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Melody of 14th century.



289 “ Lord, behold their threatenings, and grant unto Thy servants that with

all boldness they may speak Thy word.--Acts iv. 29.

Pi Lo, the storms of life are breaking ;

Faithless fears our hearts are shaking :
For our succour undertaking,

Lord and Saviour, help us !

3 On Thine own command relying,

We our onward task are plying ;
Unto Thee for safety sighing,

Lord and Saviour, help us !

2 Lo, the world, from Thee rebelling, 4 By Thy Birth, Thy Cross, Thy Passion,

Round Thy Church in pride is swelling: By Thy tears of deep compassion,
With Thy Word their madness quelling, By Thy mighty intercession,
Lord and Saviour, help us !

Lord and Saviour, help us ! Amen.

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(FOR THE CHURCH.) 269 Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of Thy name.”—Ps. Ixxix. 5.

Pi LORD of our life, and God of our salvation,

Star of our night, and Hope of every nation,
Hear and receive Thy Church's supplication,

Lord God Almighty.
2 Lord, Thou canst help when earthly armour faileth,

Lord. Thou canst save when deadly sin assaileth.
cres. Lord, o'er Thy Rock nor death nor hell prevaileth,

dim. Grant us Thy peace, Lord.
3 Peace in our hearts, our evil thoughts assuaging,

Peace in Thy Church, where brothers are engaging,
Peace when the world its busy war is waging,

Calm Thy foes raging.
4 Grant us Thy help till foes are backward driven,
Grant them Thy truth, that they may be forgiven,
Grant peace on earth, and, after we have striven,

Peace in Thy heaven. Amen.

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(FOR THE CHURCH.) 970 Return, we beseech Thee, O God of Hosts : look down from heaven, and

behold, and visit this vine.”—Ps. lxxx. 14. PIO Thou, whom heavenly hosts obey, From heaven, Thy throne, this vine

How long shall Thy fierce anger burn? And her sad state witi pity view. (survey, How long Thy suffering people pray, 4 Behold the vineyard made by Thee.

And to their prayers have no return? Which Thy right hand did guard solong : 2 Thou brought'st a vine from Egypt's And keep that branch from danger free,

Which for Thyself Thou mad'st so strong. And, casting out the heathen race,

w 5 Do Thou convert us, Lord ; do Thou Didst plant it with Thine own right . The lustre of Thy face display;

And firmly fix it in their place. (hand, cres. And all the ills we suffer now, 3 To Thee, O God of Hosts, we pray; mf Like scattered clouds, shall pass away. Thy wonted goodness, Lord, renew;

Amen. Also the following: LORD, in whose eternal counsels (420). To Thee our God we fly (537). O HOLY Ghost, Thou God of peace (448). JESU, with Thy Church abide (592).

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271 They cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them

out of their distresses.”--Ps. cvii. 6. 1 GOD the Lord has heard our prayer ; 3 Now the night of grief is gone, God has lightened all our care ;

cres. Now with joy breaks forth the morn ; To His glorious throne on high

Trust in God, if ye would prove Rose His children's mournful cry.

All the riches of His love." Alleluia ! praises sing

Alleluia ! praise the Lord ! Ý To our Father and our King !

'Trust His love and plead His word !

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(FOR VICTORY.) 9 9 “We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work

Thou didst in their days, in the times of old.—Ps. xliv. 1. FI GREAT God of Hosts, our ears have 3 Great God of Hosts, their God, and

Our fathers oft have told, [heard, The only King of kings! [ours ! What wonders Thou hast done for That same right arm which fought for

Thy glorious deeds of old. [them, To us the victory brings. (then 2 Not by their might was safety wrought, 4 To Thee the glory we ascribe, Nor victory by their sword ;

By whom the conquest came, But Thou didst guard the chosen race And, in triumphant songs of praise, Who Thy great Name adored.

Will celebrate Thy Name.
5 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God in Persons Three,
All highest praise, all humblest thanks,

Now and for ever be! Amen.




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73 “ Lord, Thou wilt ordain peace for us : for Thou also hast wrought

all our works in us.—Isa. xxvi. 12.
LORD God, we worship Thee ! 3 Lord God, we worship Thee !
In loud and happy chorus

Ô Thou didst indeed chastise us ;
We praise Thy love and power, 5 Yet still Thy anger spares,
Whose goodness reigneth o'er us!

My And still Thy mercy tries us ;
To heaven our song shall soar,

Once more our Father's hand
For ever shall it be

Doth bid our sorrows flee,
Resounding o'er and o'er ;

And Peace rejoice our land :f Lord God, we worship Thee !

f Lord God, we worship Thee ! Lord God, we worship Thee ! 4. Lord God, we worship Thee! For Thou our land defendest ;

And pray Thee, who hast blest us, Thou pourest down Thy grace,

That we may live in peace, And strife and war Thou endest ;

(And none henceforth molest us.
Since golden Peace, O Lord,

Oh, crown us with Thy love ;
Thou grantest us to see,

Fulfil our cry to Thee ;
Our land with one accord,

O Father, grant our prayer ; f Lord God, gives thanks to Thee ! f Lord God, we worship Thee! Amen.

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(AFTER A PESTILENCE.) 274. “So the Lord was entreated for the land.—2 Sam. xxiv. 25. I O GOD, whose Angel stayed his hand But oh! our Father and our God, Where David knelt by Ornan's floor, Thou lovest whom Thou chastenest ! That through Thine Israel's mourning 4 And One there stood. when none could land

Between the living and the dead, (save, The voice of health might sound once The incense of His prayer to wave, 2 We thank Thee for Thy pitying care, And plead the Blood Himself had shed.

Who in Thy chastenings still art Love; The living praise Thee. Lord, to-day: With whom the Son of David's prayer

Our dear ones on the eternal shore Prevails, upon the Mount above.

We leave to Thee; and only pray 3 Thy wisdom did not spare the rod, That we may fear and love Thee more. Sore smiting, as to Thee seemed best ;




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5 What nation is there so great, who hath God so'nigh unto them, as the Lord

Our God is in all things that we call upon Him for?"-Deut. iv. 7. f 1. PRAISE to our God, (m) whose boun- f2 Praise to our God; (m) through all our teous hand

past Prepared of old our glorious land ; His mighty arm hath held us fast; A garden fenced with silver sea ;

Till wars and perils, toils and tears, A people prosperous, strong and free, Have brought the rich and peaceful


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