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208“ Take heed now ; for the Lord hath chosen thee to build an house for

the sanctuary: be strong, and do it.-1 Chron. xxviii. 10. I LORD, whose Temple once did glisten 3 Hither on each holy morning With a monarch's rich supplies,

Guide us on our churchway path ; To our humbler praises listen,

Here, O Lord, in life's first dawning Bless our willing sacrifice !

Sprinkle every child of wrath : Be our freewill offering, given

Here around Thy Table bending, To the Father and the Son,

Feed us with the Living Bread ; Sweeter in the sight of heaven

Here, to wait their Lord's descending, Than the scents of Lebanon !

PY Hallowed earth receive the dead !

2 Clouds and darkness veiled Thy dwell- P 4 When our Israel's sore transgression

In Thy chosen home of old, [ing Stops the windows of the sky; Though the hymn of praise wasswelling When we sink beneath oppression, 'Mid the pomp of Ophir's gold:

When we see our thousands die ; Here Thy love our hearts shall cres. Father, when we here adore Thee, brighten :

In Thy house our prayers receive ; Hence, ye earthborn clouds, away! mf When we spread our hands before Here Thy Spirit shall enlighten,

Thee, cres. Shining to the perfect day.

mf Here behold us, and forgive! Amen.

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Hear Thou in heaven Thy dwelling-place: and when Thou

hearest, forgive."-1 Kings viii. 30.
1 O GOD, who lovest to abide

In Sion's chosen gate,
More than the thousand tents beside,

Where Israel's faithful wait;
2 Accept our works, and hear our vows,

Unworthy though we be ;
And look in mercy on the house

We dedicate to Thee.
3 Here answer Thou, as Thou art wont,

Thy people when they pray;
Here in the waters of Thy font

Let sin be washed away.
4 Here set Thy Confirmation's seal

For ghostly strength and good ;
Here give Thy people, as they kneel,

Their Saviour's Flesh and Blood.
5 If after sin they seek Thy face,

And by Thy precepts live,
Hear Thou in heaven Thy dwelling-place,

And when Thou hear'st, forgive !
6 If there be famine in the land,

Or pestilence, or foe,
Stretch out from heaven Thy strong right hand,

When here Thy flock fall low.
7 Bless those, O Lord, and hear their cry,

'That raised Thy temple here,
That in Thy house beyond the sky

With joy they may appear.
T 8 Wisdom and power to God alone!

Praise to the Father be,
And to the precious Corner-stone,

And, Holy Ghost, to Thee! Amen.

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The Lord is in His holy Temple : let all the earth keep

silence before Him."- Hab. ii. 20.
F 1 When the Architect Almighty had created heaven and earth,

Temple of the glorious Godhead, Angels shouted at their birth ;
Morning stars in holy concert sang a joyful jubilee,

And the whole creation chanted, "Alleluia, Lord, to Thee !"
2 In a moving Tabernacle Thou of old didst deign to dwell,

In the darkness and the stillness of the holy oracle ;
In the cloud Thy power was shrouded, in the fire Thy glory shone,

In the consecrated Temple of the princely Solomon.
3 In that holy place Isaiah did Thy throne of glory see,

And he heard the voice of Seraphs singing hymns of praise to Thee :
“Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord of hosts eternally,”

Sing they in the heavenly Temple to the Blessed Trinity.
4 God in human flesh appearing, shrining Man in Deity,

In the Temple was presented; and the Temple's Lord was He :
In the Temple holy Jesus as a Child and Teacher sat ;

And the Feast of Dedication “God-with-us" did celebrate.
M 5 O'er the font's baptismal waters may the Holy Spirit move,

Quick'ning through the holy laver with regenerating love ;
Lord, be ever at the altar, feeding there with heavenly food,

Pardoning, refreshing, cleansing, with Thy Body and Thy Blood.
M 6 May Thy ministers be faithful, sowing here the seed divine,

Seed of Evangelic doctrine, Apostolic discipline ;
May Thy people bear abundant fruits of faith and love to Thee,

And in heaven by Angel-reapers may they safely garnered be.
7 Here to-day an earthly temple to Thy Name we dedicate,

And we pray Thee, by Thy Spirit, us, O Lord, to consecrate;
Consecrate us to be temples of the Blessed Three in One,
Founded on Apostles, Prophets, Jesus Christ the Corner-stone.

8 So when earthly temples shall be all dissolved in the dust,
We may at the Resurrection rise in glory with the just,
When the heavenly city, shining and adorned as a bride

For her husband, with Thy presence shall, O Lord, be glorified ;
9 When that holy city, gleaming with its jewels, pearls and gold,

Shall descend, and in its portals all the risen saints enfold;
May we in its light eternal sing with all the heavenly host,

Glory be to God the Father, to the Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen.

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(CHURCH RESTORATION.) 311 We are the servants of the God of heaven and earth, and build the house

that was builded these many years ago.”—Ezra v. 11. FI Lift the strain of high thanksgiving ! Let the gracious word be spoken Tread with songs the hallowed way!

Here, as once on Sion's height, Praise our fathers' God for mercies

This shall be My rest for ever, New to us their sons to-day :

This My dwelling of delight." Here they built for Him a dwelling,

4 Fill this latter house with glory Served Him here in ages past,

Greater than the former knew;[hood, Fixed it for His sure possession,

Clothe with righteousness its PriestHoly ground, while time shall last.

Guide its Choir to reverence true; M 2 When the years had wrought their Let Thy Holy One's anointing

Here its sevenfold blessing shed ; He, our own unchanging God;

Spread for us the heavenly Banquet,
Thought on this His habitation,

Satisfy Thy poor with Bread.
Looked on His decayed abode ;
Heard our prayers, and helped our"

... FF 5 Praise to Thee, Almighty Father!

Praise to Thee, Eternal Son !
Blessed the silver and the gold,

Praise to Thee, all-quickening Spirit !

Ever-blessed Three in One! cres. Till once more His house is standing mf Threefold Power and Grace and f Firm and stately as of old.

Wisdom; 3 Ent'ring then Thy gates with praises, dim. Moulding out of sinful clay

Lord, be ours Thine Israel's prayer; cres. Living stones for that true Temple "Rise into Thy place of resting,

Which shall never know decay ! Show Thy promised Presence there!"



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Do all that is in thine heart, for the Lord is with thee.”—2 Sam. vii. 3.

I JESU ! where'er Thy people meet,

There they behold Thy mercy-seat ;
Where'er they seek Thee, Thou art found,
And every place is hallowed ground.

2 For Thou, within no walls confined,

Inhabitest the humble mind;
Such ever bring Thee where they come,
And, going, take Thee to their home.

3 Yet everywhere Thou guid'st Thine own

To raise for Thee an earthly throne ;
And where Thy Name Thou dost record,
There Thou wilt come and bless them, Lord !

4 Great Shepherd of Thy chosen few,

Thy former mercies here renew ;
And here to wayward hearts proclaim
The sweetness of Thy saving Name !

5 Here may we prove the might of prayer

To strengthen faith and sweeten care ; cres. To teach our faint desires to rise,

f And bring all heaven before our eyes !

6 Behold, obedient to Thy word,

We stretch the curtain and the cord ;
f Come, with Thy glory fill the place ;
I Let all around be light and grace ! Amen.

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