thee :

Blessèd who in Jesus die ; Thou in Thine abundant grace

They from all their toils are freed, Givest us the victory.

In God's keeping safely lie : True and faithful to Thy word,

These the Spirit hath declared Thou hast glorified Thy Son :

Blest, unutterably blest, Jesus Christ our dying Lord

Jesus is their great reward, Has for us the victory won.

Jesus is their endless rest.

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P i God of the living, in whose eyes 3 Not spilt like water on the ground,

Unveiled Thy whole creation lies; Not wrapped in dreamless sleep profound,
All souls are Thine; we must not say Not wandering in unknown despair
That those are dead who pass away; Beyond Thy voice, Thine arm, Thy care;

From this our world of flesh set free, Not left to lie like fallen tree; cres. We know them living unto Thee. cres. Not dead, but living unto Thee.

2 Released from earthly toil and strife, 4 Thy word is true, Thy will is just; With Thee is hidden still their life ; To Thee we leave them, Lord, in Thine are their thoughts, their works, trust; their powers,

And bless Thee for the love which gave All Thine, and yet most truly ours ; Thy Son to fill a human grave,

For well we know, where'er they be, That none might fear that world to see, cres, Our dead are living unto Thee. cres. Where all are living unto Thee.

5 O Breather into man of breath,

O Holder of the keys of death,
O Giver of the life within,

Save us from death, the death of sin ;
cres. That body, soul, and spirit be

f For ever living unto Thee! Amen.

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