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301. He that reapeth gathereth fruit unto life eternal.”-St. John iv. 36.

I LORD of the living harvest

That whitens o'er the plain, Where Angels soon shall gather

Their sheaves of golden grain ; Accept these hands to labour,

These hearts to trust and love, And deign with them to hasten

Thy kingdom from above.

3 Come down, Thou Holy Spirit,

And fill our souls with light, Clothe us in spotless raiment,

In vesture clean and white ; Within Thy sacred temple

Be with us, where we stand, And sanctify Thy people

Throughout this happy land.

2 As labourers in Thy vineyard

Still faithful may we be, Content to bear the burden

Of weary days for Thee ; We ask no other wages,

When Thou shalt call us home, But to have shared the travail

Which makes Thy kingdom come.

4 Be with us, God the Father !

Be with us, God the Son !
And God the Holy Spirit !

O blessed Three in One !
S Make us a royal priesthood,

Thee rightly to adore,

And fill us with Thy fulness 11 Both now and evermore! Amen.

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302 I was sick, and ye visited Me." —St. Matt. xxv. 36. I THOU to whom the sick and dying 3 May each child of Thine be willing, Ever came, nor came in vain,

Willing both in hand and heart, Still with healing word replying

All the law of love fulfilling, To the weary cry of pain ;

Comfort ever to impart, Hear us, Jesu, as we meet,

Ever bringing offerings meet, Suppliants at Thy mercy-seat.

Suppliant at Thy mercy-seat.

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"Bring him unto Me."-St. Mark ix. 19. 1 UPON the holy Mount they stood 5 He came from hours of rapture high That wondrous awful night :

To care for human woe :
They saw, and knew that it was good So Angels from God's presence fly
To see that vision bright.

To succour men below.
F 2 No Man of sorrows stands there now ; 6 O Jesu, be our life like Thine ;-
But, keen as lightning-flame,

Blest labour, doubly blest
The streams of heavenly radiance flow By communings with things divine
From that transfigured Frame.

Upon the mountain's crest.
P 3 Beneath that Mount another scene 7 Lord, we would pass from hours of prayer,

They saw, when morning smiled: That lift our souls above,
A father, torn with anguish keen, To go where want and sorrow are
Sought mercy for his child.

With lowly deeds of love.
4 No more the blaze of glistering light 8 Let no self-will within us lurk,
Enwraps the Form divine,

Nor faithless sloth be there ; But tender love and healing might But prayer give life to all our work, Around Him softly shine.

And work crown all our prayer. Amen.

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(See also “DELHI," No. 54.) 304 Which ministered unto Him of their substance."-St. Luke viii. 3. I O DAUGHTERS blest of Galilee, p 7 Ye brought sweet spices to the tomb ; With Jesus chose ye well to be, cres.And joy broke o'er your night of gloom,

Thrice happy holy company ! If And withered hopes burst forth in bloom. f 2 Oh joy, to see that Master dear! F 8 For, lo! upon your startled ear (clear;

Oh joy, to live with Him so near! l Thrilled forth the heavenly message
dim. Oh joy, that gentle voice to hear! “Your Lord is risen : He is not here.
F 3 Oh more than joy, to that dear Lord, F 9 O Jesu, throned above the height,
In purest, deepest love adored,

Adoring troops of Angels bright
Ali lowly service to afford !

Wait on Thy bidding day and night.
F 4 Yea, happy was your lot to bring, P 10 Thy sacred form we cannot see,
In loyal homage to your King

Yet, Lord, these hands may render Thee Each free and gracious offering. Each lowly act of charity. P 5 With wondering ear, as Hedrew nigh, PII For while 'mid want and woe we move,

Ye heard Him tell how He must die And tend Thy poor in gentle love,

On that dread Cross of Calvary. We minister to Thee above. PP6 And there, beneath the shrouded P 12 O gracious Jesu, we confess skies,

Our poor cold love, our nothingness : Standing far off, with awe-struck eyes f Yet Thou wilt own, and Thou wilt Ye watched the mighty Sacrifice.

bless! Amen.

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305 Now are they many members, yet but one body."-1 Cor. xii. 20. f 1 Our soul shall magnify the Lord, 3 May we the Christian law fulfil,

In Him our si shall rejoice; And bear each other's burdens here; Assembled here with one accord, And thus unite to do Thy will We praise Him with one heart and voice. In perfect love and holy fear. 2 God of our life ! To Thee we bow; F 4 Grant that our union, here begun, Thou art our refuge in distress;

May ever firm and The husband of the widow Thou! Around Thy throne may we be one, The Father of the fatherless!

One with each other, one with Thee. Amen.

Also the following :.O LORD, how joyful 'tis to see (453). OH, 'twas a joyful sound to hear (475).



A. men.

(FOUNDATION OF A CHURCH.) 308 I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner

stone, a sure foundation.—Isa. xxviii. 16. 1 In the Name which earth and heaven

4. Yet with truer nobler beauty, Ever worship, praise, and fear,

Lord, we pray, this house adorn, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,

Where Thy Bride, Thy Church redeemed, Shall a house be builded here :

Robes her for her marriage morn;
Here with prayer its deep foundations,

Clothed in garments of salvation,
In the faith of Christ, we lay,

Rich with gems of heavenly grace,
Trusting by His help to crown it

Spouse of Christ, arrayed and waiting With the top-stone in its day.

Till she may behold His Face. 2 Here as in their due succession

5 Here in due and solemn order Stone on stone the workmen place,

May her ceaseless prayer arise ;
Thus, we pray, unseen but surely,

Here may strains of holy gladness
Jesu, build us up in grace;

Lift her heart above the skies;
Till, within these walls completed,

Here the word of life be spoken; cres. We complete in Thee are found;

Here the child of God be sealed; And to Thee, the one Foundation,

Here the Bread of heaven be broken, vi Strong and living stones, are bound.

“Till He come” Himself revealed. 3 Fair shall be Thine earthly temple :

F 6 Praise to Thee, O Master-Builder,
Here the careless passer-by

Maker of the earth and skies ;
Shall bethink him, in its beauty,

Praise to Thee, in whom Thy temple
Of the holier House on high;

Fitly framed together lies; p Weary hearts and troubled spirits

Praise to Thee, Eternal Spirit,
Here shall find a still retreat ;

Binding all that lives in one :
Sinful souls shall bring their burden

Till our earthly praise be ended,
Here to the Absolver's feet.

And the eternal song begun! Amen.

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307 I have set my affection to the house of my God.--1 Chron. xxix. 3. fi Christ is the Foundation of the house we 4 Here may faith ascending find fruition fair, raise;

Here may spirits bending breathe the breath f Be its walls salvation and its gateways praise !

of prayer; Þ May its threshold lowly to the Lord be dear; (Here may holy gladness fill the waiting cres. May the hearts be holy that shall worshi

heart, here !

(Until sin and sadness evermore depart. 2 On the Rock of Ages resting broad and deep, 5 Here may every token of Thy presence be, When life's tempest rages, here let passion cres. Here may chains be broken, prisoners here sleep;


set free; Here may prayers and praises never cease to Here may light illumine every soul of Thine, Till through Christ they raise us nearer to the Lifting up the human into the Divine. skies.

F 6 Here may God the Father, God the Saviour 3 Here the vow be sealed by Thy Spirit, Lord;

Son, Here the sick be healed, and the lost restored; God the Holy Spirit, be adored as One ; Here the broken-hearted Thy forgiveness Till the whole creation at Thy footstool fall, prove ;

(love. And in adoration own Thee Lord of all Here the friends long-parted be restored to

Α .

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