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particular: Do you use all the means of grace yourself, and enforce the use of them on all other persons ? They are either instituted or prudential.

I. The instituted a re, ! 1. Prayer: private, family, public; consisting of deprecation, petition, intercession, and thanksgiving. Do you use each of these? Do you fore

cast daily wherever you are, to seeure time for prlvate devotion ? do you practise it every where? Do you ask everywhere, Have you family prayer? Do you ask individuals, Do you use private prayer every morning and evening in particular?

2. Searching the scriptures, by

(1) Reading; constantly some part of every day, regularly, all the Bible in order; carefully, with notes; seriously, with prayer before and af. ter: fruitfully, immediately, practis. ing what you learn there?

(2) Meditating: At set times ? By rule?

(3) Hearing: Every opportunity?

2. Have they gifts (as well as grace) for the work? Have they in some tolerable degree) a clear, sound understanding, a right judgment in the things of God, a just conception of salvation by faith? And has God giv. en them any degree of utterance? Do they speak justly, readily, clear


3. Have they fruit? Are any truly convinced of sin, and converted to God, by their preaching?

As long as these three marks concur in any one, we believe he is called of God to preach.

These we receive as sufficient proofthat he is moved by the Holy Ghost.


of the matter and manner of preach

ing, and of other public exercises,

Quest. 1. What is the best general method of preaching?

Answ. 1. To convincc; 2. To offer Christ: 3. To invite: 4. To build up: And to do this in some measure in every sermon.

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With prayer before, at, after? Have you a bible always about you?

3. The Lord's Supper: Do you use this at every opportunity? With so.. lemn prayer before? With oarnest and deliberate self-devotion ?

4. Fasting : do you use us much abstinence and fasting every week, as your health, strength, and labour will permit?

5. Christian conference: Are you convineed how important and how difficult it is to order your conversation aright? Is it always in grace? Seasoned with salt? Meet to minister grace to the hearers? Do you not converse too long ata time? Is not an hour commonly enough? Would it not be well always to have a deterininate end in view ? And to pray before and after it?

II. Prudential means we may use either as Christians, as Methodists, or as preachers,

1. As Christians : .what particular rules have you in order to grow in grace? What arts of holy living ?

2. As Methodists : do you never miss your class or band ?

3. As preachers : have you thoroughly considered your Culy? And do you make a conscience of executing every part of it? Do you meet every society? Also, the leaders and bands? These means may

be used without fruit. But there are some means which cannot, namely, watching, denying ourselves, taking up our cross, exercise of the presence of God.

1. Do you steadily watch against the world? Yourself? Your bcsot.

ting sin ?

2. Do you deny yourself every useless pleasure of sense ? Imagination? Honour? Are you teinperate in all things ? Instance in food. (1.) Do you use only that kind, and that degree, which is best both for body and soul ? Do yon see the necessity of this ? (2) Do you eat no more at each meal than is necessary, are you not heavy or drowsy after dinner? (3) Do you use only that kind and that degree of drink which is best both for your body and soul. (4) Do you choose and use water for your common drink? And only take wine medicinally or sacramentally,


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